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Strategies for Goal Achievement

Would you like to improve your goal achievement?  Goal setting is easy.  Goal achievement is the ultimate victory.

Write it down.  Written goals have a way of transforming wishes into wants; can’ts into cans; dreams into plans; and plans into reality.  Don’t just think it…ink it!”

Achieving your goals is important.  The process of achieving them and the person you become in getting there is everything.

See your goal as achieved

See your goal as achieved

3 Strategies for Goal Achieving

  1. Adopt and Maintain a “Can Do” Attitude


A positive mindset is the foundation for every successful action.  Success flows first from an emotional basis.  You don’t feel good because you achieve your goals; you reach your goals because you are in a positive emotional mindset.


You have heard that you always receive more of whatever you give your time, energy and focus.  If you believe in yourself and you are grateful for what you have, you will attract more.  If you are grouchy, pessimistic, depressed, discouraged and “down in the emotional dumps,” you are totally focused on the negative.  Whatever attitude you choose will attract more of the same. You can choose to spiral upward or downward.


Now for me, that is an easy choice.  I prefer success.  One of the keys to goal achieving is adopting and maintaining a positive mindset.  You may not have control of everything and everyone in the world, but you always have the ability to control your personal mindset.


Challenges occur to all of us.  We are occasionally disappointed in events, circumstances or people (that includes our own personal performance).  We can choose to be emotionally down or we can choose to say “What good can come from this?” and find the potential good.  We can choose to brush it off and say “I’ll do better tomorrow.”  When unexpected results cross our path, we can choose a positive or a negative attitude.


When something happens which we did not anticipate or want, we can choose the downward attitude spiral or choose to do a mindset shift.  I prefer success.  I choose a “can do” attitude.


  1. Simple Little Success Boosters  Motivating Passwords


Change your passwords.  We know with cyber-crime on the rise, it is smart to change our passwords every quarter.  Have a different password for each online account.  I know it is harder to remember the passwords when each one is different, but it reduces the risk of invasion of your accounts.  I use a formula for my passwords and change all of them every quarter.


As long as you are changing the passwords anyway, why not change them to something which motivates you?  Pick a word, phrase, aroma, place, sound or sight which lifts your spirits.  Maybe it is a private family phrase or something the kids said when they were small which always brings a smile to your face.  Typing that word as your password (even having to look up the password in order to type it) can reset your attitude to a positive.


Use the events of your daily life to continually bring your attitude up to a more positive level.  Accomplish a double purpose of protecting your identity and improving your attitude all at once.  I prefer success.


  1. Visualization


See Yourself Hit the Target

See Yourself Hit the Target

You know the advantages of visualization and meditation.  You know that your subconscious is a powerful force working to bring you more of whatever you are thinking.  The predominant thought running through your mind acts as an order to your subconscious mind.  The subconscious is powerful but not able to decide what is good for you.  It can only respond to your predominant thoughts.  If you are focusing on, seeing and believing something, the subconscious is programmed to make it come true.

We each possess an awesome power that most of us have not been taught how to use effectively.  Super star athletes use it, mega millionaires use it and top producers use it.  That power is Visualization.  Visualization triggers the subconscious to bring your thoughts into reality.

Visualization works hand in hand with the subconscious mind and the law of attraction.  They are a triple force working together to bring you whatever you are focusing on.

You know about the Law of Attraction.  It was featured in The Secret and numerous other books in the 1980s and 1990s.  There have even been network marketing companies based on the law of attraction.  It is a law, just as gravity is a law.  How do you direct the powerful combination of visualization, subconscious mind and the law of attraction to assist you in achieving your goals?

Activate the Law of Attraction through Visible Images

  1. Picture your goal as achieved. Look at it as if you were watching a movie and you are the star.  You are seeing yourself
    Celebrate Victory

    Celebrate Victory

    in living color with all five senses activated; you are picturing a live scene.  This is real.  Feel the emotions you will feel when you have achieved your ultimate goal.  See the ones you care about beaming with pride for you.  Hear the cheering.  Savor the sweet taste of victory.


Hold that image in its entirety in your mind.  Breathe it in and allow it to permeate every cell in your body.  Feel all of the emotions of pleasure.  You have worked and earned this victory.  You have achieved your ultimate goal.  Ingrain it so completely into your being that you can recall it completely at a second’s notice.


  1. Create a vision board. Draw or cut out pictures which symbolize your goals.  Post the pictures and words on the board.  Place it where you will see it constantly.  The vision board works similar to the chart on the wall; they both focus your attention and positive expectation of goal achievement.

Take a mental screen shot of your vision board.  Take a photo of the vision board and use it as the screensaver on your smart phone.

  1. Create affirmations of your goals as already achieved. Write them on index cards. Paint them on your bathroom mirror.  Post them on the refrigerator.  Create screensavers or images on your computer screen.  Post them as sticky notes around your desk.


Write every affirmation in the positive.  “I am so grateful that. . .”  “I am so excited to be . . .”  “I feel so thrilled that . . .” Adopt the attitude of knowing that your goals could and did come true.  See each goal in your mind as accomplished.



“Nothing is impossible.  The word itself says I’m possible.”

Goal setting is important, but goal achievement is the ultimate victory.  Three strategies to enhance your goal achievement are: adopting and maintaining a positive attitude, using simple success boosters such as changing your passwords, and visualizing your goals through mental/emotional movies, vision boards and affirmations.

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Fabulous 5 Daily Activities

Taxes are going up.  ObamaCare continues to roll out more complications, contingencies and costs.  The

Push past emotional blocks

Push past emotional blocks

dollar is losing its former high status in the world economy.  Our national debt is rising.  Is all the news doom and gloom?  No.  As entrepreneurs, we still have a business to run; ideally running that business at a profit.  What can we do?


Running Your Business? 


How many times have you reached a point in your business when you experienced a bit of a slump in profits?  What did you do about it?


During the initial growth days of Mountain Castles, I was focused from morning until night calling on Realtors, devising new ways to attract clients and servicing the clients already under contract.  The business of running the business soon consumed all of the time and active personal marketing dwindled.


We know what happens when marketing decreases.


What Worked Before?


Go back to the basics.  What activities were you doing when your business worked the best?  Chances are that you were doing one or more of the “Fabulous 5” Daily Activities.


  1. 1.      Daily action plan


At least the night before write out the most important tasks to be accomplished the next day and exactly what time you would dedicate to each activity.  Follow through.  (My preference is to lay out my entire week on Sunday for the upcoming week.  Each primary activity has its time slot.   Non-business emails and phone calls are ignored during that time.  Turn your phone off and minimize your email program.)


  1. 2.      Prioritize Activities According to Goals


If the activity will advance you toward the achievement of your goals, do it.   If the activity takes you away from your primary goal, eliminate it.


Are your goals written?  Thoughts about goals rather than written goals are merely wishes.


Goals should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely).


Specific Goal – weigh 120# by June 30, 2013


Measurable – scales do not lie (no fair standing with one foot on the floor or in the air.)


Attainable – if the current weight is 130, a reduction of 10 pounds in 105 days is certainly attainable.  If the current weight is 230, that goal would not be attainable without surgery.


One or two pounds reduction per week would certainly be within reason.  Gradual weight reduction is more likely to stay off.  Note, I did not say lose weight; if you lose it, you may find it again.


Relevant – A goal to weigh less at precisely the time you open a chocolate shop would be a conflict.


Timely – The specific goal included a completion date.  Setting checkpoints along the route is advisable.  In the example above, the weight reduction was one pound every ten days; specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely.


Analyze each of your goals according to this formula.  Since it is difficult to go in multiple directions at the same time, it is recommended to set a maximum of three main goals with every minor goal tying directly to one of the three major goals.  In the weight loss example, it could be exercising three times per week.


  1. 3.      Income Producing Activity


Lead generation and following up on leads fills the sales funnel.  It is a simple progression – marketing – leads – follow up with leads – sales – delivery of goods or services – customer service – profit – repeat orders.


Regardless of the marketing method: paid online marketing, social media, printed marketing, or personal contact marketing, leads must be generated.  Income producing activities are critical every day.


  1. 4.       Personal Development


Customers always relate to you first and the product second.  Unless you are the only possible source for the product and they desperately have to have the product, buyers purchase from the salesperson who emotionally connects with them.  Patricia Fripp, first female president of the National Speakers Association said, “You only have to connect with your audience emotionally if you want them to remember you and what you said.”


Personal development is knowing yourself.  Celebrate what is going well in your life and constantly strive to improve other elements one by one.  Personal development is key to a peaceful and productive life.


Journaling, meditating, listening to educational/inspirational/thought-provoking material, reading books and magazines with informative content and attending motivational seminars all enhance the opportunity for personal development.  Invest in yourself by completing the exercises in Emotional Ice Water.  The best information in the world will not help you unless you take action and apply it to your life.


  1. 5.      Cultivate an Attitude of Success


When you believe in yourself, believe the best in others, associate with positive minded leaders, and take action on those constructive thoughts, you will progress.  Bob Moawad said, “You can’t make footprints in the sands of time if you are sitting on your butt.”


Think positive, take action and achieve your goals.

Heart of a Leader

Where is your focus?  Are you focused on personal and                   professional goals or on service to others?


An email popped up today about Ken Blanchard.  You may know Ken from one or more of his 25 books, especially his classic The One Minute Manager.  Ken has been noted for spending 20 minutes to call an 85 year old part time employee on her birthday.  Ken has been credited with spending an hour with a tape recorder to record the kind words from co-workers about an employee to give as a gift to his widow.


We all live busy lives.  Ken exemplifies the heart of a leader.  In fact, The Heart of a Leader is the title of Ken’s new book.


“An excerpt from
The Heart of a Leader

by Ken Blanchard

A river without banks is a large puddle ~ Ken Blanchard


Start your people on a journey to the land of empowerment, but don’t forget that they need boundaries. If you cut them loose without any direction, they will get lost and revert back to their old unempowered habits. Like the banks of a river, boundaries have the ability to channel energy in the right direction. If you take away the boundaries, your people will lose their momentum and direction. Boundaries that create autonomy include:

Purpose—what does your company do?
Values—what are your company’s operational guidelines?
Goals—where is your company headed?
Roles—who does what?
Structure—how is your company organized?

Don’t send inexperienced people off alone and then punish them when they make mistakes. Establish clear boundaries that will free them to make decisions, take initiative, act like owners, and stay on track.”


As we go about our daily lives, where is our heart?  Where is our focus?  Yes, we have to earn money to pay our bills and advance our careers.  Yes, we have commitments to friends, family, organizations and even to walk the family dog.  So what is the answer to the time crunch?  Priorities.  If you are like me, you make time for the priorities in life.


As President of the Rotary Club of Castle Pines, we have a motto of “service above self.”  When it comes to living that motto in our daily lives, do we really practice what we profess?  It is all too easy to sit back and allow others to shoulder responsibility.  It is all too easy to say, “There just isn’t time to call an employee to say “happy birthday” or take the time to offer a kind gesture to a recent widow.  There just is not enough time to accept a volunteer leadership position and really perform as a leader.  Ken Blanchard does not have the time, he makes the time.


Today’s chapter in my new book Now to WOW focused on the walk away message.  Whether we are speaking to one, ten or thousands, we leave a walk away impression.  Even more important than the walk away message in one encounter, is the walk away message we leave in our life.


Ken Blanchard leaves a strong walk away message about The Heart of a Leader.  Rotarians leave a strong walk away message about “service above self.”  What walk away message are we leaving in our lives?

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Visionary Leaders Influence

John Maxwell, renowned as the number one authority on Leadership, said “Leadership is influence.” Leadership has an element of performance, an element of strategic thinking and even an element of highly encouraged nudging. More than anything else, leadership becomes a matter of influencing others. You may have heard it stated that if no one is following you, you are not leading but rather taking a walk. Visionary leadership requires more than followers, it requires developing new leaders.

Genuine visionary leadership requires that others be groomed to assume the mantle of leadership. It requires passing forward the ability to influence others in a positive manner. Teaching others how to discover their own unique characteristics of leadership and helping others discover how they may best inspire and instruct other new leaders is a critical element of the process.

Influence goes beyond business and reaches its tentacles out into every aspect of our lives. Reflect for a moment whose influence you are allowing in your life. Whose thoughts, opinions and directives are you giving free rent in your head? Interesting thought isn’t it? Our five closest associates are intentionally or unintentionally influencing us every day. The mere fact that they are friends or associates indicates something in common with them. It is frequently stated that your income will be the average of your 5 closest associates. Carefully examine your associations. Does this average match with your aspirations?

If you were to step aside and put your child or a very dear loved one in your place, how would your feelings change regarding your close associates? Are these the individuals you would ideally choose to influence your child? Amazing how that changes the view of the situation. Sometimes what we are willing to accept for ourselves differs widely from what we envision for our children.

Acknowledge the good in every individual and every situation. Challenge the content of the influence if it is not aligned with your path and your goals. There can be a fine line between acceptance and challenge.

Knowing exactly what your ideal goal will look like when it is completed starts the process. Think about your life like an ideal vacation. Actually it is not uncommon for people to spend more time planning their vacations than their financial future. Your vacation has a starting point and an ultimate destination. You decide on the number of days you will be on vacation, your travel method or methods to reach the destination, where you will stay and probably which special sites you will visit along the route.

Apply this same logic to your life. You know where you are and hopefully where you choose to arrive at the end of your life. Choose carefully whose influence you will require to achieve each checkpoint on the journey. Choose one or more visionary leaders to assist you as you travel your path to victory. Unlike a vacation which may be repeated every year or every few years, your life, in my belief, is a one time journey.

This does not mean that you do not use course corrections; however, wild detours will certainly delay reaching the goal. Selecting visionary leaders whose influence smoothes the path is highly desirable.

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Visionary Leadership Changes

Leadership is recorded in the American Heritage dictionary as a noun; however, in practical terms, it is a verb. To lead requires action. Nouns are persons, places or things. Verbs represent action. Leading does not mean sitting in the shade eating bon bons or taking a nap.

In the1980s the generally accepted thought pattern was that the leader set the example and people were expected to follow. The best example would be a guide leading a group of hikers up a mountain. The leader picked the trail, set the example and called a halt at periodic intervals to check in with the group.

In the 1990s leadership became more of a lead along side. Everyone was moving across the open meadow in more of a horizontal line rather than a vertical line. This represented a great theory more than reality. If you have ever seen an inexperienced group marching in a parade and carrying a long horizontal banner, you would notice that the banner was rarely at an equal height on both ends. Picture a professional basketball player carrying one end and a 4 year old boy carrying the other end. You see the angle and the difference in stride, thus the height difference and the 45 degree angle. I experienced that sight at a recent St Patrick’s Day Parade. The marchers resembled a herd of cats more than a precision drill team. It would have been even more laughable if I had not been marching with the group.

Reality reveals this same diversity in leading a group. Different individuals work at different paces and with varying degrees of creativity. Management assumes that all individuals are alike; however, leadership knows that everyone is different.

In the 2000s leadership made another shift. Leadership evolved into the team concept. Golf or skiing may be individual sports; however basketball, football and baseball are all team sports. Leadership now focuses on the group advancing together as a team.

Management was getting others to do what they did before only quicker and more cost efficiently. Leadership is inspiring people to want to do what is best for the individual as well as the entire company.

Visionary leadership involves responding to the changing needs within the economy, the company and the individual. In the 1970s there were few if any leadership books, only management books. As the decades progressed and awareness grew about the changing needs of the individual within the workplace, leaderships books emerged. Leadership itself has evolved in response to the economy and the individual.

Visionary leadership is based on ethics, integrity and authenticity. Add a dash of humanity, humility and humor and the workplace becomes a much more enjoyable and productive atmosphere.

To discover the way your company or social organization can thrive under visionary leadership, hire Elaine Love to speak to your next company meeting. Hire Elaine Love as your personal coach and mentor. Go to or

Visionary Leadership

Trends Research

World Class Timely, Accurate Information

Whether you believe the media, the government, your financial planner or the dog catcher about the state of the economy, the most important factor to you is still your own bank balance. No matter what the taking heads say on the news or what the politicians pontificate about, if you are shaking down the couch to get change to buy groceries, this is a tough economy.

The difference between wealthy people like Bill Gates and the homeless person living under a bridge really comes down to a few different decisions and a few different skills. No kidding, it really is that simple. You are closer than you think. The key difference between the wealthy and the financially depleted becomes information. Having timely accurate information coupled with the knowledge of exactly how to implement that information makes a world of difference in the results. For results which make you bank balance smile, you need a wealth builders blueprint. Step one in your financial blueprint is the best information.

Receiving your information from true visionary leadership solves major problems. Information without a conflict of interest is critical; true visionary leaders present the facts, not the spin. Be aware of the credibility of your information source. Would you take business advice from Bill Gates? Yes. Would you base your financial future on the information from a person living out of their car or a person selling investments out of the back of their car? No, you are too smart for that.

Timely, accurate information from a credible source makes all the difference. Yes, in order to achieve fabulous results, you need all 3 elements. By the time information filters down from the top of Wall Street and flows through the media to John Q. Public, it is not only old but it is no longer accurate. Do you remember playing a game of “telephone whisper” as a child? One person starts out with a detailed story and whispers it to the person next to them. The story continues around the room to several people. Each time the story is transferred it accidentally changes. By the time the story reaches the end of the line of five to fifteen people, it bears no resemblance to the original story. This same process occurs between Wall Street, the media and the public. Whether the story changes are intentional, as in the case of “spin doctors,” or accidental, the end result is that the story changes.

How can you possibly make wise decisions with old and inaccurate information? In addition to this timing and accuracy issue, is the knowledge of how to best utilize the information.

Now before you start crying into your latte, there is good news.

Gerald Celente of Trends Research fame has agreed to make regular broadcasts of information designed to keep you on the edge of your seats. He will be providing timely, accurate information to a select group of individuals. The good new is that you can be one of those individuals. Google the name Gerald Celente and you will discover a plethora of endorsements and accolades about Gerald Celente’s prior predictions and uncanny accuracy. Gerald Celente personifies visionary leadership.

The first key to a wealth builders blueprint is tapping into timely accurate information. Receiving knowledge from credible visionary leadership provides the instruction on how to implement the new knowledge.

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Business Development Coach

How do you think about time?

"Time Thinking"

Wait a second, is there a new twist on time which really helps? Tell me more. . . .

So many people are harping on time management. You know your time is valuable and each day another 24 hours ticks by. You can’t chase it down and recover last days, weeks, months and years. That only happens in the movies and creative fiction. You can learn more about yourself and how you think about time. The more you learn about how you “time think,” the easier it will be to focus your time. Focused time is productive and probably profitable.

How do you think? Do you think in the present or in the future? People who think in the present are more likely to be thinking about today and not really overly concerned about tomorrow, next week or certainly not 5 years from now. Ask a “present focused” guy about your relationship with him 5 years from now and he probably has not even thought about it. Many employees with a workplace attitude are more present than future focused. Their main concern may be paying the bills already on their desk rather than worrying about what may come 2 months from now.

A future focused person is always projecting months and years ahead. Entrepreneurs are frequently future oriented. The entrepreneurial mindset requires planning ahead. Entrepreneurs have visionary leadership or they would not be able to set projections for the future. Imagine planning a marketing campaign for 6 to 12 months from now if you were a present thinker.

The next elements relate to your schedule. A scheduled person will have an electronic calendar, handwritten paper scheduler or an efficient assistant. They will know exactly where they need to be at what time and what they anticipate doing at that meeting. Highly scheduled people are predictable but not necessarily flexible with their time.

The unscheduled person is more spontaneous and harder to pin down to a specific time or day commitment. They tend to keep their options open for rapid adjustment to situations.

Obviously there are combinations.
A present oriented and unscheduled person would be an adapter. These individuals tend to stay light on their feet and adjust to situations as they arise. This individual will be difficult to pin down to events until the last minute. When they are with you though, they will be fully present and engaged.

Someone who is present and scheduled would be more of a processor. Sound like a computer? There are similarities. This person usually has a high detail orientation and prefers to know in advance rather than be impromptu.

Entrepreneurs are firmly focused on the vision for the future. Visionary leadership requires a healthy degree of future orientation as well as a slightly flexible schedule. It does not mean they are totally unscheduled but they tend more to unscheduled than rigidly scheduled. Focusing on the long range vision for the company as well as keeping one eye focused on the events of today is typical of the entrepreneurial mindset.

The fourth category is the future oriented and scheduled both currently and into the future. This individual plans ahead. They can tell you where they will be and with whom they will be meeting weeks from now. Industry leaders frequently slip into this category. It is necessary for them to observe very closely the day to day operations as well as project into the future how today’s events will influence next year’s results. This person has plans to oversee their plans.

Once you clearly define your “time thinking” you will not only understand yourself better but also be able to make necessary adjustments. Understanding how others differ in their “time thinking” will also help you to coordinate with them. Your frustration is reduced when you realize someone is the opposite of you. It is not that they are disregarding your thoughts, needs and expectations; they simply think differently about time and commitments than you do.

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Entrepreneurial Mindset – Gold Dust Attitude

Golden Results

Gold dust in the air is an attitude backed by action. Maintaining a positive attitude is the key to success in any endeavor. Not a key, but the key to success….entrepreneurial mindset.  Your attitude screams so loudly that it drowns out the sound of your words. When you respond with a smile on your face, a glint of mischief in your eye and enthusiasm, people choose to be around you. Have that same smile, a glint in your eye and a grumpy tone of voice and people shy away. No one wants to spend time with Grumpy. A gold dust attitude expects and projects prosperity.

Grouchy people focus on the crisis. Positive people focus on the future. The sure fire test resides in the eyes. You can force a smile on your face even if you have gritted teeth but the eyes throw up red flags. Genuinely happy people smile with their eyes as well as their face. Eyes are the mirror to the soul. When your eyes smile and twinkle, the feeling is projected. Say anything you like; however, if you are not genuine and honest, your eyes will reveal your deception….entrepreneurial characteristics.

Ever notice when people openly gaze at your eyes and hold the connection? You feel closer to them and feel their sincerity. When they avert their eyes and avoid direct connection with your gaze, use caution. Positive, upbeat and genuine people enjoy connecting with you. Granted, some are shy. A shy person warms up as they become comfortable with you; they will meet your gaze as they get to know you.

Gold dust attitudes project optimism. Entrepreneurs display gold dust attitudes because they focus on opportunities; entrepreneurs focus on the future. Leaders are entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs are leaders. The tone of the entire organization takes root in the attitude of the entrepreneur. When the leader displays an attitude of gold dust in the air and backs that positive attitude with action, the followers duplicate the positive attitude.

In a challenging economy, it is even more important to maintain a positive attitude. Zig Zigler said it best, “a positive attitude will not let you do anything, but it will let you do everything better than a negative attitude.” Everyone prefers to thrive and progress forward; however, a negative attitude locks the emergency brake in place to halt all progress. If you are not going forward, you are going backward. Nothing stands still.

Gold dust in the air attitudes smile and know that opportunity exists in every economy. 16 of the 30 companies in the Dow Jones Industrial average started in a down economy. Down economy is another way of saying economic decline; also known as the D word – depression. Now before you go into panic mode at the D word, return to the gold dust in the air attitude. When the economy is down, so are the prices. This is a great time to do any remodeling, equipment replacement, or hire highly qualified personnel; availability is up and prices are down. Gold dust in the air attitudes capitalize on opportunities for future growth. Entrepreneurs who internalize the gold dust in the air attitude know that there are excellent opportunities in every economy….entrepreneurial opportunities.

Gold dust entrepreneurs look in a mirror and take responsibility for the future rather than looking through a window to the outside world for results. Remember the picture of the cute little yellow kitten that gazes into the mirror and sees a massive male lion? That cute little tabby cat understands how to look within to the future. It may be a kitty cat now but the future holds promise of bigger and better results. Entrepreneurs gaze into the mirror of now and see the vision of the future. Grumpy looks through the window, sees the down economy and focuses of the crisis. As Wayne Dyer says, ‘when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Your choice. Are you a gold dust in the air attitude entrepreneur or do you have a grumpy crisis focus? Entrepreneurs maintain a gold dust in the air attitude and back that positive attitude with action.

For specific tips and techniques to develop yourself as an entrepreneur or to develop your gold dust in the air attitude, join me at

Visionary Leadership

Visionary leaders serve in the local community with food drives, clothing for the homeless, educational support through scholarships, and health and water projects on a global scale.  What is your passion?  Where will you carve your niche of service?  Visionary leadership means seeing a need and serving others.  The highest quality visionary leader is also a giver; they give of their time, talent and resources.

As a fellow successful entrepreneur and visionary leader, I absolutely subscribe to service to others.  None of our lives are one dimensional.  We also have our families, our careers and our spiritual life.  As a Rotarian, we have a 4 way test.  We have at least 4 major life areas which also demand and deserve our time attention and money.

If you ever think that your children are out of the nest and on their own, try sending one to college.  “Hi, dad and mom, please send money.”

Children fall into various groups,

Baby birds – they are still in the nest

Touch and go flight patterns – they leave but return for laundry, raid the pantry and financial assistance

Circle flight pattern – they left and were out of the nest and then move back

homeFlight squadron – they leave but return with spouse and your grand children

Not that any of these are bad, but to say that children are inexpensive or maintenance free would be a gross error.

Our careers are also emotional, financial and time consumers.   Our careers require our passion.  Every successful person owned, lived and breathed their passion.  Olympic athletes, concert master musicians, inventors and corporate moguls were all consumed with passion for their chosen mission in life.  Whether you have chosen an entrepreneurial mindset or a corporate mindset, employing visionary leadership remains consistent.

Steve Jobs, the icon and founder of Apple Computers, credits his passion as his key to success. “You’ve got to find what you love.  Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work.  And the only way to do great work is to Love what you do.  If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking.  Don’t settle.”

When I first started Mt. Castles, Property management, I got up early, stayed up late and had an insatiable drive.  The creativity flowed and every day was an opportunity for a new adventure.

I read every book I could get my hands on about property management; I went to Inc. conferences to learn from other successful entrepreneurs.  I interviewed female entrepreneurs to determine the specific challenges they encountered.  In fact I published a white paper “Gender differences in Conflict Management Style in the Workplace.”

I picked the brains of every successful property manager I could interview.  I took them to a long lunch and asked questions.  I interviewed second home owners, tourists and long term renters.  What is it you need?  What is it you would like to have that you do not have available now?  I looked for niches to fill.

Look at your career right now.  Are you fired up to hop out of bed every morning and soar with the eagles or are you content to walk the same circle on the ground as the chickens?

How many books have you read lately about your chosen field?

When was the last time you reached outside your industry for creative ideas which work in other industries but have not been utilized in your industry yet?

When was the last time you took a successful business colleague to lunch and tapped into their mindset for success?  Do you belong to a “hold your feet to the fire” mastermind club?

When was the last time you interviewed your customers, vendors, and target market to ask what they needed?  Ask what they like now and what they would change if they could.

When was the last time you did a blind test and shopped your own customer service?

Tap into your passion and you will find your genius, your productivity and your enthusiasm.  Tap onto your passion and take focused action and you will find your profit.

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Blueprint for Success – Create a Specific Plan

Would you order a truck load of building materials, a backhoe to dig the foundation, and no blueprint for the structure?  Of course not, that would be foolhardy.  No one in their right mind would spend thousands on materials and equipment without a specific blueprint for success.  Most people spend months designing the perfect structure.  Building departments and homeowner associations need to approve the plans as well.  The blueprint details exactly what materials are needed and exactly how they will be assembled.  The larger or more complicated the structure, the more elaborate the blueprints.

Unfortunately it is quite common for people to start a business without any blueprint for success whatsoever.  The more common delusion follows a pattern of:

  1. Buy a business on emotion.  Most people buy on emotion rather than logic.  Accountants and engineers are more likely to buy on logic and analytics; however, it is generally accepted that most people purchase on emotion.  Frank Rumbauskas of “Sales Tips and Advice” declares that “People buy on emotion and justify with logic.”  The fact that emotions overrule logic explains why experienced sales people sell based on benefits rather than selling based on features.  “Don’t tell me what it does.  Tell me what it will do for me.”
  2. Now that I have a company, what do I do with it?  It is like the dog chasing cars.  It seems like fun at the time but they have absolutely no idea what to do with it if they ever caught it.

My suggestion is set your goals.  What income do you desire to make?  Set a specific blueprint for success to map out the road from where you are to your desired goal.

  1. One of the major elements of your blueprint for success will be your marketing plan.  What funds do you have available for your marketing budget?  What marketing skills do you possess?  What marketing skills do you need to learn?  Marketing either requires time or money.  A small marketing budget means you had better plan on spending much more time.  Which do you have more of, time or money?  A larger marketing budget means that you can advertise in more expensive but less time consuming venues.

Social network marketing, web 2.0, is quite inexpensive financially but extremely time consuming.  Google pay per click requires far less time once it is all set up and rolling; however, it is one of the most expensive forms of marketing.

  1. Once your business has been purchased, your exact path to success determined, your marketing established, and your leads flowing, you need to follow up with those leads.  Until you are consistently making 10,000 per month, I recommend following up with every leads.  Personally, I like to talk to my people so I still call every lead possible within the time frame available for prospecting.  Each lead also receives both a personal email and a series of autoresponders.  Any lead, potential business partner, who attends a business presentation also receives another follow up call and email. The serious individuals are then taken to a 3 way call for third party validation; the 3 way also assures the new individual that they will not have to answer questions when they get started.  The removal of the fear of answering questions eases many nervous minds and sweaty palms.

The blueprint for success is simply a step by step focused plan to take you from initial idea all the way through to money in your bank account.  For more specific tips and techniques or for assistance in designing and finalizing your personal blueprint for success, join me at

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