Hi Elaine, I was at The Team meeting this morning. Got compliments on my infomercial. I wasn’t out of the parking lot yet when Marvin got a call from one of The Team. I had two leads from this meeting. Then checked my emails and had one from my email.
I have you to thank! I am so blessed to know you!!!

Let us help eliminate what’s bugging you!
Sylvia Christner
Whitmore Pest Control

Elaine Love has earned my respect and appreciation.
She helped me understand the challenges in my business and was quick to provide me with some new solutions, which I am excited to start using.
Her depth of business knowledge is only exceeded by her ability to communicate those ideas to a wide audience.
Thank you, Elaine Love.- Mark Bolles

Elaine Love…..“ One of the best out of 50 great speakers ”
– Chuck Roessler

I came in 15 minutes late, and STILL got so much value from your conference!
– Liane Carmi

It was great. You are a great teacher!
– Scott Mosteller

I appreciate your time and all the wonderful energy and amazing advice you were able to share with our team last night.
– Rebecca Lybbert

All I can say is WOW…you did an incredible job Wednesday evening with the WMI webinar.
– Kip H.

You are one in a 1,000,000 Elaine !!!! There is no other measure than this one to properly identify you !! You far surpassssss every other measure by a long shot !!!! Terrific is not enough either !! May God bless such a wonderful woman as you!!
– Manuel Trevino

I wouldn’t be in this incredible business if it wasn’t for you. You are a great mentor with lots of real world experience to offer and definitely go above and beyond to help your team in every way!
– Laura Talbot

You are a remarkable woman; I am impressed by your polished and driven qualities. You possess an image and style that I know many people would like to have.
– Gina Curley

The fantastic attitude that is just a part of you automatically, makes things work and come together so well. I, for one, am delighted to be a member of your team.
– Jim Dalby

You were marvelous! I can honestly state. “That I want to be like you”. What you bring to the table is my opinion of what being a leader should be. I will strive to duplicate your efforts and direction for everyone’s benefit.You exemplify the reason I joined CCPro
– George DeMello

Always a pleasure to have you do the charge calls. They are filled with good nuggets of inspiration, motivation, and tools to move our businesses forward. Thank you again for your leadership.
– Jan Brown

It is very obvious you DO prepare and I am most grateful when you are on because I come away feeling better and having learned something new or had something refreshed for me which definitely brightens and helps focus my day!
You have demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that you will and are there for support. That is a hard attribute to find in people these days and I truly appreciate you and everything you have done for us.
– Carl and Graham Bell

You have no idea how much you have helped me. I just hope that when I have a team that I can be as good of a leader as you.
– Judith Foy

I just wanted to say hi and how blessed I am that you came into my life.
– Lisa McCormick

You did a super job as always… As I said to you at the M2 conference in Vegas, I so appreciate all you do.
– Lena Bjorna

I always love hearing from you. I really enjoy your positive energy and confidence. Thanks for all you do!
– Steve Jarman

I appreciate your assistance with training, you do a great job to help those of us finding a new adventure in marketing.
– Darwin Knutson

I was on your call this morning. Great info. Great energy. You rock!
– Aaron Rashkin

Just wanted to thank you for such a great call. You are a very special lady. God Bless.
– Cam Black

“Elaine and I belong to Toastmasters International; I have watched an already articulate and skilled speaker become proficient at putting forward ideas. I believe all of Elaine’s clients reap the benefits of her positive attitude and consistent professionalism. I have found her to be more than helpful. She has the resources to respond to queries and requests and knows how to use them to the max. Elaine is an outgoing, proactive, and effective professional. I highly recommend Elaine Love.”
– Kathleen A. Schulz

“Elaine’s message is always positive, always energetic, and always genuine. Her insights and her authenticity are rooted in her personal and business experiences, where she has always exhibited the will to confidently take on every challenge that comes her way.”
– J.P. Snow

“Elaine is a dynamic speaker, capturing the attention of her audiences from the moment she enters the room. She understands audiences and is able to change her message accordingly, making her very valuable. She is professional and is easy to listen to. Audiences consistently give her accolades. She is a speaking treasure.”
– Jana Axline

Susann Crawford

Kip Herriage
Karl Bessey

John Jackson

John Seiferth

Gregg McMahon

Shelli Thompson

Jenny Kerr

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”Elaine spoke to our top leaders from 8 states, she gave us new and positive ways to connect with people
which is EXACTLY what we wanted. Thanks Elaine”
-Tom Fajardo, State Farm