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Your Brand Can Create a Belief System

Your brand is your fingerprint in the marketplace.  With all of the attention on online marketing, the truly

Believe in your vision of the future and take action to make it great.

Believe in your vision of the future and take action to make it great.

savvy companies are realizing that now is a better time than ever before to establish their brand offline.  Print marketing stands up and greets the market with a friendly handshake.  The clutter has turned to online marketing which gives even more prominence to high quality print marketing.

Elaine Love  had the honor of interviewing a branding icon.  The insights delivered by Patrick Hanlon can uplift your company image and establish your brand in the marketplace.

If you are seeking a branding aficionado who knows how to assist companies in creating an image which becomes a belief system, Patrick Hanlon is your man.

Patrick’s book Primal Branding: Create Zealots For Your Brand, Your Company and Your Future depicts how to create a belief system.  One of his frequent requests is to create the next Apple Cult or Nike Tribe.

Deliver Big Ideas

With over twenty years of experience creating ads for such high profile exposure as the super bowl, he has proven that he knows how to deliver the big ideas which change the feeling of the participants.

“Brilliant ideas transform us,” said Patrick.  The goal is to create an emotional response such as the first visit to Virgin records, stepping into your first Starbucks, or driving a Tesla.  When you change the way a customer interacts with a product, you create a memorable multi-sensory experience.

Brands must be impactful, exciting, create curiosity and develop personality.

Unfortunately far too many companies either bounce around so much that they create no identification or they are so boringly consistent that they exhibit no variety.  “Being overly consistent is the last refuge of the not creative” according to Patrick.

An effective brand creates an emotional response.  Large corporations act as if their brand is their logo and their stationery.  Patrick advises companies and individuals to “put as much money as possible into your business card and logo as they create your quality image.”

Follow through with your printed narrative.  Tell the customer where you are from, what you are about and you do or won’t ever do.  Bring your brand to life by depicting a personality.

Heritage of your brand

Fortune 100 companies take it for granted that the public and the employees know the heritage of their company, but they don’t.

The origin of the Maxwell House coffee slogan “Good to the last drop” was known in 1920, but only ten percent of the employees knew their own company heritage.  The statement dates back to Teddy Roosevelt’s stay at the Maxwell House hotel in Tennessee.  When a waiter reached for Teddy’s cup to clear the table, Teddy put his hand over the cup and said, “This coffee is so good that it is good to the last drop.”

Create an emotional appeal

Ask any Starbucks devotee and you will recognize the emotional appeal of good coffee.

Make your point quickly in a 5 word headline and picture.  Use the high impact of print marketing to create an emotional appeal to the customer.  “I love print,” said Patrick.  Print is an excellent media to create ideas, luxury and efficiency.  Print has a significant role in today’s communication; there are actually more magazines now than ever before.

Shout out your message

“Now is a flex time.  It’s an exciting creative time.  It can either be viewed as intimidating or as an opportunity to shout out your message.” In closing Patrick emphasized the importance of creating an emotional appeal and capturing the moment.  When you appeal to the consumer as a collaborator, you have the opportunity to make people love what you do as much as you love what you do.  When you personalize your brand, you create a belief system.

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Marketing Which Moves the Needle

It has been said, “Why would you ever choose to jump from a perfectly good airplane?”  The same logic

Believe in your vision of the future and take action to make it great.

Believe in your vision of the future and take action to make it great.

could apply to entrepreneurs as to parachute jumpers.  “Why would you ever choose to give up a perfectly reliable paycheck for the uncertainty of starting a small business?”  Corporate employees are even more baffled when the entrepreneur chooses to leave a stable corporation to bootstrap a small business.

So many ideas to brand and market

543,000 new businesses start each month.  That is a staggering number.  What inspires so many?  What is the source for all of this energy, enthusiasm and innovation?  Even more critical is the question, “How are so many new ideas generated?”  How can new entrepreneurs possibly brand themselves enough to stand out in the marketplace?

Elaine Love of is on a mission to discover how the ideas are generated for new small businesses and what marketing has been the most effective in branding their new enterprise.

Breathe new life into marketing

Frank O’Brien formed his marketing agency Conversation through his experience in the music industry.  He looked for gaps in the music industry.  This inspired him to use the most effective media for the target audience and seek ways to breathe new life into traditional marketing.

 “It’s not about discarding the traditional, but presenting it in a manner which is appealing to a modern audience.  Print is traditional marketing.  Print has a broader reach; print has broad scale awareness.” 

There is less mail in the mailbox now because so many have gone online.  With less clutter to contend with, it actually increases the effectiveness of each piece of printed marketing material.

Marketing is relationships

Build a relationship with the author/publisher.  Take content from the article and send it out in emails, send a pdf of the article, publish sections of the content in other marketing materials.

Far too many big marketing agencies told the client what the client wanted to hear rather than what the client needed to hear.  Frank focused on doing what was best for the client.

Build a relationship with the customer by placing your ad where they spend their time.  Choose locations which have the information they would be researching.  Go to the customer’s interests rather than drawing the customer to you.  Marketing is forming a relationship with the customer.

Advice to new entrepreneurs

The product is important.  Being consistent with the message about your product is essential to establishing your brand.

One of the best ways to promote your brand and your product message is through third-party endorsements.  One of the easiest, fastest and most credible ways to obtain third party endorsements is through articles.  Creating a link to your website from an article with information about you and your company is one of the most powerful endorsements.

Your message needs to be clear, consistent and uncluttered.  Use of white space in the ad creates impact to the message.  Cramming too much into a small space deletes the value.  Too much information becomes confusing or overwhelming.  You know what the confused or overwhelmed mind does?   Nothing.

The idea is to move the needle. 

Clients may want to test an idea which the agency resists.  Trust the professional “hired guns” who have researched the market; they know what will provide the better results for the client.  Frank believes that clients who attempt to do it themselves will spend more money and run a greater risk of missing the mark.  “If you think it is expensive to hire a professional, try hiring an amateur.”

Frank’s philosophy agrees with in that doing what is best for the customer and bringing your marketing into one comprehensive company is better than fractionalizing.

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