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Living on Someday Isle

It's your future.  Go for it.

It’s your future. Go for it.

Every day is a new beginning.  Yesterday is recorded and closed.  Tomorrow is a possibility.  Today is the fresh screen before you.  Are your fingers poised over the keyboard ready to compose?

You have a choice.  Either you compose what you choose for today and plan for tomorrow or by default others will do it for you.  Each day is your opportunity for a fresh start.  You know what you want for your future.  Go for it now.

Dream bigger, let go of regrets, manifest miracles, live fully.

Dream Bigger

Your future is can become whatever you choose.  Age, background, ethnicity, financial status, education nor intelligence are factors in your dreams.  If you knew that you could succeed, what would you start today?  Just for a moment, set aside any self-limiting beliefs and allow yourself to dream.  What would you really, really, really like to do with your life…your future?

What is stopping you?  Be honest with yourself.  Think about what you are telling yourself in response to that question.  How many of those “reasons” are truly self-limiting excuses?

Remember the old question about what is the worst that could happen?  If you shoot for the moon and miss, you still land on a star.  Why not go for it now?  Create a success plan and achieve it.

Let Go of Regrets

Focusing on “I could have,” “I should have,” or “I would have” is only significant if it serves as a lesson for what to do better, differently, next time or as a confirmation of what to do again in the future.   Regrets are negatives. Either turn them into growth lessons or let them go.  Don’t give regrets free rent in your head.  Save that valuable real estate for positives.  Regrets are your nemesis.  There is no room for regrets in your success plan.

Manifest Miracles

Today and your future are fresh screens waiting for you to compose whatever you choose.  If you want to achieve your dreams, take examples from those who achieved their dreams.  “I have a dream. . .” made history and changed the world for the better.  (Martin Luther King)

“Excellence is a better teacher than mediocrity.  The lessons of the ordinary are everywhere.  Truly profound and original insights are to be found only in studying the exemplary.”  Warren Bennis

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?  What is the worst that could happen?  If you can live with catching a star instead of the moon, what are you waiting for?  Go for it.  Your future is in your success plan.  Start achieving it.

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”  Walt Disney

Live Fully

As far as I know, we only have one shot at this life, go for it now.

It has been said a thousand different ways, but the message remains the same.  In order for your dreams to come true, it is essential that you get started on the process.  Stop talking about it or living on “Someday Isle” (Someday I’ll…).  Live fully.  Live as if your future depended on it.  It does.  Start achieving your success plan.

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Healing Starts with Your Story

Think with passion

Focus on a truth you can accept and heal

Healing starts with your story.  You have heard that “There are two sides to every story.”  Actually that is not true.  There are several perceptions of a situation.  “How could that be true?  I was there.  I know what happened.”


Are you open to considering the possibility that there can be other impressions?




  1. You know the story you have been telling yourself and perhaps others about what happened.


  1. The other party involved probably has a different impression of what happened.


  1. The truth is probably somewhere between your version and theirs.


  1. Others who observed or heard about the situation have probably formed yet another version of the situation.


  1. As time goes on, your story, their story and the third party story have probably evolved.


The longer the time span is between the actual event and the acceptance and resolution, the greater the divergence from the actual truth.  This may not even be intentional; details are forgotten.  Emotions change the perceived meaning of words or actions.  Well-meaning, or not so well-meaning, friends add their opinions to their story and probably to your story.  Create a success plan for your story where the versions come closer together.


There is the story of two monks traveling together on a long journey from one monastery to another.  They came to a wide river which they needed to cross to reach their destination.  They walked along the bank until they reached a narrow and shallow portion of the river.


Standing at the edge of the water was a beautiful young lady in a simple silk gown.  One monk asked her “What can we do to help?  You look troubled.”  She replied, “I don’t know how to swim and I’m scared to go into the water.”  The monk offered to carry her across; she happily agreed.  The monks waded across side by side with one monk carrying the beautiful young lady.  When they reached the opposite shore, the monk set the lady on her feet.  She thanked him.  The two monks proceeded on their journey in silence.


At the end of the day one monk broke the silence with an angry outburst, “How could you do such a thing?  We took a vow not to have anything to do with women.  You not only spoke to her but you touched her body.  You violated your vows.  How could you do such a thing?”  The monk who had carried the beautiful young lady said, “I set her down on the other side of the river and left her there.  You have been carrying her all day.”


We do that with our stories.  We can either carry them for days, weeks, months, and years or set them down and move on with life.  In order to live a successful life, it is advisable to create a success plan for our story which allows us to release the burden of holding on to old stories.




Discover the story you can accept, live and heal; this new story opens the door to achieving your success plan for your life.  This is a process of separating your current story from a version in which you take responsibility for your contributions, both positive and negative, to the truth.  Once you re-craft your story into a healthy version in which you accept your responsibility, forgive yourself and forgive others you will be able to release the burden from your shoulders.  You will finally become free to live, enjoy and move forward.  You will be able to set your story down on the opposite bank, leave it there and move forward with your life.  A successful life depends on a success plan for your story or stories.


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Create an Opening with Impact

Give your words impact and power

Give your words impact and power

”Now to WOW”

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Leadership is Earned Through Performance

Leadership is Earned Through Performance


What Impression Are You Making?


When you smile, the world smiles back

When you smile, the world smiles back

Life attracts life.  Energy draws energy.  Look around a crowded room at any mix-and-mingle gathering.  Where are the groups of people congregating?  Chances are there is someone lively and engaging in the center of the circle.


Smile at a random stranger in the mall or on the street.  A friendly, casual smile frequently draws a smile in return.  This experiment seems to work at the supermarket, the line at the bank and even stopped at a traffic light.  People have a magnetic pull drawing them to energy.  People seek, even crave, positive vibrations.


Your Vibration


What vibration are you projecting?  No, you don’t need to be the biggest duck in the puddle.  Wearing a lamp shade on your head and dancing on top of the table is not required in order to attract attention.  Performing a stand-up comedy routine may not be your expertise or in your personality comfort zone.  That’s fine.


Being the know-it-all or the put-down artist does not win the crowds either.  Very few people enjoy having others make fun of them in a crowd.  That routine may work in a comedy club where the audience expects negative comments from the performer on stage.  Remember the statement, “Don’t try this at home.”  Heed the advice.


Little devil

Little devil

One man joked, “I didn’t think I would ever be sleeping with a 40 year old woman.”  His wife replied, “Keep it up and you won’t be.”  Shortly thereafter he was facing a divorce judge.  It was undoubtedly not the one negative comment but a series of comments which caused the divorce.  The point is that negative comments hurt.  They accumulate.


Positive Vibrations


In our personal life and our professional life, exhibiting a genuine positive attitude will draw others to you.  John Wesley, 1703-1791, said “Catch on fire with enthusiasm and the world will come for miles to watch your burn.”  This wisdom of prior decades still hold true today.


Negative headlines may sell newspapers, but how much fun would it be to go to work every day to a room filled with Sadsack Sam, David Downer and Grumpy Gus?   It certainly would not be on my list of top ten most desirable activities.


If you knew that despite the stop-and go traffic on the drive to work and your lengthy to-do list for the day, you would be working with positive, genuine, and encouraging co-workers, wouldn’t that perk up your spirits?  What if you were one of those people displaying a positive attitude at home and at work?


A slight change in perspective can make a dramatic difference in your own attitude and the attitude of those around you; you can transform your thoughts into a positive attitude.  You can cultivate a positive vibration.


Attract People


Words create memories - good or bad

Words create memories – good or bad

Regardless of whether you are seeking potential business associates, personal relationships or more congenial family dynamics, you will attract people to you more rapidly with a positive attitude.  If you choose to expand your professional or personal network, cultivate a positive vibration.


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Micromanaging or Facilitation

In your efforts to reach your company goals, are you micromanaging or facilitating?  One is stifling control and the other is empowering creativity.


Leadership, management and life are a series of fine lines.  One of the most prevalent and challenging fine lines for a business professional is the fine line between control and chaos.  Exert control to the point of being a micromanager and all incentive to create is eliminated.  The total lack of any control is a free-for-all in which the activity goes in multiple directions simultaneously; creativity can thrive but at the expense of any focus toward a common goal.


How Much Control is Ideal?


Control is exercising authority; control is dominating influence over another person.  Control implies that one has the power to direct the actions of another person.


Control to the maximum extent is micromanaging.  How many times in your life have you encountered a micromanager?  Do you know an individual who tries to control every word, every action and every person?  No matter what anyone does, there is always the “but you need to change this” or “you could have done that differently.”


My father was a micromanager.  Every potentially good statement he made was followed with “but . . .” followed by a negative statement.  As a tiny baby, parents have to exert some control to protect the child from danger.  As the child matures, more freedom of choice is recommended.  The same goes for a new employee.  First they learn the system as it currently exists and the logic behind using that particular procedure. Under the iron thumb of a micromanager, the system will remain “as is” indefinitely.



Who is pulling your strings?

How can people feel around an overly controlling micromanager: suffocated, bossed around, confused, distressed, guilty, incompetent, and totally unmotivated?  Is that really the feeling we choose to project to our co-workers?  I think not.


What are the possible results of being a micromanager?  Co-workers, volunteers in an organization or your family, may stop working. “What’s the use?  It won’t be right or won’t be good enough anyway.  Why bother to do anything at all?”  “Why should I do it when they will just criticize and redo it anyway?”


Back to the Basics


Why hire employees?  Additional personnel spread the work load and potentially increase productivity; more tasks are completed thoroughly and time efficiently.  An added benefit is that by hiring intelligent, capable individuals, the potential exists for new innovative ideas.


Can you name one super successful entrepreneur whose goal was to hire employees exactly like themselves?  Hiring individuals with exactly the same skill set and interest as the entrepreneur will create a management team of clones.  Much the same result is achieved by micromanaging the employees into the exact behavior and mindset pattern as the overly controlling director.


What is the point of hiring capable, intelligent, creative individuals unless we provide the culture and freedom to exercise that creativity?




John Maxwell, renowned authority on leadership, has written numerous books.  One of my favorites is 5 Levels of

John Maxwell's 5 Levels of Leadership

John Maxwell’s 5 Levels of Leadership



Maxwell describes the journey from being in a position of authority due to the job title (people follow because their job requires them to follow) through the steps of permission and production to people development.  In people development, the concept of facilitation is introduced.  Facilitation in this context is used as encouraging people to explore and express their own creativity.  Facilitation in the people development level is empowering others to develop their interests, skill competencies and leadership potential.

What is the advantage of the facilitation – people development – approach?  The opportunity exists to capitalize on the talents of the capable, intelligent, creative individuals within your organization.  As these individuals develop and flourish, they will not only provide insightful, creative ideas of their own, they will also attract other capable, intelligent, creative individuals.  The association with their like-minded acquaintances will spark more creativity.  Who knows, some of those capable, intelligent, creative associates may choose to join your company.

Mountain Castles, Inc. required every employee with a complaint to also present one potential solution for the issue.  The very exercise of creating a solution encouraged and empowered them to participate in improving the company.

Creating a solution is part of people development.  Note that micromanaging is not included as a level of leadership.

Encourage your leaders and managers to resist micromanaging and embrace the facilitation – people development – leadership style.

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WOW – What a Rotary Year for Castle Pines

RCCP logoJune 20, 2013 was the celebration of the Rotary Club of Castle Pines.


. . .


You have achieved amazing feats this year.  Pat yourselves on the back.


This year was the first time in the history of the club that the Rotary Club of Castle Pines received the Presidential Citation.  Congratulate yourselves.  It took the entire club membership to accomplish this honor.


The key requirement for the Presidential Citation starts with a Peace project.


  1. Strengthen our club – 3 year strategic plan for strengthening the club – 3 goals required – Castle Pines achieved 4


  1. Increase our service – sustainable service project in one area of focus (club, community, vocational, international, new generations (youth)) – 3 goals required – Castle Pines achieved 5 goals


  1.  Enhance public image – Communicate what Rotary represents – 3 goals required – Castle Pines achieved 6 of the 8 options


These accomplishments are remarkable for any club.  To achieve these results with a club of less than twenty members is outstanding.  It is even more impressive when you consider that the majority of the members still have full time careers and other community involvements.


The food for tonight represents all of the countries we have helped this year:

Haiti, Zimbabwe, Thailand, Nepal, China and United States.  Patricia Fiske contributed the selections for Haiti and China, Jeff Mantz for Zimbabwe, Karen Becker for Nepal, Jon and Liz Clarke for Thailand and Lisa Bartmann for the United States.


The club accomplishments on the District 5450 and multi club level:


District Conference – 4 attendees and a display at the House of Friendship – Patricia Fiske, Ivan Kalotov, Karen Becker and Elaine Love


Rotary Leadership Institute – Howard


Grants Seminar – Karen Becker, Patricia Fiske, Jeff Mantz and Elaine Love


Literacy Seminar – Elaine Love


Peace Forum in Hawaii – Patricia Fiske


Rotary Youth Event – Patricia Fiske, Karen Becker, Ivan Kalotov, Gary and Lisa Bartmann, Jeff Mantz, Vern Nelson, Ron West, Howard Rosch and Elaine Love


Douglas County Rotarians at Work – Patricia

The combined clubs built three houses for Homes for Our Troops (All appliances and counters are wheelchair accessible.)


Villa Park project was Patricia’s from Denver Mile High club – Villa Park is a poor neighborhood in downtown Denver.  There was free food available for all and craft tables everywhere.  The kids could make out a Christmas card for each parent or grandmother or whoever is raising them.  The kids came in to a special room (no parents allowed) and the kids picked out a gift for each parent.  Gifts were wrapped and their card attached.  The kids had a present to put under the tree to give to their parents.  Everything was donated by Rotarians.  It was the neatest experience.  Imagine the pride and joy for the children and their parents.  Patricia, Karen and Elaine were participating.


Group Study Exchange – Hosted, drove, entertained and honored our Chinese doctors – Patricia Fiske, Karen Becker, Ivan Kalotov, Jeff Mantz, Vern Nelson, Ron West and Elaine Love.  The doctors attended a health fair, visited hospitals, the Wildlife Experience (extra kudos to Vern), had a lovely reception at Patricia’s house and even a farewell reception in Parker before departure.  Special credit for hosting and driving: Karen Becker and  Ivan Kalotov, Jeff Mantz, Ron West and Vern Nelson.


Project Sanctuary – Veterans and families reuniting and growing back together as a family


Toys for Gods Kids –


Library project for books for school children – Denver Mile High grant


Women’s Crisis Center grant – Parker club


Nepal water project


Haiti children’s health project


Thailand library project


Ducky Derby – largest amount we have earned on any fund raising project since our inception – over $10,000.  Everyone in the club sold tickets including Susan and Darrell Johnson before they were even members. Several members continued to sell helping others long after they had sold their own tickets. The club sold 90.5% of all tickets issued to the club.  This is a Ducky Derby ticket record percentage.  (Combined effort of 2 Castle Rock clubs and Castle Pines)


Rotary Club of Castle Pines:


5 RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award) sponsorships


Chartered a new Interact club (Rotary International’s service club for young people ages 12 to 18)  – Renee Palmer started the process. Gary and Lisa Bartmann picked it up and ran with it.


Toys for Tots – Ron and Kay West, Ted and Betty Ziemann, Patricia Fiske, Karen Becker and Elaine Love.  We sold so many raffle tickets that they had to keep giving us a bigger container.


Linus Project – Blankets for victims of natural disasters – Opportunity to present Rotary to DTC-CBW and contribute the postage to send the blankets.  100% of our $100 went straight to the charity.  Interact kids helped make the blankets.


Women’s Crisis Center as beneficiary of Chili Cook-off – Once again 100% of the profit went straight to Women’s Crisis Center and by doing it through Colorado Shares day there was an opportunity for even more benefit for Women’s Crisis Center.  The entire club pitched in and worked all day to make this happen despite the fact that we encountered rain, snow and cold winds.  Special recognition to Charlotte Mattox, Pete Bell, Gary and Lisa Bartmann, Karen Becker, Patricia Fiske and Elaine Love.  The entire club participated.  Kudos to all of you.


District Grant for Family Health Fair – Patricia.  Karen also went on the walk through.  Castle Pines is also contributing to the park bench for the community garden at Castle Rock Adventist Hospital (our host for the health fair).


Club Awards

International – Jeff Mantz traveled to Zimbabwe, spent weeks of his valuable time, money out of his own personal funds to drill wells.  Why?  He honored and followed through on a project for a friend, a member of his church and a fellow Rotarian.  He has attended Rotary trainings and district assembly and visited numerous other clubs to further his knowledge of Rotary.


He is writing the first International grant for Rotary Club of Castle Pines to continue the water project in Zimbabwe.


Read the plaque – “Water is the living force in nature.”   Leonardo Da Vinci


Gary and Lisa Bartmann – Thank you for hosting tonight and last month.  Thank you to my special computer guru for helping me when the projector and the laptop were not playing nicely together.  Thanks for everything you both did for Ducky Derby – sales posters, hats, tutu, and so much more; you made selling not only more fun but more productive as well.


New Generations – You took a handful of youth and formed a backpack toiletry drive for homeless youth.  You furnished food for the kids every meeting, educated them about service, educated them about Rotary and chartered the club.  You are constantly involved with kids – your own and your new extended Interact kids.  You taught them the 4 way test values.  Our youth are the foundation for a strong tomorrow.  Your continual unselfish contribution to the club and to youth has earned our heartfelt gratitude.  Gary and Lisa Bartmann – Read the plaque – “We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.”  Franklin D. Roosevelt


Ron West and Ted Ziemann – Programs are key to attracting and retaining members.  You have delivered top quality speakers week after week.  Your excellent follow through with confirmations and directions has made it so much easier for all of our speakers.  Congratulations


Charlotte Mattox spearheaded the Chili Cook-off – Karen Becker, Pete Bell, Gary and Lisa Bartmann, Patricia Fiske, Howard Rosch, Elaine Love and so many others pitched in and made the event a success despite the inclement weather.  Kudos for a job well done.


I know it is not proper to give yourself an award, but it is my distinct pleasure to recognize my right hand.  Well actually, probably my entire right arm.  She has been my constant supporter, my “go to person” for everything from the district house of friendship, club meetings, projects, fund raisers, putting up and taking down tents and loaning me ice bags and a pillow.  You know her as our club secretary.  She takes it up above and beyond.  A tribute to my dear friend, Karen Becker.


Rotarian of the Year


This individual is a stalwart supporter of our club at all times and in all situations.  She is an active participant in every club activity – fund raiser, project, meeting and plan.  Always has a smile and a cheery greeting.  Active on the district level as well as club level.  She is mentor, supporter and if appropriate instructor.


She championed the GSE program and the upcoming Family Health Fair.  She participated in the Peace Forum in Hawaii, DCRAW (Douglas County Rotarians at Work), HFOT (Homes for Our Troops), Rotary Youth Event, rapid-fire recording of Ducky Derby winners and served as District Secretary as well as personal nurse to Terry while simultaneously providing food service to a shut-in.  She is our consummate source of knowledge of all facts Rotarian and our own personal guardian angel.  She is the winner of the District 5450 Service Above Self award and a Major Donor to Rotary.  I could go on for another 30 minutes. We are here to celebrate a fabulous year and who better to honor as Rotarian of the Year than Patricia Fiske.


This is a time of new beginnings and thus it is my honor to present the President’s pin and gavel to your new leader.  Please welcome Howard Rosch.

. . .


The Rotary Club of Castle Pines is a “fun club with a service problem.”  Come join us and help us promote service and the 4 way test as the ethical standard for all conduct.











Push past emotional blocks

How many times have you sat down to write a marketing piece and stared at a blank sheet of paper desperately searching for a flash of inspiration?  Suddenly you have an overwhelming urge to make a cup of coffee.  The corner of a note on your desk catches your eye and you remember a promise to phone someone.  Three or four interruptions later you are still staring at a blank sheet of paper; you are now out of time to write.


David Foster, known as the Hit Man for all of his hit records, said in his Success Magazine cover story that sometimes he does not feel like writing a song.  He does it anyway.  Maybe it will be good rather than great, but it will be a song.  He went on to say that he forces himself to sit down and start writing; the inspiration will come.


Professional writers have spoken about writing a ten page paper and throwing away the first two pages before they hit their stride.


The Nike slogan says it best, “Just do it.”




You can reach for the ultimate comfort food – warm chocolate brownies.  Or you can stop giving yourself excuses and start working.


Easier to tell yourself to concentrate than to do it?  


Probably true, but also realistic.  Amazing how many excuses and distractions you can create when you do not want to do something, do not know how to do it, or are simply not motivated to do it.   


  1. 1.       Set a timer for thirty minutes and tell yourself that you will focus until the buzzer rings.  Once you actually start writing, it usually starts to flow.


  1. 2.      Give yourself a reward when the project is completed. 


  1. 3.      Ask yourself a critical question.  What do you want the audience to think, feel or do after reading the material?  Answering that question can provide inspiration.


  1. Who is your target audience?  Until you know the individual you are expecting to read your material, you do not know how to write in the manner in which they will want to receive the message.  Think about your target client and write as if you are speaking to them.


  1. 5.      What problem would you like to solve for them?  In the case of the focus issue, the problem is writers block; the goal is to get the writer “un-stuck.”


What would you tell one of your clients, one of your employees, or one of your children if they were hitting a blank wall on an assignment?  Would you subscribe to the “Take my advice, I’m not using it” theory?  You probably would not admit it to them.  I’ve hit the wall many times with projects.  These are the ways I solve the inertia problem.


Take my own advice


What do I want you, my reader, to think?  Think that you are not alone.  Every business person faces the dilemma of “blank page syndrome” from time to time.


What is the goal for you to feel?  Feel that a solution exists.  Think of the block as tissue paper rather than stone and know that you can push through to success.


What should you do?  Follow the Nike slogan and “Just do it.”

For more information on overcoming emotional blocks, stay tuned to  Also inquire about hiring Elaine Love for your next sales training, executive meeting or personal growth presentation coaching.  Go to or

Words Linger

Words create memories – good or bad

How important are the words you put in print?  We hear about blogging, social media comments and even writing marketing copy.  Your written words are actually more important than your spoken words.


Spoken words may be forgotten, but the written word is permanent.  Once you hit “send” or “submit,” those words are available to be found forever.


Private?  Think again.


That funny party picture you posted as a joke is available also.  I hear some of you saying, “no, I posted in my private setting.  That posting will never be public.”  Wrong.  Regardless of the privacy setting, if someone wants to find it badly enough, they will.  If even one person re-tweets or copies the picture or text, it is now public.


True story


A young woman was so proud of her body building contest results that she posted the picture on her Facebook page.  If you know anything about those contests, you know that the attire makes a string bikini look prudish. What seems like harmless fun in her 20s may come back to haunt her.  Would you want a “nearly nude” picture of yourself on the internet for your parents, children and your boss to see?


Words come back to bite you


Be conscious of the words you write.  You are representing yourself and your company with each comment.  This is the age of the spontaneous comment.  It only takes a second to hit “send” but the results remain


Am I trying to scare you into not posting on the internet?  Absolutely not.  I’m posting this right now.


Another true story


Two individuals in an organization chose to escalate their disagreement into a public display.  Feelings were hurt, words were written which in retrospect should never have been said.  The repercussions are still being felt throughout the organization seven months later.  A disagreement which could have been solved quietly has mushroomed into a major disruption.  The entire organization is suffering.


Once written words become public, they may be retracted, but they are not removed from memories.


Words linger


.Why is writing important in your organization?  Your marketing copy is obviously public.  It represents your company.  The image you project in your marketing materials must be positive, but it must also be honest.


There is a common expression throughout network marketing and other media to “fake it until you make it.”   The catchphrase was originally designed to create a feeling of success; by acting “as If” you have already achieved the desired level of success, you will trick your sub conscious into making that your reality.  The problem is that when that statement goes public, others do not know whether it is an internal statement or the truth.  97% of people fail in network marketing.  Perhaps some entered the business with a false sense of probability.


Be aware of the consequences of your spoken words and your written words not only on yourself but also on others.


For more keys to a successful spoken or written presentation, contact Elaine Love at or  If you want to take your communication from Now to WOW, implement this simple key.  Want more keys to success for yourself and your company?  Hire Elaine Love as your coach, corporate trainer or keynote speaker.


Reflections and Realizations 2012-2013


Commit to making 2013 even better than 2012

Looking back over 2012, what were your highlights?  Being a glass half full and optimistic person, I prefer to focus on the positives.  Yes, I learn from the negatives as well as the positives.  Since it is a known fact that we always receive more of whatever we give our time, energy and focus, I prefer to concentrate on the positive.


What were the personal highlights of 2012?  What did you learn about yourself?

2012 was an eventful year for me.  My first book, Emotional Ice Water was published.  The comments about how much it helped people to get out of their own way and start truly living life to the fullest warmed my heart.  One man very close to me said, “It was better than I thought it would be; that could be a compliment.  I’ve decided to take it as a left-handed compliment.


Even though it was an entire year ahead of schedule, I became President of the Castle Pines Rotary club in July.  With the unexpected turmoil which caused my early ascension, it has been a bumpy road but we are making progress.  I jumped in with both feet up to the top of the curls and relate 100% to the values and mission of Rotary.


A few unexpected financial events have made a wonderful and truly appreciated upswing in income toward the end of 2012.  That is never a bad turn of events.  Nice way to end the year.


 Which relationships meant the most to you in 2012?

Once again, the deepening friendships with Rotarians have astounded and pleased me.

In fact, the genuine outpouring of caring from friends and my sons has truly been heartwarming.  I can’t say enough loving words about my sons.  Wow, am I fortunate.  I’ve laughed that I’m not certain if the fine men they have become is because of me or in spite of me, but I’m grateful nonetheless.


What was one of the biggest challenges you faced this year and how did you handle it?

For me as for many Americans, the challenge was endeavoring to keep the income above the outgo.  There are conflicting points of view as to whether the economy is getting better or if the Band-Aid on America’s debt will pull loose revealing a deep gash.


 What did you do for fun in 2012?  What was one of your fondest memories?

One of the highlights of my year is always related to my grandsons.  Those adorable little guys have Gamma wrapped securely around their little hands.  For instance at 5 am on Christmas morning both little guys pounce on the bed and say, “Up Gamma, you’re missing Christmas.”  Sleepy-eyed but smiling, we all head upstairs to the Christmas tree.


Even though the questions and answers could continue, the importance is reflecting on 2012 in a positive way and seeking the wisdom to commit to making 2013 even better than 2012.  Not just commit, but follow through.


When we build positives on positives, the world becomes a happier and more fulfilling place.

Story Telling Tips and Techniques

  1. Keep a success journal for your personal successes and another for your career successes.  Make 3 to 5

    World Class Speaking Coach

    entries every day in each journal.  Each success is a story.

Carry a small pocket recorder to jot story idea notes.  Use the notes section on your smart phone.


  1. I keep a note pad in my exercise area and another on my night stand to jot fast notes.  Trying to recall an idea hours later is seldom productive.


  1. Create a story file; you can make a file on your desktop or on paper.  No need to write out the entire story, bullet points will be fine.


  1. Every story should have:



Cure – solution

Change – change in the behavior or attitude of a character

Carry Out Message


  1. Jot notes throughout your day of situations which make a point about helping someone or solving a problem.  These stories will help you be ready during interviews, meeting prospective clients and in social interactions.


  1. Hints for advanced story telling:

Tell stories in dialog rather than monologue

Incorporate 5 senses

Make someone else the hero

Head, Heart, Humor and Helpful walk away message

Then, Now and How


  1. Stories help you connect with your audience, not just communicate.  You only have to connect with your audience if you want them to remember you and remember what you said.


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