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Small Business Marketing Outlook for 2013

The aweber report, “2013: What’s in Store for Small Business” declares that small business retailers are

Small Business Marketing Outlook

cautiously optimistic.  47% believe the economy was better in 2012 than 2011.  With the rose colored tint on their business forecast, 67% plan to increase their marketing spending in 2013.  In 88% of the 3000 small businesses surveyed, the owner serves as the primary marketer.


The contradiction about the belief in the improvement in the economy and the increase in marketing spending is that the increase is anticipated to be an increase in social media and an increase in email marketing.   Since the report indicates that the owner is doing the marketing, the cost increase numbers do not make logical sense.  The cost in email marketing and social media marketing is either paying someone to do the postings or purchasing some efficiency automation program.  Either the entire marketing budget is very small or something is wrong with the data reported.


In any case, an increase in social media and email marketing is becoming a popular choice of very small companies; they reported that 93% of the companies had 5 or fewer employees.


Social media marketing, especially Google+ is excellent.  Guy Kawasaki’s book What the Plus is an excellent guide to the advantages and intricacies of Google+.  Google+ has numerous advantages over other social media sites.


Comparison of Social Media sites


Facebook is mainly a people posting site.  It is geared to be social.  Aunt Martha’s vacation, Johnny’s first day in kindergarten and a great new restaurant, purely social updates.


Twitter serves as a breaking news update.  You have 140 characters to convey your entire message.


Pinterest is about pictures.  Facebook and Google+ are 25% pictures, Twitter is 5% pictures and Pinterest is 95% pictures.


With Google+ it is possible to group your contacts by interest.  Different circles could be created for each group of friends: Rotary, professional speakers, exerciseaholics, business, and family.  Create as many circles as you like and know that each group will only receive the posts which interest them.  Overlapping circles?  No problem.  The same person may be included in more than one circle.


Some studies say only 12% of your Facebook followers may see a certain post but 100% of your selected Google+ circle will see every post.


Another advantage of Google+ is that you can edit after you hit submit?  As small business is increasing social media and email marketing, being able to edit after you hit send is huge.  Ever found an error immediately after you hit send?


Caution:  Whatever you post on the internet is there for someone to find. Privacy is an illusion. You post it and someone can find it.


Caution number two is that social media is social.  95% of your posts should be adding value to someone and not more than 5% selling or promoting something.


If you are going to use social media and email marketing for your small business, select the platform which works best for you.  Whether you believe the economy is improving or not, the success of your marketing and your business is your responsibility. 

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