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Preview chapter of new book Now to WOW.  Q & A – Are you ready?

Congratulations!  The audience loved your presentation.  They were e

ngaged, laughing at the appropriate times, taking notes and they were not even checking their smart phone for messages.  You scored a hit!


It is now reaching the wrap up time.  You have an outstanding closing story which ties all of your points of wisdom together in a powerful walk away message.


Amazing, but many speakers ruin a fantastic performance by ending with Questions and Answers.  Have you seen speakers end with Q & A?  Unfortunately, that practice is more common than the exception, especially with less experienced speakers.


As a normal procedure, my room host is requested to notify me ten minutes before the end time and then five minutes before session conclusion time.  This room host was an experienced Toastmaster; an excellent five to seven minute speaker.  She flashed the ten minute flag, so I gave a quick wrap- up and opened for questions.  When the five minute flag appeared, it was time for the powerful conclusion story and feedback sheets.  Then the shocking words she uttered next disrupted the flow, “Ok, Elaine now you have ten minutes for Q & A. I saved time at the end for you for questions.”  “Oh, no” or something perhaps a bit stronger flashed through my mind.


Why is that such a disaster?  All it takes is one rouge, off the wall, off the subject question and the audience walks away with that off topic thought in their mind instead of your powerful walk away message.  Ending with Q & A can destroy the entire mood of a perfectly delivered presentation.


The room monitor had taken liberty to adjust the timing.  Though her intentions were probably in the right place, her actions were surprising and not helpful.  So what did I do?  You can bet I informed my room monitors in all future presentations not to change my timing instructions; they were informed that Q & A will come before the closing story.


Now that you know when to conduct Q & A, the question is how do you handle Q & A?  Set the expectation in advance by informing the audience that there will be a time for questions prior to the closing story.  Why tell them a closing story will follow the questions?  Some may depart immediately after the questions assuming that is the end of the session or they will start wrapping up their notes and gathering their materials, causing a disturbance during your powerful closing story.


  1. Set the expectations as to the number of questions you will take or the amount of time allotted for questions.
  2. A timely pause serves as impact; however, asking for questions and being met with an uncomfortable silence generates a negative impact.  Asking closed ended questions such as  “Are there any questions?” or “Do you have any questions?” may generate a “no.”  Try asking “What questions do you have?”  This approach leaves the answer open to a valuable question rather than a yes or no answer.  Now they start to think of questions.
  3. If no one speaks, try saying, “Asking the first question may be difficult, May I pose it myself?”  “You may be wondering about _______________.”  (Insert a frequently asked question.  It will break the tension of being the first audience member to speak.)
  4. Not everyone in the audience may be able to hear the question.  Rephrasing the question affirms the person who asked the question and makes them feel heard and understood.  Rephrasing also helps others hear the question as well as the answer.  Rephrasing also gives you a few seconds to formulate your answer.
  5. Preparing your speech is extremely important.  Even though you prepared with the intention of not leaving the audience hanging on any point of wisdom, there will usually be a few questions.  Doing your best to anticipate those questions in advance will assist you in formulating clear, concise answers to the questions which do arise.  Give brief answers in order to allow time to answer more questions.  If the answer will be extremely lengthy, arrange to meet the audience member after the session.
  6. Select questions from each section of the audience: front, back, sides, center and all four corners if possible.
  7. When someone asks an especially astute question, acknowledge it.  It is better to recognize an excellent question than to say good question to everyone who asks a question.
  8. Once in awhile you may choose to ask for confirmation that you totally answered the question they were thinking.  It is possible for you to interpret a question differently than the person who asked the question was intending.  Saying, “Did that totally answer your question” or “Does that make sense to you” can be asked when you detect a puzzled expression on the questioner’s face.  It builds your credibility to care about the audience.
  9. If your response has multiple facets, indicate that you will be giving a three-part response.  Detail carefully each strategy, technique or step in your solution.


Answering questions carefully and as thoroughly as possible within the time frame builds your credibility.  Letting the audience know in advance how many questions you will answer or how much time you will dedicate to questions sets parameters and honors their time as well as yours.  If they have more questions than the allotted time, invite them to join you at your sales table or walk with you to your sales table.  Doing so will honor them, continue the conversation and also bring them to your products.


In the words of the esteemed Patricia Fripp, first female president of National Speakers Association, “last words linger.”  Q & A can enhance an excellent presentation or destroy the walk away impact depending on how the question portion of the presentation is handled.  Insure that they are leaving with your powerful walk-away message.  Let the last words lingering in their minds, be your message.

Thus is a sample of the value to come.  Also on tap will be Industry Specific workbooks and audio.

Elaine Love

Tiger in High Heels

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Self Made Millionaire

What is in your business tool kit? No, I’m not encouraging you to become a carpenter or a plumber. What tools do you currently possess and use in your business tool kit? Yes, the key words in the prior sentence are “possess” “and” “use.” You can’t use the tools if you do not possess them and there is very little value in possessing the tools if you do not use them.

How many of you have ever attended a conference? Sometimes we even paid a significant amount of money to attend the conference. We paid attention and even took notes. Fess up – how many of you have a stack of notebooks with notes from various conferences? How many of you have never opened those notebooks since the conference and consequently have never read those notes? There are various statistics out there saying over 80% of the people never read the notes after they left a conference. Granted it is difficult to obtain accurate statistics since many who did not read their notes either did not want to admit it or did not read the email asking for feedback.

My point? Attending the conference, taking notes and possessing the tools of success are of minimal value unless you USE the information. Without taking action on those ideas, they are one more thing to dust.

As a business development coach and mentor, I see many individuals who profess the goal of becoming a self made millionaire. Unfortunately, a far smaller percentage develops a success plan and takes the focused action to follow through to victory.

Good intentions are an excellent beginning; however, they are only a beginning.

In 1985 when I first conceived the idea of a property management company specializing in single family homes, the discouraging remarks, the emotional ice water, flowed freely. The goal became more powerful than the discouragement. Mt. Castles was born due to the focused action following the formation of the idea. Without the action, that idea would have died. That beautiful fledgling idea would have been one more item in the stack of conference notebooks; never seeing the light of day or the massive success it became. What was the most productive and profitable, the idea or the action? Without the idea, the action would not have been implemented. Without the implementation, the idea would not have generated any results. Remember the question of which came first, the chicken or the egg? In this case, the idea absolutely came first.

Your success plan begins with an idea and comes to fruition with focused action. Your business tool kit contains knowledge. Until you implement that knowledge with focused action, it is of virtually no value. How many ideas do you have stacked away in those dusty notebooks? You probably have a fortune waiting for you at your fingertips. Your idea may be crying out to you for action right now.

Jim Rohn, noted business philosopher, reminds us,”Lack of money is not the problem. The problem is lack of an idea to create money.” I agree. Lets take it one step further and consider that you may already have the idea; you must take focused action to bring that idea to life. As a business development coach, I implore you to revisit your flashes of genius ideas. We can work together to assist you in taking your idea to the development of a success plan. Implement the success plan and start realizing your dream of becoming a self made millionaire.

Hire Elaine Love to speak at your next conference. Hire Elaine Love as your personal coach and mentor. Join me at or

Visionary Leadership

Trends Research

World Class Timely, Accurate Information

Whether you believe the media, the government, your financial planner or the dog catcher about the state of the economy, the most important factor to you is still your own bank balance. No matter what the taking heads say on the news or what the politicians pontificate about, if you are shaking down the couch to get change to buy groceries, this is a tough economy.

The difference between wealthy people like Bill Gates and the homeless person living under a bridge really comes down to a few different decisions and a few different skills. No kidding, it really is that simple. You are closer than you think. The key difference between the wealthy and the financially depleted becomes information. Having timely accurate information coupled with the knowledge of exactly how to implement that information makes a world of difference in the results. For results which make you bank balance smile, you need a wealth builders blueprint. Step one in your financial blueprint is the best information.

Receiving your information from true visionary leadership solves major problems. Information without a conflict of interest is critical; true visionary leaders present the facts, not the spin. Be aware of the credibility of your information source. Would you take business advice from Bill Gates? Yes. Would you base your financial future on the information from a person living out of their car or a person selling investments out of the back of their car? No, you are too smart for that.

Timely, accurate information from a credible source makes all the difference. Yes, in order to achieve fabulous results, you need all 3 elements. By the time information filters down from the top of Wall Street and flows through the media to John Q. Public, it is not only old but it is no longer accurate. Do you remember playing a game of “telephone whisper” as a child? One person starts out with a detailed story and whispers it to the person next to them. The story continues around the room to several people. Each time the story is transferred it accidentally changes. By the time the story reaches the end of the line of five to fifteen people, it bears no resemblance to the original story. This same process occurs between Wall Street, the media and the public. Whether the story changes are intentional, as in the case of “spin doctors,” or accidental, the end result is that the story changes.

How can you possibly make wise decisions with old and inaccurate information? In addition to this timing and accuracy issue, is the knowledge of how to best utilize the information.

Now before you start crying into your latte, there is good news.

Gerald Celente of Trends Research fame has agreed to make regular broadcasts of information designed to keep you on the edge of your seats. He will be providing timely, accurate information to a select group of individuals. The good new is that you can be one of those individuals. Google the name Gerald Celente and you will discover a plethora of endorsements and accolades about Gerald Celente’s prior predictions and uncanny accuracy. Gerald Celente personifies visionary leadership.

The first key to a wealth builders blueprint is tapping into timely accurate information. Receiving knowledge from credible visionary leadership provides the instruction on how to implement the new knowledge.

Hire Elaine Love to speak to your group. Your wealth builders blueprint requires tapping into the minds of knowledgeable and credible individuals who speak your language and bring you timely, accurate information. Contact Elaine Love at or Click the Crash Proof Prosperity link.

Wealth Builder’s Blueprint

“Why oh why did I get myself in this mess” is the plaintive cry heard throughout the land right now. Individuals, states and even countries are second guessing themselves. Note the question is “why” not “how.” They know how. Consistently spending more than your income will earn you a ride on the rocket ship to financial ruin.

“Why” is one of the most frequent words uttered by any small child. Perhaps it would be wise for adults to examine that important word as well.

When economic times are flourishing, we tend to think the good times will go on forever. We spend, spend, spend. This was the experience in the ski resort. Money flows in equal proportion to the accumulation of snowflakes on the slopes. When the powder is light, fluffy and deep, the money flows in from a variety of sources in delightful abundance. Far too many businesses had a tendency to spend lavishly during ski season as if the money would continue to flow in at that same rate. Unfortunately, logic says that will not happen. With predictable regularity April arrives and both the snow flakes and the skiers stop arriving. With direct correlation, the money stops flowing in as well.

Many businesses encounter positive assets and negative cash flow as their demise. The wealth builder’s blueprint requires vision, planning and at least a dash of common sense. Ski season does not last 12 months per year; however, the rent, utilities and desire for food on your table does exist all year long. About the end of May the lavish ski season spenders were crying “Oh why did I spend all of my money in ski season and not save anything for the remainder of the year.” As the old German adage says, “Too soon old, too late smart.”

This same behavior pattern is now visible with many Americans who used their home as an ATM with the expectation that prices and values would continue to rise. Values did not continue to rise. Now approximately 80% of the homes who indulged in this rape and pillage of their home equity find themselves owing more than their home is worth. Many of them are now asking themselves “Why did I borrow so much and get myself into this negative value situation?”

States and even nations are experiencing the same situation as individuals; the spending has out paced the income.

Ok, we can not change the behavior of states, nations or even ask for a “do over” for our personal financial situation but we can institute a wealth builder blueprint for the present and future.

Maybe the small child’s constant “why” question is wise for adults to ask themselves as they contemplate expenditures during this holiday season and going forward to 2011. If we ask ourselves “Do we want this or do we need this purchase?” It may be amazing how many purchases are a want rather than a need.

Another solution is to write down in a notebook every penny spent: cash, check and credit card purchase. Keep a ledger of income expected; not wished for, maybe or might receive or even win the lottery income. Tally the spending and balance it off against the income.

One of the best ways to avoid the “Oh why did I do that” or “Oh woe is my empty wallet” is to establish a wealth builder’s blueprint. Once the blueprint is in ink or computer font, follow it consistently and persistently.

What a concept, not spending money we do not have. Anyone want to suggest that to their state governor or congressman? Just a thought. Oh well, I think I’ll start right here in my own checkbook.

For more practical tips and techniques for personal and professional cash flow management, hire Elaine Love as your coach and mentor. Contact Elaine at

Wealth Creation Strategies

Success through a positive mental attitude

Your attitude is your key to wealth creation

Financial challenges abound in this turbulent economy.  As individuals, we can not control Ireland’s default of $100 billion or the impending crisis for Portugal, Italy, Spain and the other countries in the European Union.  Far too many of us are holding our chin high to keep our head above our personal rising financial waters.

Stop!  Breathe! There is an excellent segment in every economy.  There is hope!  No matter how bleak it may appear on our financial horizon, stop and look at what we do have instead of what we might not have.

Step 1 in any success plan is to employ entrepreneurial thinking.  An entrepreneur is by nature an optimist and a visionary.  We, yes I am an entrepreneur, see opportunity rather than disaster.  Over half of the companies in the Dow Jones Industrial Average started in an economic downturn.  Yes, there is hope in this economy right now.

Control what you can!  The one thing you absolutely have in your control is your attitude.  No one controls your thoughts, feelings and words except you.  When you maintain a positive attitude and speak with genuine positive expectation, positive things happen.  Wealth creation strategies start with your own thoughts, feelings and attitude.

In an earlier article, I wrote about the “Gold Dust Attitude.”  Even though the economy was drowning, going down for the third time, one salesman maintained a “Gold Dust Attitude.”  When asked, ”How is Business?” he always replied, Business is Great.  There is gold dust in the air.”  Amazingly, for him, business improved constantly and there was indeed gold dust in the air for him.  It all started with his “positive mental attitude” and expectation of positive results.

Even if things are not golden for you at the moment, what do you have to lose by changing to a positive mental attitude and deciding to establish a gold dust attitude?

Whether you are viewing your personal life, your career or your tennis game, a positive mental attitude gives you a significant advantage.

You can not control the financial situation of other countries; however, you can control yourself.

Your subconscious does not know if you are telling it the truth or fiction.  Keep telling it positive thoughts long enough and you will start acting in a positive manner as well.  A positive mental attitude coupled with positive actions will always product positive results.

The contrast is also true.  Negative thoughts and lack of action produce negative results.  You choose.

For myself, I have chosen a “gold dust in the air attitude” and I expect golden results.  Come join me.

Book Elaine Love to speak to your next group meeting or book Elaine Love as your personal coach.  Go to or  You can purchase products or join my workshops at  Think positive.  Think “Gold Dust in the Air” as your success plan.

Entrepreneur Traits

Golden leaves of fall have drifted down from the Aspen trees and scurried across the roadways and mountain trails chased by the cool fall breezes. Each day those breezes seem to bring a few degrees more chill to the air. Soon my Colorado landscape will have snowflakes drifting down to cover the golden leaves. The mountains already wear a cloak of white.

Nature paints a beautiful landscape from the brilliant hues of the wildflowers in spring and summer to the golden hills of fall and the pristine white of winter. As much as I appreciate natural beauty and love to hike through the beautiful Colorado countryside, it resembles life on Someday Isle – beautiful but certainly not productive or profitable.

Draw a parallel between the seasons and your financial situation. There have been times when the lush green of summer mirrored the lush green of cash in your bank account. Oh how we enjoyed those fertile times. Ideally, at least ten percent of those treasured earnings were carefully invested for the future. Just as the squirrels and ants store up for the long winter months, so we should also. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to expect those lush days to last forever.

During my days as the owner of a property management company in a major ski resort, this “spend today and not worry about tomorrow” attitude prevailed. Anyone who relates to business in a ski resort knows that the snow represents white gold. Money flows in quite nicely during ski season. In early April the snow tapers off and the income disappears as quickly as the snow flakes in the warm sun.

In the late 1980’s there was very little, if any, income in April, May, June, September and October. July, August and November might be slightly better than zero. Four months of ski season income needed to also cover the other eight months. Those who spent lavishly during the four months and did not provide for the other eight months were frequently found desperately scrambling by September or before.

Using the ski resort as an example, income is exactly opposite of the seasons. In financial terms the lush income represents the lush green of summer. The barren income period would be the financial winter.

Anyone who has a seasonal business, a commission only income or a “feast or famine” income, MUST establish an emergency reserve fund. Ok, no you do not have to plan ahead and prepare for your financial winter season. You either prepare now or expect to beg for assistance later. In our current economic turmoil, those who did not prepare are scurrying like the fall leaves by blowing right and then left or round and round in circles.

According to Paul Zane Pilzer, economic advisor to two presidents, there will be more millionaires created between 2006 and 2016 than at any prior point in the history of the world. This money does not go away, it simply changes hands. The new wealthy will be the ones who understand their financial seasons and take appropriate action. There is excellent opportunity in every economic situation if you maintain a positive mental attitude and use entrepreneurial thinking. Use the resources at hand, including your mental creativity.

Examine your financial situation and draw a parallel with the seasons. Resolve to use your entrepreneurial thinking and achieve success through a positive mental attitude and productive action.

Need some help? Book Elaine Love to speak to your group or book Elaine Love as your personal coach. Go to If you are a person of immediate action, go to and purchase products. There are many resources available at Don’t be left out in the barren financial winter.

Wealth Builders Blueprint

Want to make it easier on yourself to get out of bed in the morning?        How would it feel to be excited about your work?  Imagine being more excited about Monday morning than Saturday morning?

You will always be more productive, more profitable and more emotionally satisfied when you are working in your passion.  When you are passionate about what you do for a living, it is easier to get out of bed in the morning.  You are actually eager to get to the office.  Does that feel like traveling in a foreign land without a map to you?  If being happy about your career is totally foreign to you, then it is time to seriously examine your career choice.

Remember as a child how you had wild and wonderful dreams about how life could be when you grew up?  What happened to that childish wonder and excitement?  As a child did you imagine yourself as wealthy?

Examine your wealth builders blueprint.  Did you forget to even make one or is it covered with years of dust?  Unfortunately, it is probably not gold dust.  Time to dust it off and reinvigorate your dreams.  Your dreams are the first step in your wealth builders blueprint.

What is a dream anyway?

D – Decide what you truly want

R – Refine it down to a specific goal

E – Examine all of the factors involved in making it come true

A – Action plan to achieve

M – Maintain consistent, persistent, focused action

Deciding what you truly want can be accomplished by paying close attention to your energy.  When do you feel the most invigorated and inspired?  What are you doing when time just flies by without glancing at the clock every five minutes or having the overwhelming urge to jump up and get another cup of coffee?  When do you feel the greatest sense of satisfaction?  Where does your mind wander to in your daydreams?  All of these are clues as to your passion – your area of highest productivity, profitability and satisfaction.

Refining all of these thoughts, activities and “what if” ideas into the one most important goal is a process.  Be careful not to talk yourself out of your dream by saying it can’t happen.  Approach the process as if EVERYTHING is possible.  When you want something badly enough and really focus on it, there is usually a way to achieve it.  Napoleon Hill said, “What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

Examine all of the factors involved.  Do you need more training?  Do you need to tap into a positive mastermind group who share your quest for achieving a dream?  Careful, no bar room benefactors, they tend to be negative; they are dream stealers.  Look at finances, education, and skills.  You will have to move.  Move your mind in a new direction; move your time priorities; move your seat off the couch and into action.

Form an action plan with step by step activities to move you constantly toward your goal.  It may not be fast but keep checking to be certain you are on course.  Revisit the plan frequently and be certain you have not veered off course.

Maintain consistent, persistent and focused action all headed toward the achievement of the goal.  This means daily.  Your dream becomes a 24-7-365 focus.  You dream about its accomplishment at night, take action on it during the day and daydream about how your life will feel when you are successful.

A wealth builders blueprint starts with a dream.  Live the life you desire and deserve.

Wealth Builders

When your attitude shifts, your life follows suit.  Everyone reaches that magic “decision time.”  You know the time.  You look at your life or a situation and determine “that’s enough; something is going to change NOW.”

A firm decision results in an attitude shift.  Your attitude will get you everywhere.  The relief associated with a major attitude shift is phenomenal.  The trauma and stress are all previous to the decision.  Once the decision is made, the attitude turns positive and progressive.  The stress comes from the “should I” or “shouldn’t I” dilemma.  Stop shoulding all over yourself and get with the program.

So many people spend so much time getting ready to get ready that they never actually make a decision.  What is it in your life right now that is holding you back from making a progressive decision, a progressive attitude?  Wealth builders and  self-made millionaires all make decisions.

Self-made millionaires possess decision oriented habits and positive attitudes.  Wealth builders know that a positive attitude will get you everywhere.  It starts with a dream and builds to a goal.  A plan forms designing the process to reach the goal.  Absolute laser focus is applied to the implementation of the plan.  Frequent benchmarks or checkpoints are established to insure the plan is on course.  Will there be adjustments? Yes.  Even a jet airplane does not go from San Francisco to New York without a few minor tweaks and turns.

The entire process starts with a firm decision and an attitude shift.

If your life or plan is off target, check your attitude.  Queasy attitude probably means there is a decision in limbo.  Clear the roadblock by determining what decision you have procrastinated about making.  Make the decision.  Feel the relief and the positive attitude shift.

You can never make forward progress and remain sitting on the fence.  Make the decision.  Establish a positive attitude.  Set the goal and the plan to achieve it.  Establish the course correction checkpoints and prepare to celebrate victory.

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