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Beliefs Create Results

Believe in Yourself

Believe in Yourself

How strong is your belief in yourself and your business?  Your successful business depends upon your belief in yourself and your ability to build and enhance your successful business.  Building a successful business starts with the strength of your belief.

“Infuse your life with action. Don’t wait for it to happen. Make it happen. Make your own future. Make your own hope. Make your own love. And whatever your beliefs, honor your creator, not by passively waiting for grace to come down from upon high, but by doing what you can to make grace happen… yourself, right now, right down here on Earth.”  Bradley Whitford

Your beliefs are the core of your thought patterns.  What you think and feel in your core directly affect your actions and your results.

Belief in Yourself

As a new business owner, it is only natural to have a few nervous moments and hesitations.  You have so many new learning

Grow into your goal

Grow into your goal

experiences all at once.  Your emotions probably run the gamut from extremely excited to puzzled to slightly scared and back to totally optimistic.  If you are like me when I started my first business, your emotions are on a constant roller coaster speeding up and slowing down while climbing and plunging simultaneously.  The one constant in all of that turbulence was the rock solid belief in the future of building a successful business.

Belief in yourself is the foundation of your business.  True, you have to have a solid company and a valuable product you know the marketplace wants, needs and will purchase.

As a team leader you not only have to maintain belief in yourself and your personal ability to continue building a successful business but you also have to work with your team members to help them maintain their belief in themselves and their future.

Life is interesting.  Stone wears away with water.  Wood rots.  People die.  Things as fragile as a thought, a dream, a legend, and a belief endure.  The most fragile in substance is the most powerful and lasting.

Your belief in yourself is the most powerful.  Never let anything take that away from you.

You may have hesitations about how to use a certain software, or the best words to use in an ad, but those are only momentary questions.  Your belief in yourself and your ability to build a successful business remains intact regardless of these momentary hesitations.

Overcoming Monkey Chatter

Ignore the negative monkey chatter

Ignore the negative monkey chatter

You know those voices in your head which say You can’t do that?  I’ve heard them and so have you.  That chatter is your doubts and fears trying to sabotage your dream.  You have heard them at various times in your life from the time you were quite small.  Those voices are trying to pull your confidence down and break your resolve to succeed.

Your thoughts are your beliefs and your fears doing battle.  Even in a time of crisis, your belief in yourself and your future must be victorious.

“What we can or cannot do, what we consider possible or impossible, is rarely a function of our true capability.  It is more likely a function of our beliefs about who we are.”  Tony Robbins

So what can you do?

“Believe in yourself and stand for your dream.  Even in the midst of difficult times . . . you need to maintain the confidence and conviction that you can achieve what you want.”

Use the most powerful seconds of your entire day to your fullest advantage.  The first seventeen seconds after you awake from

Create Positive Energy

Create Positive Energy

an alpha sleep and the last few seconds before you drift off into an alpha sleep are the most powerful seconds of your entire day.  Those are the seconds when your subconscious mind is the most receptive to instructions.

What are your thoughts at those times?  How can you help yourself to create more powerful positive opening and closing thoughts?

Create positive habits.

  • Read a few lines of something inspiring, motivating and uplifting just before drifting off to sleep.
  • Read your affirmations or write your affirmations.
  • Look at your dream board.
  • Look at a picture of those you love.
  • Play some soothing music which creates pleasurable images in your mind.


  • Watching the news. The media seems to sensationalize the negative events.
  • Watching a television program which contains violence.
  • Arguing with someone or working on something which is difficult or distressing.

If you do not currently engage in a routine which promotes positive final thoughts before drifting off to sleep, seriously consider changing your pre-sleep practices.

Awaking with positive thoughts and images takes a bit more effort, but it is possible.

  • Change your alarm to music. Energizing, soothing or your special song . . . what music you choose is not as important as how you feel when you hear that music.
  • Choose a recording of your children laughing.
  • Choose a recording of your mentor’s words of wisdom.

What you choose is what inspires, motivates and energizes you.

“Working hard is important, but there is something that matters even more . . . Believing in Yourself.”  Harry Potter

Focus on the positive

Focus on the positive

Your successful business depends upon your belief in yourself and your ability to build and enhance your successful business.  Building a successful business starts with the strength of your belief.  Your beliefs are the core of your thought patterns.  What you think and feel in your core directly affects your actions and your results.

“Devote yourself to an idea.  Go make it happen.  Struggle on it.  Overcome your fears.  Smile.  Don’t forget: this is your dream.”

When you start your day with positive thoughts and end your day with positive thoughts, you enhance the probability of a positive day.  String enough positive days together and you will build a successful business and a successful life.

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Do you believe the best about people or assume the worst?

Your thoughts create or remove emotional blocks

Your thoughts create or remove emotional blocks


When someone says unkind words to you or about you, what do you do?  In the book The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity, Catherine Ponder recommends shooting them in the back with love.  In some situations, that may not necessarily be our first thought.  It is after all human to take at least a few seconds to think through the situation from various angles before making a final decision on the appropriate action.


Various other sources, including the book The Power of the Subconscious Mind remind us that whatever vibration we put out in to the universe comes back to us.  If we are thinking derogatory thoughts about someone else or speaking negative words about them, we are generating negativity which will come back to us.  Whatever feelings we put out will come back to us.


Karma is defined as the principle of causality where intent and actions of an individual influence the future of that individual.  In simple terms – speak evil and you will experience evil yourself.  This thought goes back to the old adage – What goes around comes around.


With this in mind, we may want to think twice and then twice again before we speak, think or feel negative thoughts to another person.


This does not mean to become a doormat for someone to abuse you.  There are lines which must be drawn.  Abusive behavior is not excusable or to be condoned.




When I encountered this situation recently, I chose to remove myself from the abuser.  They are welcome to say or do as they please; I can’t control what someone else does or says.  I can control what I do or say.  In my book Emotional Ice Water I remind people that it is not about what others say or do.  It is about what we think, feel and do.


If you cannot completely remove yourself from the negative behavior of another, you can at least reduce the amount of time you spend with that person.


In the book The Secret there is a story of a man in a negative work environment.  The man chose to maintain his positive attitude regardless of the situation.  Shortly after he was transferred to another department, two of the Negative Nellie behavior types quit and he was once again surrounded with positive minded co-workers.  The universe conspires to give us situations which match our vibration.


Vibrate positive thoughts and circumstances and the environment will change to surround us with positive people.


When you encounter situations or circumstances where negative things are being said to you or about you consider maintaining your positive attitude and believing the best.  The more you radiate positive vibrations, the more likely it will be that positives come back to you.


Assume the best, believe the best, radiate positive vibrations and receive positives in return.


Assume the worst, believe the worst, speak the worst, act negatively and receive negatives.


Easy choice from where I stand.  How about you?


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What Impression Are You Making?


When you smile, the world smiles back

When you smile, the world smiles back

Life attracts life.  Energy draws energy.  Look around a crowded room at any mix-and-mingle gathering.  Where are the groups of people congregating?  Chances are there is someone lively and engaging in the center of the circle.


Smile at a random stranger in the mall or on the street.  A friendly, casual smile frequently draws a smile in return.  This experiment seems to work at the supermarket, the line at the bank and even stopped at a traffic light.  People have a magnetic pull drawing them to energy.  People seek, even crave, positive vibrations.


Your Vibration


What vibration are you projecting?  No, you don’t need to be the biggest duck in the puddle.  Wearing a lamp shade on your head and dancing on top of the table is not required in order to attract attention.  Performing a stand-up comedy routine may not be your expertise or in your personality comfort zone.  That’s fine.


Being the know-it-all or the put-down artist does not win the crowds either.  Very few people enjoy having others make fun of them in a crowd.  That routine may work in a comedy club where the audience expects negative comments from the performer on stage.  Remember the statement, “Don’t try this at home.”  Heed the advice.


Little devil

Little devil

One man joked, “I didn’t think I would ever be sleeping with a 40 year old woman.”  His wife replied, “Keep it up and you won’t be.”  Shortly thereafter he was facing a divorce judge.  It was undoubtedly not the one negative comment but a series of comments which caused the divorce.  The point is that negative comments hurt.  They accumulate.


Positive Vibrations


In our personal life and our professional life, exhibiting a genuine positive attitude will draw others to you.  John Wesley, 1703-1791, said “Catch on fire with enthusiasm and the world will come for miles to watch your burn.”  This wisdom of prior decades still hold true today.


Negative headlines may sell newspapers, but how much fun would it be to go to work every day to a room filled with Sadsack Sam, David Downer and Grumpy Gus?   It certainly would not be on my list of top ten most desirable activities.


If you knew that despite the stop-and go traffic on the drive to work and your lengthy to-do list for the day, you would be working with positive, genuine, and encouraging co-workers, wouldn’t that perk up your spirits?  What if you were one of those people displaying a positive attitude at home and at work?


A slight change in perspective can make a dramatic difference in your own attitude and the attitude of those around you; you can transform your thoughts into a positive attitude.  You can cultivate a positive vibration.


Attract People


Words create memories - good or bad

Words create memories – good or bad

Regardless of whether you are seeking potential business associates, personal relationships or more congenial family dynamics, you will attract people to you more rapidly with a positive attitude.  If you choose to expand your professional or personal network, cultivate a positive vibration.


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Life is an Attitude – Choose to have a Good One

catch on fire with enthusiasmLife is not about what happens to us.  The quality of our life is measured by what we think, feel and do regardless of the events of our life.  I hear the protests from some of you, “You don’t

know what has happened to me.”  “You don’t understand.”  “Life has not been fair to me.”  Yes, that may be true.  History is filled with high achievers who were faced with unfortunate circumstances.  What made the difference between the negative And positive events of their lives was their attitude and actions.


Healthy Mindset


Emotional Ice Water was written to help make my long road to a positive attitude and success become your short-cut.  “It’s not about what they say or do.  It’s about what you think, feel and do.”


We have a choice every time something happens to us.  We choose how we wish to feel about the event – good or



Right now the wild fires are getting close to my home.  My area is permeated with pine trees; prime fire material.  I

Push past emotional blocks

Push past emotional blocks

am so grateful that I am one mile from the fire station.  I am grateful for wonderful friends contacting me to be certain I am fine.  I am grateful for offers of places to stay if the fire gets too close.  I am grateful for insurance coverage even though it could never replace the lovely memories and sentimental treasures within my walls or my beautiful house plants.


Healthy Mindset and Healthy Body


With a healthy mindset, positive attitude, and the energy available through a healthy body, you can accomplish so much more.  Our energy level is derived from our attitude, nutrition, exercise and enthusiasm for what we are doing.


Regardless of what you are doing, your energy and enthusiasm play a major role.  John Wesley said it best, “Catch on fire with enthusiasm and people will come for miles to watch you burn.”  Face it; do you want to work with a grumpy bear or an enthusiastic, Energetic Eddy?  People are drawn to genuinely happy people.  Glance around a room.  Where are the groups of people congregating?  In the center of the group is usually someone who is smiling and passionate about their topic of conversation.  Leaders, innovators and high achievers are not dour.


Can you imagine a CEO or a venture capitalist being a sad sack or spreading doom and gloom?  They would not be likely to encourage supporters to join them with a negative attitude.


Energy, enthusiasm and engagement inspire action. 


Personally, exercise generates energy for me.  If you are not as eager to exercise, find something you do enjoy doing.  Perhaps it is taking a walk, taking a child to the zoo or the park, or playing fetch with the dog.  Find something you enjoy doing.  Start with twenty minute sessions three times a week and gradually work up the accumulated time per week.  Sorry, bending your elbow at the bar does not count unless you have an exercise weight in your hand.


Pay attention to your food and beverage intake and make one healthy substitution each day.


What can you accomplish when you have more energy?


A healthy mind and a healthy body open the door to endless possibilities.  You may even find that it improves aspects in your personal relationships.  Is it worth a try?  It is for me.


Do you have questions about finding your true passion, energy and positive attitude?  Let me help.  Join me at or  Hire Elaine Love as your coach, keynote speaker or workshop leader for your next event.  Whether you are seeking to improve your career situation, gain more expertise as a public speaker or be more effective persuading your kids, hiring a coach will assist you.  Time is slipping away, find your healthy mindset and energy; live the life you are destined to live.

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