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Awareness Avoids Misunderstandings

How many times have you ever offended someone or been offended?  No matter how hard we try, being perfect is not likely to happen.

We’re not talking about world peace, though that is a very worthy goal.  We’re not even talking about national peace.  The news media is full of unrest – mostly because conflict sells papers and attracts viewers.  We’re talking about something much closer to home.  We’re talking about those little misunderstandings in the workplace, community, and maybe even at home.

So What’s the Problem?

Peace is Preferable

Peace is Preferable

An offense may have originated as a recognition someone felt they should have received, but didn’t or didn’t receive to the degree they expected.  It may have been a misunderstanding of a word which had a different meaning intended by the speaker than the meaning the receiver attached.  It could have been a gesture which is perfectly fine in one culture and which has a very negative meaning in another culture.

What brings this topic to mind?  Have I just been offended or offended someone?  Not that I know about.  Business is expanding globally.  Awareness and prevention is much easier on the nerves of an entrepreneur growing a successful business, than damage control after an incident.

One of the biggest concerns for a business is that a teammate, business associate or customer may go away upset and we never have the opportunity to clear the misunderstanding.

Prevention is Easier than Damage Control

Business is expanding on a global scale.  The internet has allowed network marketing to become international

Inner Peace

Inner Peace

online marketing.  Other cultures are joining our teams right here within the United States.  When different ethnic backgrounds, different countries of origin and different belief systems combine there is always the opportunity for unintentional misunderstandings.

Gender Sensitivity

Awareness of the potentially sensitive areas can prevent most of the misunderstandings.  We no longer refer to all executives as male; we now say non-gender specific words.   Professional, executive, CEO, business owner or entrepreneur are non-gender specific.  Instead of “salesman” it is now “salesperson.”  The days of the bra burners and public displays of the women’s rights protest meetings of the 1960s has passed but awareness of some lingering sensitive feelings  remain.  It is much easier to be mentally alert and aware of our word choices now rather than do damage control later.

Create Inner Peace

Create Inner Peace

Ethnic Sensitivity

West Side Story depicted a war (rumble) between two different countries of origin.  When the west was first being settled, mixed marriages between Caucasian individuals and native Indian individuals received a barrage of name calling.  Right here in United States, the civil rights issues have been a major concern for years.   We’re still working to level the playing field.

Issues relating to different ethnic backgrounds are not new issues, nor should they be regarded as totally solved and past tense.  Silly little things like the wild west depiction of the cowboys in the white hats and the bank robbers in the black hats was meant as the contrast of good and evil, but we now know that depiction is inappropriate because of ethnic sensitivity.  It was not meant as ethnic at its point of origin.  Little details can have a totally different meaning to one person than they do to another.  Be aware and be sensitive to the feelings of others.

Awareness of the potentially sensitive areas can prevent most of the misunderstandings.

Religious Sensitivity

Peace Promotes Peace

Peace Promotes Peace

Yeah, I know this is a touchy subject not usually discussed in public writing.  That does not mean that it is not important, but rather that it is very important.  As entrepreneurs building a successful business, we must be aware.

When scheduling events, be aware of certain commonly known religious holidays.  Be aware that from sundown on Friday night to sundown on Saturday night is the Sabbath for some.  There was a time in Europe where no business was to be conducted on Sunday.  Weekends are a seemingly common time to schedule events and yet for some that is problematic.  It is almost impossible to schedule a perfect day and time for all, but awareness can prevent accidentally offending someone.

Awareness of the potentially sensitive areas can prevent most of the misunderstandings.

International Sensitivity

Certain gestures are acceptable in one culture which are highly offensive in another.  The hand signal for ok (making a circle of the thumb and forefinger) is intended as a total positive in most uses, but has a very derogatory meaning in some cultures.  In diving that sign is used to show that all is well, because a thumbs up would mean wanting to go to the surface.  Little innocent gestures in one usage can have a totally different and offensive meaning to another.  Being aware can prevent misunderstandings.

peace of mindYeah, I know.  As if you didn’t already have enough to worry about in the process of building a successful business, now you have to be aware of your words and gestures.  If you don’t have time to become aware in order to avoid offending someone, how will you have time to correct the issues after they occur?  It takes far more time for damage control than it does for prevention.

Your intention is building a successful business, not spending your time putting out avoidable emotional fires.


One of the easiest issues to prevent is team member recognition.  Making a point of publicly and privately recognizing team members for outstanding achievements can avoid hurt feelings.  As a new business builder, the first sale and other milestone achievements to reach higher levels is very significant to them.  A word from you as team leader can expand their motivation and inspire others to reach higher levels.  A few words of recognition can go a long way toward helping you and your team members in building a successful business.

Awareness of the potentially sensitive areas can prevent most of the misunderstandings and inspire productivity at the same time.

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Transforming Fear into Success

“Fear is nothing more than an obstacle that stands in the way of progress.  In overcoming our fears we

Dream, Believe, Achieve

Dream, Believe, Achieve

can move forward stronger and wiser within ourselves.” Unknown author

As a child the monster under the bed or the fear of the dark may now be a totally different set of concerns.  Allowing our fears, self-doubts or second thoughts to take control will pause or stop our forward progress.

What if . . .

”Should I quit my job?” “Is this the right time to follow my dream of starting my own business?”  “What if I fail?” “What if” questions are wise when they are designed to establish contingency plans.  If the fears which are surfacing are stopping you from following your dreams, they become self-created stumbling blocks or barriers.

Mark Twain is reported to have said, “I’m an old man and I have had many troubles, most of which never happened.”  Just as it was in your childhood, most of the imagined dangers never materialize.

Allowing fear to take control is giving away your power.


Three of the most frequent fears for entrepreneurs building a successful business are: fear of failure, fear of inadequacy and fear of success.

Fear of Failure

A dash of healthy nerves enhances the performance of actors, public speakers and entrepreneurs.  Controlling fear by channeling that energy into delivering even more value to the client is ideal.

The possibility of failure exists.  Not every new business becomes a mega success.  To focus on the fear of failure enhances the probability of failure.  Being aware of this possibility motivates the committed entrepreneur to drive themselves harder toward their goal.  Will there be mistakes along the way?  Of course, but mistakes are not failures when they are viewed as lessons toward the ultimate success.

Fear of Inadequacy

Could you become the next Bill Gates, Richard Branson, or Jeff Brezos?  The fear of inadequacy pushes our emotional buttons to wonder if we are intelligent enough, resilient enough, creative enough, or educated enough.  Education, background, experience and intelligence have all been overcome by strength of determination.  We do not have to be super human; hire highly qualified people to fill the gaps.

We are only inadequate when we see ourselves as inadequate.

Fear of Success

“Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.  It is our light not our darkness that frightens us.”  Marianne Williamson

Why do we fear success?  We want it deeply and fear it at the same time.  With success comes responsibility and change.  Our associations, our responsibilities and even our very residence change.  Change can be exciting and scary at the same time.  Our relationships as we have known them change.  There is the twinge of giving up some of what has become familiar and comfortable.

There is an emotional push and pull to achieving massive success.  In order to build a successful business, some changes will occur.


As entrepreneurs building a successful business, we have the strength and determination to make the tough choices.  We choose to manage our fears and channel that energy into success.

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Two Minute Drill Strategy

Professional football enthusiasts know the significance of the two minute

Positive Role Model On and Off the Field

Positive Role Model

warning immediately before the half-time and especially before the end of the game.  The power of the two minute drill receives extensive time in planning and practice.

Games have been decided because of a well-planned and well-executed two minute drill.

November and December represent the two minute (two month) warning for your business.  2014 is rapidly drawing to a close.  Have you achieved all of your 2014 goals?  Building a successful business requires an effective two month drill just as much as a professional football team requires that game-changing two minute drill.

Building a Successful Business is Like Playing a Professional Football Game

There are more similarities than you think.

  • Professional football teams drive for the goal post. Successful businesses drive for goal achievement.


  • Professional football teams design and execute powerful two minute drills. Successful sales presentations design and execute convincing closing statements in the final two minutes of the presentation.


  • Professional football teams receive a two minute warning before half-time and before the end of the game. That time is so significant that the teams are even given an automatic time out to coordinate their next series of plays.  Successful businesses conduct a brief meeting to synchronize their plan of action before the end of each quarter and especially before the end of the fiscal year.


  • Winning the game of football or business requires having the right players on the field and in the right position. Recording a “win” requires creating and executing the right strategy at the right time.

Design Your Two Minute Drill

Building a successful business requires various presentations.  One of the most frequent is the sales presentation.  Just as a professional football team scores when they have the football (with the exception of a touchback), successful businesses score victories through their sales presentations. Establish a powerful two minute closing for your sales presentation.  Considerable emphasis has always been placed on designing an effective closing statement.

Utilize your final two minutes as your “walk away” message.  Emphasize the main points you want them to remember: your unique differences and advantages which set you above and apart from other companies in the marketplace, the most significant advantages to them by doing business with your company, and the sense of urgency to purchase now.

Design Your Two Month Drill

  1. Analyze your current field position. Where are you in relation to your goal?


  1. What is your action plan to move your results from where the ball is now to over the goal line? Create a success plan


“Lead, follow or get out of the way.”  Thomas Paine   I choose to lead.


  1. Implement your plan with immediate and massive action. Achievers don’t wait for things to happen, they create opportunities for the results they are determined to achieve.

When the time clock reaches zero, a professional football game is finished.  Unlike professional football games, the planning and execution you do now for your business can carry over into 2015.  Lay the groundwork for the next game and the next year, but focus on winning this game first.

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Priorities Dictate Your Results

Priority management is always important.  How many times have you felt that you have been busy all day

Positive Mental Attitudes yield Positive Results

Positive Mental Attitudes yield Positive Results

and yet have not really accomplished very much?  We have all had those days.  Even a rocking chair can be in motion all day without making any forward progress.

How often have you felt that you have so much to do that you question where to start?  The phone is ringing, your email inbox is filling rapidly and your “to do” list is overflowing.

Stop and prioritize.  There are various theories about prioritizing.  The right one for you is the one which works best for your mindset and your results.

  1. Select one major event to be accomplished each day. Resolve not to end your day until it is completed.


  1. Do the most difficult task first to get it out of the way. (The “eat a frog” method.)


  1. Do the most urgent and important task first. (Brian Tracy uses the “If I can only get one task done before I leave for the airport, what task would I select?  Then if I can get one more completed, what would that task be?”)

The Best Priority Management for You is the one you will do consistently and which will produce the best results for you.

The method which works best for me is writing a “to do” list and prioritizing it into sections. Accomplish each section before moving down to the next section.

  • Urgent and important
  • Important but less urgent
  • Urgent but not as important
  • Round to it. When there is extra time available, it is a worthwhile task but not urgent.

Thoughts to Ponder About Priority Management

  1. Writing a list of tasks to be completed helps prevent memory loss.


  1. Scheduling a few minutes before each important call to determine the desired outcome of the call.


  1. Plan to spend at least fifty percent of your time each day in productive activity. (Why only fifty percent?  Interruptions will occur; plan some time in your day; you will need it.  Some tasks must be completed even though they do not feel as productive as other tasks.)


Studies have shown that top CEOs say they only have eight minutes per day average to work on their vision for the future of the company.  Scheduling your day to permit time to accomplish critical tasks is essential.  In order to build a successful business, time must be devoted to future planning as well as daily activities.  Plan time to work on your business as well as working in your business.


  1. Plan your most important projects for the upcoming day the night before or at least first thing in the morning each day.


  1. Use your time wisely by delegating those tasks which can be performed by others; it gives them valuable experience and frees your time. Screening your calls is not rude; it is efficient use of your precious time.

My younger son once told me.  “You can go to work early.  You can stay at work late.  You can skip lunch.  You can bring work home at night.  Try not to do more than one of these per day.”  Dan’s wisdom and accomplishments never cease to amaze me even now (many decades later.)

We are each individuals with different skill sets, different personalities and different preferences.

Bottom line:  In order to build a successful business, use the system which works best to achieve maximum results for you. 

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Smooth and Easy is an Illusion

Ever watch a professional dancer?  They are always light on their feet.  They seem to glide across the floor with no

Leadership is Earned Through Performance

Leadership is Earned Through Performance

effort.  Watch the Olympic gymnasts perform with the same ease.  Watch a duck gliding over the water with a minimum of ripples appearing on the surface of the water.  The appearance to the viewer is “smooth on the surface.”

This same “smooth on the surface” pattern is also apparent in entrepreneurs who are building a successful business.  Just like the duck, the dancer and the gymnast, the outward appearance is calm and smooth.  Observe them immediately after the performance and you will see the perspiration and heavy breathing; they have been working diligently while making it appear easy.

My younger son was an incredible skier.  He skied daily with five classmates, all Olympic contenders.  They term my son “liquid” because he made skiing double black diamond mogul runs look so smooth and effortless.  At the end of the day when he removed his jacket, he was soaked with perspiration.

The secret is making intense effort appear smooth an easy.

Building a Successful Business Requires Effort

Ask any successful entrepreneur and they will say that it does not feel like work to them because they love what they do.

One of my favorite quotes is from the unflappable Steve Jobs in his 2005 Stanford commencement address.  You know the quote. “Don’t lose faithI’m convinced that the only thing that kept me going was that I loved what I did.  You’ve got to find what you love. Your work is going to fill a large part of your life.  The only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work.  The only way to do great work is to love what you do.  If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking.  Don’t settle.” 

This encapsulates the essence of every dedicated entrepreneur who is determined to build a successful business.  Building a successful business requires effort.  The good news is that because we love what we do, it doesn’t feel like hard work; it feels like the progression toward a coveted goal.

Steve went on to give other impactful but less publicized statements in that address.  Trust in yourself and your dream.  Something motivated you to select your business.  Tap back into that motivation when you have a “less than ideal” day; yes, we all have those days.  The successful entrepreneur knows not to stay in that mental and emotional state but to find a way to break out and resume the fire and excitement of building and creating.

Stay hungry.  Stay foolish.

Stay hungry means to retain that burning desire which is so strong that the only acceptable outcome is success.  Hold securely to the belief and the knowing that success is just around the next bend.

Stay foolish.  When the easy path keeps pointing to a job, the committed entrepreneur continues to focus on their heart’s desire – building a successful business.

Steve’ closing line says so much, “Stay hungry.  Stay foolish.”  When the David and Debbie Downers of the world are telling us to give up and go get a job, we cling to the belief, not hope or wish; success is already on its way to us.  Some may tell us that we are foolish, but we know that the only way to do great work and be truly satisfied is to do what we love.

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Three Business Success Questions

Would you like to have a more successful business, a more successful career?flhrroadking_140x105


The outrageously successful companies in America are obsessed with outstanding customer service.  Regardless of the industry, the product or cool new idea, the common denominator is people.  Successful businesses all know that first and foremost, they are in the people business.


When Harley Davidson, the American icon for motorcycles, needed to rebrand in order to survive, they asked three important questions.


Who are we?

Who are our customers?

What do they expect from us?


These three questions apply to every one of our businesses as well.


Who are we?


Until we know who we are and what we represent, our customers cannot possibly be clear.  What does the confused or overwhelmed mind do?  Nothing.  Can you imagine someone saying, “I have no idea what you do or what you stand for, but here is twenty thousand dollars.”  Not likely.


Statistics have proven that teenagers who made up their mind not to take drugs before the temptation arose were far more likely to resist the temptation when the situation arose.  They were clear about who they were and their values.


As business professionals, we also decide who we are as an individual and as a company.


Who are our customers?


Until you know exactly who your ideal customer is, how can you possibly write a marketing message which will appeal to exactly that particular company or individual?  Customers are attracted to you because you offer them a benefit – you solve a problem for them.  Since different benefits appeal to different market segments, it becomes essential to know the benefit you offer, the problem you solve and which customer needs to solve that specific problem.


Young parents are likely to be more interested in planning for a college fund for the children than in their Medicare benefits.  You write a different message to someone in their early thirties than to someone in their early sixties.  Identify and market to your ideal customer


What do they expect from us?


Of all three questions, this one receives the majority of the press attention.   It receives more ink; more words are written about customer expectations.  Unless we know what our customers expect from us, how can we design our customer service to meet and exceed those expectations?


Customers have a right and an expectation that we will be there for them after the sale.


In the case of Harley Davidson, the customers expected a reliable bike which would have the distinctive sound of a Harley.  “Nothing purrs like a Harley.”  Customers expected a certain feel to the ride; they want just enough vibration.  They expected the value to hold; European bikes at that time had a very short life span before replacement; a Harley Davidson bike maintained its value for decades.  Harley was American made; this fact also appealed to their ideal customer.


One of the most memorable slides in the Harley Davidson rebranding presentation is a picture of a rough motorcycle gang.  The caption to the slide is, “Would you sell an unreliable bike to these guys?”  Harley developed a reputation of being consistently reliable for a long time span.


The more you know about who you are as a company and as an individual, the profile of your specific customer, and what your customer expects from you, the more likely you are to succeed; the more likely you are to have a successful business.  Why more likely?  Knowing the answers to those questions is extremely important, doing something positive to meet and exceed those customer expectations is essential.


Your customers are people.  You are in the people business.  Your main focus must be meeting and exceeding customer expectations – customer service.  Braggadocios customer service.

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