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Friends Without Faces

Friends Without Faces

We sit and we type and we stare at our screens,
We can’t help but wonder what all of this means.
With mouse in hand …we roam through this maze,
On an infinite search…lost in a daze.

We chat with each other, we type all our woes
At times we’ll band together to gang up on our foes.
We wait for somebody, to type out our name
We want recognition, but it is always the same.

Soon friendships are formed – but – why we don’t know,
But some of these friendships, will flourish and grow.
We give kisses and hugs, and sometimes we’ll flirt,
In IMs we chat deeply, and reveal why we hurt.

Why is it on screen, we are so easily bold,
Telling our secrets, that have never been told.
The answer is simple, it is as clear as a bell,
We all have our problems, and need someone to tell.

We can’t tell real people, but tell someone we must
So we turn to our ‘puters …and to those we can trust.
Even though it sounds crazy…the truth still remains,
Most of my “friends” have no faces…and odd little names.

Elaine Love

Lois Elaine Love


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Utilize my vast business experience, management expertise and communication skills to assist an organization in developing or expanding its training program to develop professionals and future leaders.  Primary expertise: small business owner, presentation training, facilitating workshops and training programs, and speech coaching


Professional Experience:


Results For Life, LLC                                                                      2000 to present


Executive presentation coaching and private speech coaching to assist professionals and executives in making a positive impact on their business and motivate their employees.

Individual and group business presentation training.

Facilitate corporate and breakout workshop training in a variety of industries.

Keynote speaker for professional conferences and community events.


Mountain Castles, Inc.                                              November 1986 – October 2000

Originator, Owner, Broker, and CEO

Consultant to the purchaser                                        October 2000 – August 2001

Leading a successful customer-service oriented business from idea conception through implementation and increasingly successful execution.

Started Mountain Castles with $4937.32 capital and developed it into a corporation of slightly less than $1,000,000 gross annual sales in eleven years.

Mountain Castles sold October 10, 2000 with no debt. Retained full responsibility for auditing all accounts and preparing all tax reports with the exception of the annual corporate income tax reports.  Prepared all payroll and financial reports.


Candy Mountain Bakery                                         October 1981 – May 1986

Owner, Operator

Developed a small, heavily debt laden, donut counter into a full service bakery which supplied the continental breakfasts for the major lodges in Steamboat Springs. The bakery expanded significantly and sold with positive assets and no debts. Responsible for all financial reports including payroll and taxes.


March Tire, Inc.                                                        April 1975 – September 1981


Financial analysis and auditing of all five corporate locations. Collaborated in the initial development of Goodyear Tire and Rubber’s independent dealership computerized accounting system.  Assisted in growing March Tire, Inc. from one store to one of the largest chains of Goodyear dealerships in the Midwest.




Master of Special Studies in Applied Communication                  May 1997

University College at University of Denver, Denver, CO

Emphasis in Human Resources, Masters Capstone paper: Marketing Reservations for a Property Management Company on the Internet


Alternative Dispute Resolution Specialized Studies Certification   August 1998

University College, University of Denver, Denver, CO.


Real Estate Broker                                                                            November 1986

Colorado Real Estate Commission, Denver, CO


B.S.E.D., Kansas State College of Pittsburg, Pittsburg, KS

Outstanding Student of College Class Designation and Superior Student Designation.


Awards and Honors: 


Rotary Club of Castle Pines, President                                            2012-2013

District 5450 Paul Harris Society (Rotary International Foundation)         2013


Toastmasters International                                                             

Distinguished Toastmaster Twice                                           July 1, 2011 & 2012

Winner of 18 Speaking & Leadership trophies/awards in 4 years  2008-2011

District Toastmasters International Speech Contest winner  May 16, 2009


National Speakers Association, Professional status                         2012 – present


World Class Speech Coach Designation                                         September 2011


First Resort, Inc., Aspen, CO                                                           September 1997

Innovator of the Year, Property Management



Lift as You Climb                                                                               published 2011

Emotional Ice Water                                                                           published 2012

Now to WOW                                                                           to be published 2014


Marketing Reservations for Property Management on the Internet

Capstone Paper, University of Denver,                                              September 1997


“Gender Differences in Conflict Management Style in the Workplace”

Colorado Speech and Communication Association                           January 1967



Richard Hinkel, retired, VP HR, Homestake Mining, 623-388-6692,

Susan Wagers, Susan Wagers International Ltd., 303-284-0307,

Kathy Fortune, M.D., Forensic Medicine, 303-794-4112.

Your Thinking Creates Your Success

Commit to making 2013 end on a positive trend

Commit to making 2013 end on a positive trend

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.  It is the thinking that makes it so” said Henry Ford.


Ponder that thought for a moment.  What we think, feel and believe forms the basis for everything we do or prevent ourselves from attempting.  Remember the first time you straddled a bicycle?  Were you a bit nervous, excited and encouraged?  If you thought that you would not be able to ride the bike, you had a much more difficult time learning to ride.  If you thought that you could ride, you persisted with a knowing that success was close at hand.  Because your thoughts were positive, the learning process was easier.  “It is the thinking that makes (success) so” much easier and faster.


Success or Failure


Why would you choose to handicap yourself by thinking that you would fail?  Do you remember reading the children’s book about the Little Engine that Could?  The engine kept repeating to itself “I think I can” “I think I can” “I think I can” until the little engine did reach the top.  This book was written to encourage children to believe in themselves.  What if a baby believed that he or she could never walk?  They stand, wobble, fall, get up and repeat the process until they are walking.  Call it innocence, naivety, or determination; if you think you can, the result is success.  All successful ventures start their success plan with a belief in the ultimate result.


Success Plan


Ask most successful entrepreneurs about their success formula and you will note a recurring theme.  Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, offers the following advice on creating success.


  1. Vision – See clearly in detail what you intend to create before it exists.


  1. Timing – Know when the time is right to develop a new idea.


  1. Action – Take immediate and massive action.


Thomas Edison could see the need for light bulbs even though short-sighted colleagues insisted that man was destined to light their rooms with candles.  Henry Ford saw the potential of automobiles while others laughed at his “horseless carriage.” Aristotle Onassis saw the potential of international shipping while popular opinion said that the shipping industry was dead.


Walt Disney saw every detail of Disney World and “a perfect city with dependable public transportation, a soaring civic center covered by an all-weather dome, and model factories concealed in green belts that were readily accessible to workers housed in idyllic suburban subdivisions nearby” before any groundbreaking.  Walt had the vision; his success plan was comprehensive.  He purchased acres of land in Florida and took action to bring his dream into reality.




Kevin Trudeau tells a story of an acorn.  When you look at an acorn, what do you see?  If you say “food for squirrels,” you flunk the test.  Kevin’s first response was. “I see a tree.”  His mentor said, “I see a forest.”  Kevin then replied, “I get it.  I see houses and buildings all over the world from the wood.”  The vision is not seeing what is in front of you, but the potential of what can be created from this seed of an idea.




Think ahead to the possibilities.  In 1994 there was a buzz in the air about email and internet.  Mountain Castles Property Management company in Steamboat Springs embraced this idea and was the first company to create the ability to make reservations for lodging on the internet.  Mountain Castles won “International Innovator of the Year” for that idea and the successful implementation of the idea.  Imagine where I would be today if I had continued with that idea in a larger scope to create a massive reservation system.  The idea was right, the timing was right; the long range vision and grasp of the potential was missing.  The action was immediate, but not massive.  I stopped my idea with the tree instead of seeing houses all over the world.




Immediate and massive action to implement the vision is essential.  My success plan for Mountain Castles was too limited in long range potential and implemented on too small a scale.


Bill Gates took immediate and massive action.  His success is legendary.


Success Plan


Develop a vision which sees the wood all over the world rather than a tree or even food for squirrels.  Be aware of trends and potential to anticipate the needs and wants of future generations; short-term timing and long-range timing determine the viability of the vision.  When all of the factors align, take immediate and massive action.


The future is at your fingertips.  If you think you can, you can.  Your success plan can become a reality.  Utilize the keys to success of vision, timing and action.  Believe in yourself, think you can and make it a reality.


For more information on positive mindset and success in your life and your business, stay tuned to  Also inquire about hiring Elaine Love for your next sales training, executive meeting or personal growth presentation coaching.  Create positives in your life.  Go to

It’s in Your Head

“It’s all in your head.” How many times have you heard that or even said that to others?  The implication


Feed your dreams with passionate enthusiasm

was that it was strictly your imagination rather than having any factual basis.


Would it surprise you to know that the answers are truly inside you?  Yes, they are; however not in the manner implied in the statement above.




The answers are in your thoughts and feelings.  The answers are in your burning desire.  What is it that is so important to you that you can keep yourself from doing it?  In network marketing, that burning desire is known as your “why.”  Why will you persist until successful?  Why will you keep going when it would be so much easier to give up?  Why will you keep pushing and trying one thing after another until you discover the secret to your specific goals?


Regardless of whether it is a health goal, relationship goal or a financial goal, the importance of the “why” is critical.


Thoughts and Feelings


Your “why” is also known as your burning desire or your passion.  All of these imply a strong desire, not a “ho hum, if I get it fine and if not, fine” attitude.  With a casual attitude, very little will be accomplished.  Only with passion, determination and purpose will major goals be reached.  Some say that a burning desire can overcome intelligence and many other “so called” advantages.  Passion feeds the determination to keep going.


Where does passion come from?  Passion is derived from your thoughts and feelings.  Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right.”  Your thoughts are tied to your belief in your success.  Your thoughts control your feelings.


Have you ever ignored the supposed logic because you had a feeling that it was the right thing to do?  That feeling has also been called intuition.


It’s all in your head


Yes, it is all in your head.  It starts with your thoughts.  It follows with your feelings and settles into your core as your passion, your “why.”  When your thoughts align with your good feelings and your passion, you can accomplish anything you choose.


Have questions about maximizing your energy and potential productivity?  Let me help.  Join me at or  Hire Elaine Love as your coach and as the keynote speaker or workshop leader for your next event.  Whether you are seeking to improve your career situation, personal life or gain more expertise with effective persuasion, hiring a coach will assist you.  Time is slipping away, live the life you are destined to live.


Good Things Still Happen

Good Things still happen…

to all dog lovers———-

We  don’t know who replied, but there is a beautiful soul  working in the dead letter office.                       
    Our  14-year-old dog Abbey died last month.
The day after she passed away my 4-year-old daughter Meredith was crying and talking about how much she missed Abbey.
She asked if we  could write a letter to God so that when Abbey got to heaven,  God would recognize her. 
    I told her that I thought  we could so, and she dictated these  words:

Dear  God,

Will  you please take care of my dog?
She died  yesterday and is with you in heaven.
I  miss her very much.
I ‘m happy that you  let me have her as my dog even though she got sick.
I  hope you will play with her.
She likes to  swim and play with balls.
I am sending a  picture of her so when you see her you will know that she is  my dog.
I really miss  her.

Love,  Meredith

We  put the letter in an envelope with a picture of Abbey &  Meredith , addressed it to God/Heaven.   We put our  return address on it.   Meredith pasted several  stamps on the front of the envelope because she said it would  take lots of stamps to get the letter all the way to heaven.  That afternoon she dropped it into the letter box at the post  office.   A few days later, she asked if God had  gotten the letter yet.   I told her that I thought  He had.

Yesterday, there was a package wrapped in gold  paper on our front porch addressed, ‘To Meredith’ in an  unfamiliar hand.
Meredith opened  it.   Inside was a book by Mr. Rogers called, ‘When  a Pet Dies.’   Taped to the inside front cover was  the letter we had written to God in its opened  envelope.   On the opposite page was the picture of  Abbey & Meredith and this  note:

Dear  Meredith,

Abbey  arrived safely in heaven. Having the picture was a big help  and I recognized her right away.  Abbey isn’t sick  anymore.   Her spirit is here with me just like it  stays in your heart.   Abbey loved being your  dog.  Since we don’t need our bodies in heaven, I don’t  have any pockets to keep your picture in so I’m sending it  back to you in this little book for you to keep and have  something to remember Abbey by.  Thank you for the  beautiful letter and thank your mother for helping you write  it and sending it to me.
What a wonderful  mother you have.   I picked her especially for  you.   I send my blessings every day and remember  that I love you very much.   By the way, I’m easy to  find.   I am wherever there is  love.


Revive your Business and your Enthusiasm

How many times have you experienced an emotion letdown in your business?  What happened?  The excitement you once felt has now become overwhelm. How could this have happened?  When you created the business you were so excited and full of grand dreams of what it could become.  You plunged in and worked long hours with excitement; the hours just flew.  At the end of the day you felt tired but fulfilled with accomplishment.  Your desire to do it all over again the next day was burning brightly.  In fact your biggest problem was turning off the ideas in order to fall asleep. You probably even kept a notepad on your nightstand for those strokes of genius ideas in the middle of the night.


I know I did when I started Mountain Castle Property Management.  Creative ideas flowed in abundance.  Owning a property management company in a ski resort catering to vacationers required long hours.  Sometimes in peak season it felt as if I was working 24 – 7 – 365 (twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year).  In truth, it wasn’t that bad.  Rarely does anyone lock themselves out of their house between eight and five, Monday through Friday though; lockouts and other problems usually happen in the middle of the night.


Perhaps a string of sleep-interrupted nights does add to exhaustion, which leads to lack of energy.  Low energy, despite massive amounts of Starbucks double espresso, can lead to becoming frustrated; incidents which in a more rested state might have been less impactful, now seem totally out of proportion.  Keep this up for too long and important activities and people fall off of your priority list.  The entrepreneur, business owner, is usually the first priority list casualty.  Shortly after, exercise falls off the list; you are just too tired.  Family and friends slip off the list soon thereafter.


Major crash!  Your passion for your business plummets.  Unfortunately this scenario repeats itself with corporate executives as well as entrepreneurs.  Jane Porter’s experience paralleled so many of us.  Far too many of us have reached that discouragement and exhaustion point more frequently than we care to admit.


What is the answer?  What can we do about it?  There are choices and solutions.



  • Stay “in enthusiasm deficit”
  • Climb out of the emotional pit and achieve again



  1. Put yourself back on your priority list.  Do something you enjoy.  It is impossible to be depressed and fully engaged in energetic activity at the same time.  Take a break, take a walk, call a friend or even take a long quiet bubble bath with can


Put Fun on your Priority list

De-stress – Add Fun to Your Life

Remember that list of things you always wanted to do?  Dust it off and pick something.  Anything.  Start it now.  Make an appointment with yourself and keep the appointment just as you would if it were your most important client.  You are important; take care of yourself.


Put Fun on your Priority List

Richard Branson, famous entrepreneur is a bit of a self-declared wild man.  He believes in the basics of eating healthy and sufficient sleep.  You don’t have to do everything, delegate.   Establish and maintain as much work-life balance as possible.  Your intent in starting a family was to enjoy them: at least I hope it was.

  1. Think about the 5 people you admire most.  Why do you admire them?  How do they handle stress and overwhelm?  Take them out to lunch; the visit and break will be good for both of you.


If your mind goes blank and you can’t think of five, research articles and thought leaders.  Phil Cousineau, host of the PBS show Global Spirit and author of Stoking the Creative Fires: 9 Ways to Rekindle Passion and Imagination (Conari Press, 2008) .  Another reference is the strategy of Yanik Silver, successful serial entrepreneur.  Read solution-based blogs which focus on small business.


  1. Be honest with yourself about why you are working so many hours.  Solving the core issue becomes much easier when you face the root cause.  Excuses abound about why business people work seemingly endless hours.  I know: I’ve made them myself.


  • Too much work to be finished
  • Focus on increasing business and profits is more important
  • The staff expects me to be available
  • Set a good example for others


Even though each of these has merit, there is often an excuse hidden from even ourselves.


Have you considered that unintentionally, you are getting in your own way?  Discover which emotional blocks are holding you back, clear them and proceed.  Few people work at optimum productivity when they

Emotional Ice Water

Helps you get out of your own way

are stressed, exhausted or uninspired.  Emotional Ice Water will assist you in clearing your blocks in order to reach your potential and restore your enthusiasm for life and business.


  1.  Free your mind to restore creativity.  Dig back into the recesses of your mind.  What was your routine at the time you conceived the idea on your current business?  What mind-freeing activities and thought processes were you implementing at that time?  It is so easy to be bogged down in the “day-to-day” that we lose the opportunity to create.  If you are like me, you exercise.  Going for a ten mile walk in the beautiful Colorado countryside wipes out current dilemmas and opens mental space for creating new possibilities.  Sometime breaking an old routine is required in order to design a something even better.


Exercise your body and your choices.  Revive your sagging spirits.  Your body, spirit and bank account will thank you.

Aspire to Leadership

Our Toastmasters theme today was “aspiration.” To what do you aspire?

Yes, I am aware that it is also a medical term; however, my focus relates to dreams, goals and action. Dreaming is a pleasant diversion but accomplishes very little positive results all by itself. The dream starts the process. The follow through of action, any positive action, begins the actual change.

As a Kansas farm girl in a very poor community, I could have chosen to live in a dream world in my head without moving my physical circumstances. Even though it may not be recommended to take the radical action which I chose, it did prove beneficial. Every individual must search their soul and make the decision they feel is best for them.

Come with me to Linn county Kansas in 1962. With a high school class of 40, only 3 were planning to attend college. Most of my classmates were perfectly content to stay on the farm and in the small, and supposedly safe, community where everything and everyone was familiar. One boy, Larry Morgan, decided to pursue his dreams of college. Larry incidentally had exactly the same birthday as mine. He later graduated and became a college professor.

One other girl decided to attend but she was more interested in the social aspects than the academic. She lasted one year.

Have you ever felt that there must be something better out there for you even though you did not possess any proof yet? Does a dream of a better life lure you to test the possibilities? Somehow that dream nudged the edges of my consciousness and begged to be explored. It felt like Alice in Wonderland testing unknown paths, hiking an unfamiliar trail or driving down an unexplored country road. Even though there is uncertainty, there is also excitement.

Despite the contrary wishes of my parents, my classmates and my neighbors, there was one who encouraged me. Earl McCray, high school music teacher said “Go test your wings, Elaine. You can have a future if you reach for it.” Reach I did. Dr. Earl McCray’s leadership speaking inspired me to dare the unknown. A ride was located to college. No money, no job, no place to live and no guarantee of anything, I left.

Easy, no, but oh so worth it. Long story short, a college professor, Dr. Charles Reilly, gave me a job as his student secretary and convinced the college to allow me to live in old Willard Hall dormitory in exchange for a major portion of my student wages. The remainder of the student wages would go to pay tuition and books. Once again leadership speaking and action paved the path. Yipee! Progress!

Three years later at my graduation as outstanding student of my college class, Dr. Reilly stood there proudly congratulating me. Never underestimate the power of encouragement and determination. The leadership speaking of Dr. Earl McCray and Dr. Charles Reilly were the sparks of encouragement which changed the course of my life forever. I am eternally grateful to both men. Whose life can you change with your own leadership words? Perhaps, even your own life.

You can achieve your dreams. To what do you aspire? What is stopping you from stepping out of your comfort zone and reaching for that elusive dream?

Join me at or Hire Elaine Love as your coach and as the keynote or workshop speaker for your next event. Whether you are seeking to grow as a speaker to improve your employment situation, gain more expertise as a public speaker or be more effective persuading your kids, hiring a coach will assist you. Take control of your leadership; become a more effective leader for yourself and others.

Exciting Keynote Presentations

You are in the audience at the annual banquet. The excitement in the room parallels the Academy awards. For your career, this event is equivalent to the top industry award. You lean forward in anticipation. The emcee steps up to the podium as his voice reverberates in your ears. The moment has arrived. “The winner of the Business Person of the Year award for 2011 is . . .” You are now regretting teaching the emcee the power of the “pause” before a major point. “The winner is . . .” To your extreme ecstasy, you hear your own name.

How would you feel if your clients and prospective clients were sitting on the edge of their seats and listening intently to your every word? How would your results change if your presentations created positive expectations?

Unfortunately most keynote presentations fall in the range of “blah blah blah.” Have you ever attended a high pressure sales pitch? Perhaps you have attended something which resembled the lectures of my college economics professor. In order to stay awake, the class performed mathematics exercises and compared notes during or after class. “Jim, how many times did you record that he straightened his glasses, stroked his chin, adjusted his tie and paced across the front of the room?” “Oh, you are right Jenny; I missed recording the paper shuffles.” “Just for the variety of it, I also did an “’um’, ‘ah’ and ‘so’ count, reported Elaine.”

Have you ever given a “yawn” keynote presentation? How would you like to learn the techniques to avoid ever giving one of those disasters again?

Like it or not, people are forming opinions of you from the moment you first step into their line of sight. You are judged; yes I know that judged is a harsh but true word, on your attire, your carriage, your facial expression and your manner. Do you project relaxed confidence or nervous apprehension? Are you well groomed and dressed appropriately for the occasion?

When speaking on stage, it is best to avoid dangly jangly jewelry. Those of you old enough to remember Mr. T might remember his jewelry; suggest that you not duplicate that appearance. Splashy bright colors and patterns catch the attention and divert the focus from your message. Annoying repeated mannerisms such as my college professor also detract attention away from the message. Tasteful but more conservative attire causes fewer distractions.

Smile, relax and greet attendees in a genuine friendly manner. Keynote presentations are more about connecting with the audience than communicating with them. Connections are formed by caring about them as individuals rather than talking to or at them.

Create an attention captivating opening. Use a shocking statistic, a quotation (be certain to cite the author), a dialogue, a story, or a “you” focused question. Two examples of “you” focused questions are given in paragraph two above. “How would you feel if . . .?” Or “How do you feel during a dull presentation?”

Capturing the audience’s attention immediately and involving them in the keynote presentation from the opening sets an encouraging tone. A powerful opening entices them to pay attention to what you have to say next.

Break up the keynote presentation with sections of dialogue, stories and humor. Changing the pace, tone and style is far more enjoyable for the audience than solid lecture, also known as monologue.

When you have fun and enjoy interacting with the audience it gives them permission to mirror you and have fun as well.

Stay tuned for more tips and techniques on creating keynote presentations which encourage audience members to seek your next speaking engagement and purchase your products.

Hire Elaine Love for your next meeting. Hire Elaine Love as your personal coach and mentor. Go to or Discover how to communicate and connect with your audience in a personal and impactful manner. Become the best speaker possible.

Financial Success Plan

97% of all businesses fail. Brutal statistic but true. Are you struggling with your cash flow? More businesses fail with positive assets and negative cash flow.

Take heart. Unlike the talking heads who are spouting verbal “doom and gloom,” there is good news. No you can not go into retrograde and put the money back in your house, if you used your house as an ATM. You probably already spent that money. Nor can you go back and reverse the maxed out credit cards. You can start making wise decisions going forward.

There is a marvelous piece of software called the “Wealth Accelerator” which allows you to get a grip on your finances. Even if your financial foundation is built on shifting sand, it can start taking a firmer hold.

Start by taking an honest look at all of your income, expenses and Oh no, credit card accounts. Now before you go into a deep depression and start fearing financial doom and gloom, create a success plan. Create a success plan you will actually follow through to the goal of being debt free.

If you are an instant gratification person, as many of us are, you will probably want to start with a small bill. For example we will choose a credit card where you only owe $100. It may not be the highest interest credit card, but it is the smallest balance. Paying off that card allows you to check one off the list. It is like losing weight, seeing progress encourages you to keep going with the success plan.

Another school of thought is to start paying down the credit card with the highest interest rate. Paying off the card with the highest rate sounds like an excellent idea; however, if it is a large balance it may take months to accomplish the goal. Far too many become discouraged and quit when the process drags on and on.

Take the example of weight again. If you look at the scales and say you need to lose 100 pounds, the number seems overwhelming and you give up before you start. If you set a goal of losing 10 pounds in 30 days or a pound every 3 days, the number seems manageable. When you lose the pound in 2 days, you are elated at being ahead of schedule and even more pumped to continue on your success plan.

Another technique which helps is to carry a small notebook and write down absolutely every penny you spend. You will probably find yourself passing on some expenditures just to avoid having to take out that notebook and write it down.

A third technique is to ask yourself every time you are ready to spend “do I really NEED this or do I just WANT it.” (Actually that works as well for food intake as it does for spending money.) This technique exposes habits of spending which could possibly be eliminated. Caution: this is not intended to drive you into an “I can’t afford that expense” mode as much as “Do I really need to make that purchase” mode. A feeling of lack creates more lack where a feeling of choice creates more positives choices.

In tough economic times such as these for the nation, the state or our individual change purse, taking a fresh look at habits and purchases can prove beneficial.

Hire Elaine Love as the speaker for your group and as your personal business coach. Ask about the Wealth Accelerator as a financial management tool. Let Elaine help you put yourself back on a firm financial foundation. Go to or to receive more information or to book Elaine Love.

Millionaire Blueprints

Once you are blue sky and sunshine clear about your exact current situation, you have drawn a time line. If you are ready to step over that line into new territory and the opportunity to achieve your dreams, unbuckle your seat belt. Yes, I do mean “unbuckle” because a new adventure is not about staying safe and secure. New ventures are about reaching for your future. You know what the past looked like and the present looks like. If either one of those results had satisfied you, you would not be reading this right now. If you are satisfied with status quo, you would not be searching for something better.

Tired of getting ready to get ready? Lets go. It is time to design your millionaire blueprint.

Since everyone has a slightly different starting point, we will set up a case study.

The person is in their mid to late 40s with at least a few years college. They have been in the corporate world for several years and just lost their job. They want to start a business of their own. They want a success plan to become self made millionaires. They have dreams of being able to travel and visit their family and friends without having to look for the “squeeze yourself in the back of the plane next to the restroom” economy seats. They want to go out to nice restaurants and look at the left side of the menu instead of the right side. They want to go shopping in new places without having to say “I can’t afford to buy anything.”

Traveling first class to new places, dining out and shopping all require money. The goal is therefore to make enough money on a consistent basis to afford their ideal life style.

Back to reality. At this moment there is a total of 50,000 available including what was a 401 K and is now a 41 K. Sad but true, it shrunk 90%. I know it seemed like a good idea at the time they invested the money. From $50,000 to self made millionaires is a wide gap.

With only 50,000 dollars, a franchise is not even a vague possibility. Many franchise businesses cost $50,000 or more just for the franchise name. Some popular franchises cost $250, 000 to $750,000. According to, “In addition to the upfront franchise fee, many franchisors also require an ongoing royalty fee. This fee is assessed on a percentage basis and usually ranges around 5% or 10%. In return for paying the royalty fees, you receive the benefits associated with national marketing campaigns, ongoing training, and territory rights.”

Now add on the real estate cost to purchase or rent the space for the business location. Add on the cost of the inventory and equipment. Of course you will also have overhead: utilities, office equipment and supplies, employees, and marketing before you can even open your doors.

Entrepreneurial thinking is wonderful but it will require careful planning and execution to turn it into a reality.

Buying an existing brick and mortar business will have very similar costs. Purchase price, building, overhead, inventory and equipment, office equipment and supplies, employees and marketing.

You can start a brick and mortar business rather than purchasing an existing business. In this case, there will be more costs and a slower start because the name and business are unknown. You do not already have an established customer base.

Either a franchise or a brick and mortar business will require you to work away from home at least 5 and probably 6 or 7 days a week. Initially, there will be very long hours. I know; I have owned brick and mortar businesses.

Can a franchise or brick and mortar business be successful and profitable? Absolutely, but there is a high cost in terms of start up capital and labor hours.

In the situation of our case study, this is not an option. The monetary cost is too high. So what choice do you have if you have limited resources? Yes, there is a solution. Stay tuned for the answer tomorrow.

Come join me at for assistance in designing your perfect situation.

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”Elaine spoke to our top leaders from 8 states, she gave us new and positive ways to connect with people
which is EXACTLY what we wanted. Thanks Elaine”
-Tom Fajardo, State Farm