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A coach and mentor guides you to discover what you truly want and assists you in achieving it. Until you truly know what you are passionate about achieving, you are spinning your wheels. True achievement requires passion, belief and commitment to succeed despite life’s little hurdles.

Where are your priorities? Are you ready to discover your own acres of diamonds? Read Russell Cromwell’s Acres of Diamonds. Discover what you are missing.   Let me help you Discover What You Really Want.   This is about helping you discover what you feel is best for you.

I challenge you to look for your own acres of diamonds. Remember that diamonds do not look like diamonds in their rough state. It takes some shaping, polishing and buffing to bring out the true luster. Your own marketing, speaking and leadership skills take that same shaping, polishing, and constant buffing. You do that by truly discovering your deep passion. Without passion, your success potential is extremely limited. I have the experience and the credentials to assist you in discovering your true calling in life. This is your future. We know the only way to create the future you want is for you to design it and make it happen. If you think you can do it alone, how has that worked out for you so far?

The key is to select the right situation for you. Select a career you can be passionate about presenting, a business philosophy which resonates with you, a product or service people truly need and are willing to purchase and compensation which rewards your time and effort.  Select a coach and mentor who will not only inform and guide but challenge you to be the best you can be. That requires someone with an extensive background in business and teaching. A coach and mentor who not only has the proven business success in several industries, the formal education and the ability to convey the information to you how to duplicate that success.

This requires commitment on your part as well. The best library in the world is of no value if you do not open a book, read, learn and put it into practice.

Hi Elaine, I was at The Team meeting this morning. Got compliments on my infomercial. I wasn’t out of the parking lot yet when Marvin got a call from one of The Team. I had two leads from this meeting. Then checked my emails and had one from my email.
I have you to thank! I am so blessed to know you!!!

Let us help eliminate what’s bugging you!
Sylvia Christner
Whitmore Pest Control  (March 6, 2014)

Hi Elaine!  This is Dana Cohen, from WINN and I wanted to let you know that I just finished reading your book, Emotional Ice Water.  Just wonderful, and I intend to go back and do more of the assignments as soon as I get the book BACK from my husband, and my roommate who both are really going to benefit from your wisdom.  Kudos on a wonderful and valuable book that is going to help many people to change their lives and get over their past and their blame game.  I loved it!

Elaine has been monumental in assisting me with taking me from thinking about starting a business to running and operating my business! Results for Life has proven to be just that! Not only has Elaine’s assistance been beneficial to my business but to my personal life as well! Elaine’s Expert, High Integrity, and Professional advice and counsel has helped me to establish a top notch establishment! I continue to work with Elaine on my success! Professional and Personal!!”

Michelle Ohnemus, Colorado CNA Academy owner and operator and Register Nurse, Denver, CO

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”Elaine spoke to our top leaders from 8 states, she gave us new and positive ways to connect with people
which is EXACTLY what we wanted. Thanks Elaine”
-Tom Fajardo, State Farm