Unconsciously Harming Our Families

We are unconsciously harming our families.  Almost a decade ago I met Deanna Latson, devilGoToHealth.com.  Pronounce that carefully.  Deanna speaks on college campuses and organizations throughout the world.  Her focus is eating healthy and living in a healthy environment.


Even though I knew she was right and made minor changes to my diet: eliminating my daily diet Pepsi, cutting back on dairy (She advocates eliminating cheese; I’ve cut back considerably, but not totally eliminated cheese.), and eliminating as many processed foods as possible.  Even though my diet was healthy and my exercise routine was extensive, these changes improved my quality of life.


The major impact hit when my small grandson was diagnosed with Celiac.  Now the toxins in life became personal.  Even though it had been around me, I had not noticed how many of my friends and their family members suffered from various allergies and diseases – all of which were intensified by using harmful household products.


New awareness awakened the information Deanna had presented years earlier and increased my desire to locate a source of healthy household products which were convenient to purchase and economical without sacrificing quality.  After about six months of searching, the answer finally appeared.


Amazing how something can be in front of you for years, but it has to become personal before the total impact hits.  If you have listened to the Tread Climber commercial, you heard, “You could have changed your life way earlier.” I feel the same way about the toxins.


My life has improved, my grandson’s life has improved and the lives of so many of my friends have improved.  All because of a wake-up call and taking action.  To my delight, the cost is actually less than the harmful products.  Who knew?  If I can help you by sharing my research, please contact me.

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