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Wisdom of the Masters

Branding and Marketing may be modern terms, but the concept of branding is reflected in the wisdom of

Young Thomas Edison

I never did a days work in my life. It was all fun.

the masters.

Thomas Edison was a master marketer and a prolific entrepreneur.  His flair for showmanship is evident in the master presenter, Steve Jobs.

Edison introduced the light bulb by inviting potential investors to a banquet at an upscale restaurant.  He met his guests outside and led them up a dark staircase into a dark ballroom.  When the tension had built to the proper peak, he flipped a switch and the room was magically illuminated with his newly designed light bulbs.  The stunned investors enthusiastically and quickly handed over their money.

Dramatic revelation was a standard for Steve Jobs.  Remember the way Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone?  He introduced the iPod with touch controls, revolutionary phone and internet.  When he had built the tension and excitement to the optimal level, he announced that all 3 devices were in the one iPhone.  Steve’s flair of presentation is reminiscent of Edison.

Product Philosophy

Edison was a born capitalist.  His primary motivation was money.  He openly declared, “Never invent anything which won’t sell.”

By contrast, Einstein was 180 degrees from being a capitalist.  Einstein embraced being frugal, passionate about causes and being practical.  Einstein was so practical that he thought luxury was contemptible.

Because Einstein believed in the power of the imagination more than knowledge, Einstein would have been a very creative marketer rather than following the masses.  Einstein’s practice of marketing would have followed the thought pattern of Warren Buffett on investing. “If everyone else is going right, go left.”

Marketing Philosophy of the Masters

In today’s marketing that would mean that if everyone is going toward online marketing, Einstein would do the opposite and focus on the traditional print marketing.  That theory makes logical sense because it affords greater impact to the print marketing message; the printed marketing message would not become lost in the online chatter.  Einstein would have embraced the high quality, convenience and cost effectiveness of an online printing company such as

Gandhi held an encompassing mindset.  He would have found a method by which he could combine online and offline marketing methods.  He would not worry about what others were doing with their marketing; he would create the change he envisioned.  Gandhi would merge the modern methods with the traditional marketing methods to form a unified and more powerful marketing impact.

Edison would take Einstein’s “do the opposite” theory and expand it into a personal limelight directed at himself.  Edison was media savvy.  He wrote his own press releases and relished the spotlight of organizing and conducting his own press conferences.  He delighted in announcing dramatic and innovative breakthroughs long before the invention was ready for a debut.

Edison would have embraced the idea of sending out a flyer announcing a coming attraction or a pre-release postcard to whet the marketplace appetite for a new product.  He would print a colorful hang tag to direct even more attention to his new creation.


Edison was the epitome of branding.  His image was carefully cultivated, promoted and publicized through his printed materials, public appearances and media strategy.  Edison didn’t wait for third-party endorsements; he gave himself the title of “the world’s greatest inventor.”

Branding and marketing have been present for hundreds of years.  The wisdom of the masters is reflected in our moguls of marketing today.  Edison demonstrates dramatic flair, personal promotion and big, bold displays.  Einstein would seek the highest quality at the lowest price; he would be very creative and imaginative with his marketing.  Gandhi would find a way to bring all of the marketing media together in one harmonious and highly beneficial campaign.

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Creating Effective Websites

Use an eye-catching informative website banner

Use an eye-catching informative website banner

Having the most attractive website on the internet is only valuable when your target audience reads it and takes action.

What is the Most Effective Website?

You can have pictures of luxurious living, text which jumps and flashes and even an image of yourself walking on to the screen and talking.  I’ve seen a wide variety of website designs and even tested quite a few.

Use the Acid Test

  1. What appealed to you when you were searching for a home based business?  Did you go for the fancy websites which looked like an advertisement for a carnival sideshow?  What style appealed to you?  If you are looking for someone similar to yourself, take a suggestion from what content and appearance appealed to you.


  1. What do you believe will be appealing to your target audience?  Select words and pictures which will appeal to your target audience.  If you are appealing to stay-at-home moms, emphasize the time flexibility and display pictures of women playing with their kids.


If your target audience is composed of corporate executives, focus the headlines on maintaining and improving their professional lifestyle while working in their home office.  Show images of a more casual dress code, cheering for their child at a sporting event, or having a casual breakfast with the family.  Think about what they may have missed being able to enjoy because they were working so many hours away from home.  Demonstrate that they can enjoy the lifestyle and maintain or exceed their professional income.


  1. Layout, colors, images and headlines are all important, but those elements are only part of the website.  Functionality is extremely important.


How easy is it to obtain information?

  • Name of the company –List the company name but also list your name
  • Company vision
  • Compensation plan
  • Primary product information
  • Your personal blog

How easy is it for the prospect to gain valuable information about the company and about you as their mentor and leader?  Remember all of the questions you wanted answered before you selected a home based business?  They probably have the same questions.

  1. How easy is it to move around the site and locate answers to questions?


  1. How much does the site reveal about you as a leader?  This is not about bragging on yourself; this is about allowing them to get to know you as a person.  People do business with those they know, like and trust.


Don’t forget to display your picture.  You don’t have to look like a professional athlete or a movie star; you do have to be visible.  If you are appealing to professionals, dress like a business professional in your photo.  Dress appropriately to appeal to your target audience.

People decide in the first three seconds if they want to stay on a website or hit the delete button or the back button.

Use an appealing headline and select your words carefully in your opening sentence.  The job of the first sentence is to get them to read the second sentence and so forth.

Your website is a reflection of you and your business.


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Networking Success Plan

Remember the statement “You never have a second opportunity to make a first impression?”

Be genuinely interested in helping, not getting.

Be genuinely interested in helping, not getting.

Your opening words, attitude and tone create either a positive or a negative first impression.  Why do so many people waste valuable networking opportunities?  They do not attend with a specific success plan but rather a “grab cards and go” plan.

If you are like me, you meet new people almost every day.  You have the opportunity to attract them to you or push them away.

How many times have you been at networking events and see someone gathering a stack of cards and leaving their card with barely more than a “Hi, I’m so-and-so; do you have a card?”  This type of card gathering is a total waste.  You might as well throw a stack of your cards in the trash.

Be honest, what do you think they do with the cards they gather?  They either add them to a mailing list and pitch the cards or just pitch the cards.  If they couldn’t be bothered to hold a conversation with you at the time, how much value do you expect they will give your card after the event?

News Flash

Networking events are for networking.  Networking as defined by the business dictionary is “Creating a group of acquaintances and associates and keeping it active through regular communication for mutual benefit.  Networking is based on the question “How can I help?” and not “What can I get?”  In that context, card gathering has nothing to do with helping or communicating.  You could accomplish as much by having a display on the wall with numerous pockets for different cards.

If you are going to spend your valuable time attending a networking event, respect yourself and the other attendees by actually meeting them and holding a conversation with them.  Attend the networking event with a specific success plan of getting to know at least three to five new acquaintances.

Follow Up

A critical element of your success plan is actually becoming acquainted with potential new clients or referral partners.  Have a conversation about what they do.  Ask clarifying questions to learn more.  You cannot refer them and they cannot refer you to your target audiences until you know specific information about them, their business and their target market.

Waste of Time

How many times have you received a referral, set up the appointment and met the individual only to learn that they have absolutely no interest in what you have to offer.  The entire exercise was a waste of time for you and the individual to whom you were referred.  Someone gave you a referral just to say that they gave a referral.

Networking to learn about each other and genuinely help each other is valuable.

Just as card-gathering is a waste of time, so is referrals-for-the-sake-of-giving-a-name.  You don’t want to waste your time and hopefully neither does any other entrepreneur.  Our time is valuable.  Our reputation is even more valuable.  Card-gathering and bad referrals create negative PR.

Make it a part of your networking success plan to respect those you meet, hold a conversation and be genuinely interested in them and their business.  Attend with the idea of helping, not getting.

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