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Business Culture for Productivity and Profit

Families, social organizations, and businesses each develop their own unique

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culture.  The culture has less to do with ethnic origin, industry or geography than it does with the manner in which the individuals relate to each other.

“If you get the culture right, most of the other stuff will just take care of itself.”  Tony Hsieh, CEO of

What is your current business culture? Mentally step back and objectively view your company.  How do people interact with each other and with the owners/originators/authority figures of the company?  As a solopreneur, this may be a challenge to be objective; even as a solopreneur, you have others with whom you interact on a frequent basis.

Types of Business Cultures

Cultures are formed around four basic areas: power, achievement, collaboration, and fulfillment.


This culture is based more on a top down authority model.  The owner/originator/chairman of the board or CEO is the ultimate authority.  The power model is pictured as an organization chart where authority is more likely to be absolute.  This does not mean that those in authority never listen to their subordinates, but it does mean that when the decision has been made and the order given, it is most likely final and to be obeyed rather than questioned – discussion closed.


The achievement culture is more competitive.  Recognition and rewards are given on an individual winner basis.  The person who made the most sales, the person who received credit for a new idea, or whose name was recorded on the patent regardless of the team effort in developing the innovation.  Achievement based cultures are more of a winner and loser model.  This model has been predominant throughout the last few decades.


This culture is more of a team orientation.  Individuals are encouraged to discuss ideas and challenges freely with each other.  Collaboration becomes more open and opposite of the competitive model.  This model is becoming more popular as it taps into more of a brainstorming atmosphere.  Either the entire team receives the bonus or none of the team receives the bonus.  This model breaks down the walls of isolation and encourages more interaction.


This culture is based more on self-actualization and creativity.  It encourages individuals and teams to be creative and innovative.  This is found in the “free Friday” concept where employees are given a specific period of time per week or month to free-flow and work on whatever project they would like.  In some cases individuals may choose to work on their own or in what is known as “two pizza” groups; a group small enough to be fed by two pizzas.

Some cultures are significantly top down while others are more bottom up.  The ideal culture for your business is the one which generates the highest degree of productivity, profitability and participant job satisfaction.  Achieving that magic balance can be challenging.

“The first step toward change is awareness.  The second step is acceptance.”  Nathaniel Branden

The third step is implementation.  In order to instill even minor changes in a company culture requiries an understanding of the people involved.  The easiest way to build a successful business culture is to know the culture you prefer in advance.  Hire and create based on that culture model from the beginning.

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Emotional Detachment

Clinging to a lead or chasing a prospect gives an impression of lack and being needy.  Needy is one of the fastest turn offs

Your thoughts create or remove emotional blocks

Your thoughts create or remove emotional blocks

for a prospect.  It tells them you are coming from a weak position.  People prefer to work with a leader.  Leaders present themselves from the standpoint of abundance.


Yes, that is more difficult when you only have a handful of leads and you feel you have paid dearly for each one.  You desperately want each of those leads to convert into a sale.  I get that.  Problem is, so does the prospect.  They feel your vibration.  They feel your urgency to make a sale.  Do whatever you have to do to feel abundant.  If you have to look at the New York white pages and see all of the names in order to feel abundant, do it.  I’m not suggesting you start cold calling from the phone book, but I am emphasizing that you must develop a feeling of lead abundance within yourself.  Project that feeling in your relaxed confidence as you speak with leads.


There is the story of the new Cosmetic surgeon who did not have a single booking on his surgery schedule.  A lady called wanting a face lift.  He forced himself to say, “Just a moment, let me check the schedule to see when I can schedule your appointment.”  He put the phone on hold and counted to 50.  Counting to 50 was all the time he could stand to wait.  He then returned to the called and said he could fit her in a week from Tuesday at 3 pm.  He booked the appointment.  If he had asked her, “What time would you like to come in, my schedule is open?”  I will bet that he would NOT have booked the appointment.


Even if you have to bite you lip to keep from sounding overly eager, do it.


Mother eagle told baby eagle, “Come soar with me.  You will be so good at flying.  You were made to soar through the sky.”  Baby eagle says, “I’m scared.  I don’t know if I can do it.  What if I fall?”  Mother eagle responds, “What is more important to you, the thrill of soaring or the fear of falling?”


It is so easy to become so paralyzed by the fear of failure that we lose sight of the utter thrill of victory.  Let go of the attachment to the status quo.  Let go of the attachment to the known.  Let go of that precious lead and know that many more are flowing in every day.  The more you relax and free yourself of the emotional attachment to the current, the more you open yourself to the potential of the future.


You can not steal second base with your foot firmly planted on first.  You must first exercise detachment from the known in order to reach for the potential of the future.  Relax and visualize the abundance of leads in your inbox.  Feel the calm confidence of plenty.  Put yourself in that frame of mind before, during and after your conversation with leads and your bank account will thank you.


Visualize how a 100,000 per month producer would act and feel.  They would demonstrate total emotional detachment from each individual lead.


Develop the mindset of:

Some Will

Some Won’t

Someone’s Waiting


Emotional detachment frees you from stress and frees the lead to take positive action with you.

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Transforming Fear into Success

“Fear is nothing more than an obstacle that stands in the way of progress.  In overcoming our fears we

Dream, Believe, Achieve

Dream, Believe, Achieve

can move forward stronger and wiser within ourselves.” Unknown author

As a child the monster under the bed or the fear of the dark may now be a totally different set of concerns.  Allowing our fears, self-doubts or second thoughts to take control will pause or stop our forward progress.

What if . . .

”Should I quit my job?” “Is this the right time to follow my dream of starting my own business?”  “What if I fail?” “What if” questions are wise when they are designed to establish contingency plans.  If the fears which are surfacing are stopping you from following your dreams, they become self-created stumbling blocks or barriers.

Mark Twain is reported to have said, “I’m an old man and I have had many troubles, most of which never happened.”  Just as it was in your childhood, most of the imagined dangers never materialize.

Allowing fear to take control is giving away your power.


Three of the most frequent fears for entrepreneurs building a successful business are: fear of failure, fear of inadequacy and fear of success.

Fear of Failure

A dash of healthy nerves enhances the performance of actors, public speakers and entrepreneurs.  Controlling fear by channeling that energy into delivering even more value to the client is ideal.

The possibility of failure exists.  Not every new business becomes a mega success.  To focus on the fear of failure enhances the probability of failure.  Being aware of this possibility motivates the committed entrepreneur to drive themselves harder toward their goal.  Will there be mistakes along the way?  Of course, but mistakes are not failures when they are viewed as lessons toward the ultimate success.

Fear of Inadequacy

Could you become the next Bill Gates, Richard Branson, or Jeff Brezos?  The fear of inadequacy pushes our emotional buttons to wonder if we are intelligent enough, resilient enough, creative enough, or educated enough.  Education, background, experience and intelligence have all been overcome by strength of determination.  We do not have to be super human; hire highly qualified people to fill the gaps.

We are only inadequate when we see ourselves as inadequate.

Fear of Success

“Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.  It is our light not our darkness that frightens us.”  Marianne Williamson

Why do we fear success?  We want it deeply and fear it at the same time.  With success comes responsibility and change.  Our associations, our responsibilities and even our very residence change.  Change can be exciting and scary at the same time.  Our relationships as we have known them change.  There is the twinge of giving up some of what has become familiar and comfortable.

There is an emotional push and pull to achieving massive success.  In order to build a successful business, some changes will occur.


As entrepreneurs building a successful business, we have the strength and determination to make the tough choices.  We choose to manage our fears and channel that energy into success.

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