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Elaine Love was the speaker for Women, Wine, and Wellness in January of 2011. Her talk was entitled, “Emotional Ice Water.” She connected well with her audience and it was inspiring to hear her story. Elaine is an accomplished speaker with a variety of topics that she can draw from to deliver an empowering presentation.
I recommend hiring her for speaking and consulting. She is a dynamo!”  Lisa Shultz, Founder of Women Wine and Wellness, CO

Elaine Love is an exciting, energetic, professional inspirational speaker.  A Tiger In High Heels,  who draws upon a wealth of entrepreneurial thinking, professional coaching and business experience which spans over 30 years in several successful businesses.

Elaine Love has achieved top honors in leadership, sales, professional speaking, coaching and community service.  She received a full page featured article in CEO magazine, EMPOWER magazine and was featured in numerous newspaper articles.  She is a featured speaker on the Rotary International and Toastmasters International Speakers Bureaus as well as other commercial speakers bureaus.  She is a true leader who not only has come from zero experience to success but is still achieving success. Work with a leader who walks the talk.

Speaking is Elaine’s passion. There is a deep seated desire to inspire and encourage others to reach their full potential. Providing value in an engaging manner gives the audience a memorable experience and an enhanced desire to achieve more in their own lives. She is highly qualifed to speak to entrepreneurs, business professionals and organizations. Her award winning background as a successful entrepreneur in a variety of industries as well as her extensive knowledge in the personal development and success mindset field qualifies her on a wide variety of topics. She knows how to customize the message to your particular group and interests.  Presenting Yourself as Well as Your Message, Talk Your Walk and Overcoming Emotional Ice Water are Elaine Love’s specialties.

Elaine is highly requested as a keynote speaker, workshop leader, trainer and coach.  Her platform presence and one-to-one interactions transmit high value to empower and inspire her audience.

Come join this savvy, engaging lady…a real Tiger In High Heels…as she delights her audiences by providing practical implementable steps in an enjoyable interaction..

Love is both a motivational and an inspirational speaker. As Zig Zigler phrases it, “Motivation does not last, but neither does bathing, that is why we do it every day.” Motivation lasts for a day or a few days, but inspiration lasts for a lifetime.


Elaine Love’s Speaking Topics

Empowering YOU to be productive, profitable and peaceful.

Turning “you can’t” into “how can I”

When the world said, “You can’t!” Elaine Love used that as fuel to show the world that she can.  Whether it was managing a chain of Goodyear dealerships in Detroit, carving out a lucrative niche in the Colorado Real Estate market, or coaching a new presenter to speak with confidence; Elaine knows how to create successful results.

As a Tiger in High Heels Elaine combines femininity with savvy business expertise.  She will show your group the systems and strategies necessary to create and continue success or even overcome a challenging marketplace.  She will help you reveal your inner strength and power.  Tap into your power without abandoning your core values.  Elaine’s proven formula is essential for any leader to create and share a compelling vision.  She now has the privilege of sharing her formula with people all over the world.

These interactive fun programs will help your audience discover their creative abilities.  Your audience will be laughing as she shares the vision, enthusiasm and inspiration of the Tiger in High Heels.  Transforming information into productivity for every member of the audience is her specialty.  Regardless of what you know, unless you present yourself clearly, concisely and confidently, you will never fully connect with your audience.

Why did a World Class Speech Coach write a book titled Emotional Ice Water?  Maintaining healthy attitudes, relationships and low stress enhances your success.

Elaine is a highly requested speaker for entrepreneurs, executives and all success-minded individuals.  She breaks the mold and reveals the strategies for tapping in to your power.

Most Requested Programs:

  1. Now to WOW (Create a Clear, Concise, Convincing Message)
  2. Gold Dust in the Air (Solutions for Positive Attitude and Relationships)
  3. Emotional Ice Water (Skills to Overcome Negative Input and Stress)  For booking or scheduling an interview.

Elaine Love
World Class Speech Coach


Speaking Experience

  • Distinguished Toastmaster, DTM (Toastmasters Highest Designation) usually takes 5 years – achieved in 30 months. June, 2011
  • Metro Division Governor, Toastmasters International, May, 2011
  • Certified Business and Presentation Coach, 2010 -2011
  • Excellence in Leadership, Private Wealth Group, Wealth Masters International, Jamaica, July 2010
  • Toastmaster of the Year, Metro Division 2009
  • International speech contest – won: club level, area 5 level, metro division level and took 2nd place at district 26 level May 16, 2009
  • Area 6 Metro division governor
  • Trained at Speak Easy in New York City by the renowned coach Alison Behrman
  • Numerous keynote speeches already booked.  Reserve your dates early.  References available


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”Elaine spoke to our top leaders from 8 states, she gave us new and positive ways to connect with people
which is EXACTLY what we wanted. Thanks Elaine”
-Tom Fajardo, State Farm