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Conquer the Battle Within

Cherokee Proverb

Torn between emotions
Torn between decisions


What is your battle?  This internal dilemma theme has been touted in the pop song, “Torn Between Two Lovers” and the movie of its origin, Doctor Zhivago.  Country songs have moaned about it and our legal system is clogged with cases of two opposing viewpoints. One of the more definitive statements about internal turmoil is the Cherokee proverb, “There is a Battle of Two Wolves Inside Us All.”


One is evil.  It is anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, lies, inferiority and ego.

The other is good.  It is joy, peace, love, hope, humility, kindness, empathy and truth.

Which wolf wins?  The one you feed.


Name Your Wolves


Destructive Wolf


Who are your destructive wolves?  Can you call them by name?  Anger, blame, guilt, resentment and lack of deservability are among the most familiar.  How often do you feed them?  Allowing your thoughts to drift too frequently to these negatives or remain there too long and you may be feeding them a seven course meal instead of a snack.


Don’t think for even a moment that I have not ever fed them.  Unfortunately there have been times when I felt sad, alone, hurt or even mistreated; those are the times I fed them.  If anyone ever tells you that they have never been upset, angry, disappointed, resentful or even jealous, they are lying, forgetful or delusional.  Experiencing the full range of emotions is normal human behavior.


Gentle Wolf


The gentle wolf is when my small grandson snuggles up beside me and just cuddles.  He doesn’t even want to talk or play, he just wants to be loved and feel safe and wanted.  How many times in your life have you experienced the supreme bliss of just being with someone?  Neither of you even had to say a word; you were content just being together.


Perhaps there were times you were consoling someone or being consoled when you felt better because they were there with you.  Remember the times you did something for another person without wanting or expecting anything in return.  Remember the warm feeling; it is like the glow of a fragrant candle in a dark room.


Turning Points


Jim Rohn, famous business philosopher, tells a tale of the “day that turns your life around.”


It may be the day you declare “I’ve had enough.  Things are going to change right now.”


Jim tells the story of a young mother who asked her husband for ten dollars and he said “What for?”  She vowed that very day that she would never ever ask for money again.  She looked for new skills.  She found the classes.  She looked for new opportunities to stretch and grow.  She kept looking until she found them.  Twelve years later she was vice president of a major jewelry company in New York City.


Her entire life changed because she turned loose of the fur of the wolf which fed her inferiority and embraced the wolf of hope.  Which wolf do you need to stop feeding and chase away?  Which wolf do you need to embrace?  The choice is yours.


The book Emotional Ice Water helps you identify each destructive wolf and release it.  You know you will always receive more of whatever you give your time, energy and focus.  Focus on the gentle wolves.


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Emotional Blocks

solutions for negativity

Not about what they say or do. It's about what you think, feel and do

What is your best skill? If it is selling yourself short, you are invited to do a mindset shift. Do you really enjoy putting yourself down? Are you saying things to yourself that you would never dream of saying to your best friend?

Unless you totally enjoy feeling sad and discouraged, then it is seriously time for a mindset change.

Take a sheet of paper and draw 2 lines from the top to the bottom of the page dividing the sheet into 3 columns.

In column one make a list of all the activities you do every day. Start at the beginning of the day and keep writing until you are ready to rest your head on the pillow at night and go to sleep.

Column two is how much time you spend at each of these activities. You may find that you repeat some of the activities throughout the day. Look through your list and note the repeats.

In column three note your feelings during each of these activities. Do they inspire you, depress you or create apathy?

Note the repeats of activities and emotions. If you find too much of your day is sad, lonely or wasting time, look seriously at not only what you are doing but why you are doing whatever it is that you are doing. Are you wasting time to avoid starting a project which you really do not want to do? Only you can answer why you are wasting time and procrastinating.

When I found myself at a crossroads in my career, I spent far too much time checking email, jumping up and down to do silly time wasting tasks and yes eating too much.
Unfortunately my long term relationship reached the point of honesty that it was a dead end relationship at exactly the same time. Having both at the same time certainly did not feel ideal.

Yet, maybe it was exactly perfect. It left me free to travel in a new career and chart new paths. Was that a bit of a scary thought? Yes. Did it add to the uncertainty? Yes.

If you are at a crossroads, what do you plan to do about it? My choice was to research and compile stories of emotional turmoil. Some resulted in success and some in dismal failure but the common thread was the willingness to stop standing still and take action.

That research, compilation of stories and resulting solutions gathered together became the book Emotional Ice Water. It is not about what they say or do, it is about what you think, feel and do. Dr. Kathy Fortune said, “I read it cover to cover in one sitting. The book was fantastic. You will be an inspiration to many people. It was great.”

If you are ready to release the blocks holding you back from being everything you can be and choose to truly feel energized and eager for each moment of every day, the solutions are in Emotional Ice Water.

In the words of the immortal legend Jim Rohn, “A good book you do not read can not help you.”

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Business Development Coach

Taking responsibility may not always be fun or even close to your comfort zone.  It can be a downright bitter pill to swallow.  It is so much easier to blame someone else.

It is the bank’s fault that the check bounced and they even had the nerve to charge a $30 bounced check fee.  Why couldn’t the bank officer have looked to see if the money was in another one of your accounts and transfer it or call and asked if a deposit was about to be made.  Maybe they could just advance the money; they know you would make it good.  Reality check!  As much as all of those seem like a good idea to the customer, they are simply not feasible to the banker.

Maybe in the old west when the bank only had 20 depositors that might have worked.  With all of the banking regulations and hundreds of depositors in modern banks, you have about as much chance of that level of personalization as a snowball in a microwave oven.

Fess up.  You played the float, miscalculated the balance, or made a mistake and wrote the check from the wrong account.  Sometimes the bank will refund the fee one time.  Don’t count on it.

  1. Admit the error.  Accept the responsibility.
  2. Call the bank.  You can ask for mercy on the fee or bite the bullet and pay it.
  3. Determine what happened and design a system to prevent it from ever happening again.
  4. Implement the system.

Every business development coach and personal development coach will tell you that taking responsibility is a mark of maturity.  Blaming someone else may be common and easy but it is not the mark of a leader and a professional.  Bite the bullet, swallow your pride and admit your part in the problem.

Jim Rohn, noted business philosopher, said “You must take personal responsibility.  You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself.  That is something you have charge of.”

When I owned Mountain Castles Property Management, there was a time when an expensive wall hanging disappeared from one of the homes I managed.  I could have blamed the housekeeper, the head housekeeper or the maintenance crew for not catching the theft when they cleaned and inspected the property.  Was it their job to notice details such as that and report them immediately?  Yes.  Bottom line is that as the owner, those individuals all worked for me.  Whatever they did right or wrong rolled up the carpet straight into my desk.  Did I like facing the owner with the problem?  No.  Did I like paying for the stolen wall covering?  No.  As the owner, the ultimate responsibility was mine.

Yes. I spoke to the housekeeper, head housekeeper and the maintenance employees.

In my work as a business development coach, situations frequently occur where it is easier to blame another person than to accept responsibility.  You will not grow as a person or as an entrepreneur by blaming others.

Follow the simple formula listed above by admitting the error, accepting the responsibility, determining what happened, designing a system to prevent the reoccurrence of the problem, and implementing the system.

Simple? Right?  It looks simple but it tugs at your emotions and at your bank balance.  Josiah Charles Stamp said it best, “It is easy to dodge our responsibilities, but we cannot dodge the consequences of dodging our responsibilities.”

In my experience of working with a personal development coach and my work as a business development coach, the one common thread was clearly TAKE RESPONSIBILITY.  You will shine brighter in the eyes of others for taking responsibility than for dodging it.  Step up.  Fess up.  Pay up.  You will live up to a standard which will be a legacy you can own with pride.

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