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Effective Leadership Essentials

Think with passion

Focus on a truth you can accept and heal

Who is your most challenging person to lead?  Could it be your children, your employees or yourself?


An important element of effective leadership is empowering those you are leading to reach their goals.  How can you encourage, inspire, and empower others to reach their goals until you know your own specific goal?


Personal Goals


Can you describe your goal in specific words so clearly that you will recognize it when you have achieved it?  Can you verbalize it so clearly that others will know where you are heading and what it will look like when you achieve it?  Many self-acclaimed gurus and seminar leaders use the SMART system as their success plan guide.


Specific           Know exactly what you want so much that you are obsessed with achieving it

Measurable      Can it be measured quantitatively i.e. dollars, pounds, specific achievement

Attainable       Is it a stretch but still vaguely possible

Relevant          Consistent with your other goals – Not – Lose 40 pounds and open a candy shop

Timely             Most say set a specific time for the goal to be achieved


Personally, I believe that setting a specific time to begin is more urgent than the time to reach the ultimate goal.  Until you begin, you cannot possibly reach the ultimate objective.  Beginning and remaining consistent on the path to the goal are more important than the ultimate destination day.  Once you create a success plan, begin the process and forge ahead consistently following that success plan, you will ultimately reach your goal.


Leadership to Goals


Would you take advice on eating a healthy diet or losing weight from someone who weighed 250 pounds?  Would you take advice on quitting smoking from a doctor who still smoked?  Probably not.  Would you take advice on making millions of dollars from a guru who was still living hand to mouth?  Part of an effective leadership success plan is paying close attention to whose words you are giving free rent in your head.  Listen to someone who has achieved their goals before you take their advice on how to achieve your goals.


Walk the Talk


In order to effectively lead others to reach their goals, be the person who has achieved their goals before your tell others how to achieve their goals.  Have the integrity to have achieved your goals first before telling others how to do what you have not done yourself.  Maintain integrity.  Lead yourself first.  Just as you want to take advice from someone who has integrity, extend the same to those to whom you give leadership.  Your first task in effective leadership is to lead yourself.


Feeling of Achievement


How will you feel when you achieve your goal?  Another element of your goal achievement success plan is to know exactly how you will feel when you reach your goal.  If you are uncertain about how you will feel or ambivalent, the goal does not have enough excitement to motivate you to follow through.


Effective leadership recommends that those you lead feel enthused, excited, and happy about the achievement of their goals.


Effective Leadership Essentials


The essentials of effective leadership are

  1. Lead yourself first.  Articulate the specifics of your goal.
  2. Create a success plan and follow it consistently
  3. Have integrity – achieve your goals before telling others how to achieve their goals
  4. Know how you will feel when you achieve your goal
  5. Demonstrate effective leadership


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Effective Leadership Skills

Lead, follow or step aside

Examine the root word “Lead” carefully.


L – Learning all the information possible from great books, live seminars, cd recordings and personal interaction with other positive attitude, forward-thinking successful people.


E – Examine your own internal thoughts, beliefs, words and actions.  Are you allowing old negative programming to hold you back from achieving all of your dreams and goals?


A – Achieve all of your goals by focusing your energy on the target.  When you focus on a goal and direct all of your activity toward that one specific objective for as long as it takes to accomplish it, your success is guaranteed.


D – Delegate just enough responsibility to your team members or followers to develop their potential to achieve their own goals and lead others.


When you learn, do a comprehensive internal self-examination, and focus on achieving all of your own goals, you now have a path in place to guide others to duplicate you’re achievements.  You can not guide someone else to accomplish things you have not achieved.  There is as lack of credibility when you tell others how to do something you have never done.  There is never a long line to ask the advice of the person at the bottom of the success ladder.


First achieve the goals and then provide the system for others to duplicate your results.  The old saying of “fake it until you make it” just does not have credibility.  So you ask, what to do until you do have proven results of your own.  Edify your boss or your supervisor or your coach and mentor.  Point to their success until you have success of your own.  Always, always be honest.  Do not claim to have positive results until you do.


Learn to celebrate every little victory.  Record each small victory in a journal and celebrate each one.  These small accomplishments will grow into bigger achievements.  Your experience learning and growing will actually assist you in effective leadership.  People relate to you and your challenges as they progress through their own challenges.

Being honest about your leadership journey also adds to your credibility.  None of us started at the top.  Read our stories; we faced challenges and setbacks as well as victories on our way to personal leadership.


I do not believe there is or ever has been one effective leader who has not “paid his or her dues.”  Every one of us has examined ourselves and our leadership thoughts many times.  We examined and re-examined our leadership styles.  We evaluated our personal leadership and our leadership skills over and over.  We made adjustments and adjusted the adjustments.


Only after walking the path ourselves were we able to direct someone else through the same system to reach their own personal success.  First we made the journey through the success minefield, then we were qualified to guide others through that minefield to their own personal success.


Even now, after they have achieved their goals, effective leadership demands a constant process of adjusting to modern innovations.  Business, success nor leadership stands still.  Each one remains a moving target.  In order to effectively delegate these skills and techniques, we must continue to focus and keep our own leadership skills sharp.


Learn, examine, achieve and delegate.  You must follow each and every step in order and then keep repeating the cycle.  Leadership is constantly evolving and the best and more effective leaders never take themselves or their followers for granted.  Effective leadership skills are a precious commodity.  Delegate them to others and the world will constantly improve.  Effective leadership is a privilege, an honor and a responsibility.


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