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Business Success

Business success can be like a love relationship.  The successful business person has a love affair with their

Think with passion

Focus on clarity

business; there are the great days when everything goes smoothly, the “we’re getting through it” days, and the “everything is a battle” days.  There are the days when you are absolutely elated that you chose this business and you look forward to every exciting new day.  There are also the “what have I gotten myself into” days; will I survive?


Back to the Basics


When the challenging days seem to be dropping a heavy black blanket over your world, what do you do?


You could reach for a box of chocolate or a bottle of wine, but neither would solve the problem.  You could go for a long walk outside and clear your head.   You could go back to the basics.


  1. Why did I start this business in the first place?  Why did I choose this business?
  2. What has worked really well in this business?
  3. What has not worked as well as I anticipated?  Why didn’t it work?


Going back to the basics reminds us of the positive aspects of the business which attracted us in the first place.  This reminder starts refocusing our energy and attention on the positives rather than focusing on this temporary challenge.


When a baseball player is in a slump, they start changing their stance, their swing and every piece of equipment.  What generally works best is changing their attitude.  Go back to a belief in yourself and your chosen profession; start thinking positive.  Go back to what worked well in the past.  Start focusing on the positives; stop harboring negative thoughts.  You will always receive more of whatever you give your time, energy and focus.  Focus on the positive.


Success Plan


Once your mindset is back on a positive track, refresh your dream in your mind.  Feel the dream in all of its glory and potential.  Believe in yourself that you can and will achieve success.  See yourself as you will be when your dream is a successful reality.  Watch the scene in full color with sounds, smells and celebration.


Review your success plan.  Where did you go off track?  How can you get back on track?

  1. Look at what has worked in the past.
  2. What has changed since them?  How can you adjust to that change?
  3. Firmly set your mind on success and believe that you will achieve it.  Place new ads.


Your success plan and your success will be back on track.  You have set a new success plan.  Implement it.  Prepare to enjoy the positive results.


Dream it.  Believe it.  Visualize the success already achieved.  Establish a workable success plan.  Implement the plan.  Hold on to your belief of your success.  Focus on it continually.  Enjoy it.


Success really is simple.  Easy? No.  Simple? Yes.  Love your business.  You deserve success.


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Dream it, Believe it, Act on it.

Dreaming is important.  Until you have a dream, you cannot have a dream come true.  Major empires have

Dream, Believe, Achieve

Dream, Believe, Achieve

been started with a dream.  Far more people dream than achieve great success.  What’s the difference?


Bill Gates


Bill Gates started Microsoft with a dream.  He was asked on Larry King Live how he became one of the richest men in America.  Bill replied, “I saw the potential in the computer industry.”  You might say he visualized the potential.  He had a dream of what the computer industry could become.  “Bill, other people also saw the potential of the computer industry.  What made the difference for you?”  “Larry, I not only saw the potential; I took immediate and massive action.”


Dream it, Believe it


Daydreams are fun and as a child, they can be pure fantasy.  As an adult that dream can be a business or an achievement such as a sports goal, academic goal, a music goal or even a relationship goal.  Dreams can be as varied as the individual and the imagination.  When that dream originates, it may appear as a faint tickle in the back of your imagination, an itch to take action and do something or a fully formed entity.


Mozart and Beethoven have been reported to have said that a particular composition came to them in its entirety.  They knew every note before they touched pen to paper or touched the keyboard.  Inventors have said they awoke from a dream with the entire schematic completely detailed.


My property management company business was first a thought, “There is an unfilled need.  Could I do that?”  The idea gradually became clearer until a success plan started forming in my mind.  As the success plan evolved into a realistic business, I believed that I could bring this dream into reality.  First came the dream and then the belief.  The dream will die unless you believe that it can come true.


Dream, Belief, Action


Just as Bill Gates needed to take immediate massive action, so did I.  How many inventors have you heard say, “I had that idea years ago, but I didn’t do anything about it. And now someone else has made a fortune with it.”


The dream dies unless you believe in it.  Once you dream it and believe it, you must take immediate massive action.  Dream it, believe it and see it come alive with color, sounds and action.  See yourself in the images.  See yourself enjoying the success of your dream.  Create a success plan with complete details of what will happen, when it will happen and how it will happen.  Incorporate financial, marketing, customers and goals into your success plan.


Act on it.  Take immediate and massive action.  If you really believe in your dream and believe it can become a reality, put it on paper as a success plan and start implementing.


Why are you waiting?  What is holding you back?  Wouldn’t you rather reach for your dream than regret that you let it slip through your fingers?  Think about the inventor who could have achieved but ignored his invention until someone else achieved the success which could have been his.


Dream it, believe it, form a success plan and act on it.  If not now, when?


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Dreams Can Be Fragile

Dreams can be fragile.  Every great idea has started with a flicker of a dream.  That dream is like a candle flame.

Love what you do and do great work.

Love what you do and do great work.

You can nurture it and help it to grow into a blazing bonfire or blow it out.


People around you can support and encourage you to follow your dream until it is transformed into reality.   Or they can discourage you and tell you every negative statement imaginable.


“It’s not about what they say or do.  It’s what YOU think, feel and do that counts.”


Encouragement makes it easier.  Encouraging words help when you hit a rough patch.  You will have discouraging events, circumstances and people.  No dream is all fluffy white clouds tied up with yellow sunshine ribbons.


Dreams Begin in the Heart and Mind.


When Walt Disney passed away someone said, “What a shame that he never saw the Disney Park in all of its glory.”  He wife replied, “Oh, but he did see it.  He saw every detail in his mind before a shovel ever touched the ground.”  Walt Disney saw his dream come to life in full color and motion before it was ever a sketch on a napkin.  His success plan was fully formed.


Before Mountain Castles was ever mentioned in a whisper, it was a fully formed company in my dreams.  Yes, I was told “It’s a dumb idea.  Give it up.  You’ll go broke.  You can’t do that.”  Maybe it was my Irish stubborn streak, my naiveté or my determination, but I proceeded.  The dream gradually emerged in clear focus as a success plan.  The business plan, the colors, logo and all of the future success were all clearly detailed in the dream.  Mountain Castles met and exceeded my initial dream.  The success plan was implemented


Today I assist budding entrepreneurs in visualizing their dreams and bringing them into full color and living reality.


Bring Your Dream to Life


Michelle has worked as a nurse and instructor or nursing for the state of Colorado for years.  Now she is completing the very last step before certification to open her own nursing school.  She had a dream of her own school and in less than 4 months, that dream has gone from a flicker into classrooms, students and a budding new enterprise.  She transformed her dream into a success plan and then reality.


Marvin and Sylvia have realized their dream of starting their family-owned pest control business.  Sylvia has discovered a hidden talent of public presentations to promote the business.  Marvin has emerged as a CEO.  Together they have massaged their dream and success plan into a thriving business.


What is your dream?  Chris Widener says, “Those who achieve great things start with a dream.”


What is holding you back from bringing your dream into reality?  You can do it.  If you need help, ask me.  I love helping dreams come true.


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Full Responsibility

Leadership is Earned Through Performance

Leadership is Earned Through Performance

Taking full responsibility for everything which happens in our life yields so many benefits.  Taking responsibility means that we have control over our life.  Taking responsibility means that we have power over the situations and events in our life.  This is a beautiful feeling.  Helplessness is a feeling of weakness and being at the mercy of whatever . . .


Responsibility means power.


Darren Hardy, editor of Success Magazine, write about the seven steps to achieving your dream.


  1. Dream it
  2. Believe it
  3. See it
  4. Tell it
  5. Plan it
  6. Work it
  7. Enjoy it


None of this would be possible if we did not first know and believe that we take full responsibility for our life and have the power to make it happen.


How?  You ask


It follows these seven simple steps.  Unless you believe you have to power to create your future, you are drifting on the wind.  I’m not a control freak, but neither am I helpless.  The sooner you believe you have the responsibility for everything in your life, the sooner you start to take control and shape your future.


When you have a dream of something you truly desire to achieve, you can start the process of creating a success plan to bring that dream into reality.


It all starts with the dream of what you want to create.  You believe it is possible.  You see yourself in the picture celebrating the achievement.  Once you know clearly where you are now and what you desire to achieve, you have the ability to create a success plan to take you from where you are to your goal.


Success Plan


Your success plan is a step by step process with achievement markers.  Build in a few course corrections in your success plan to keep yourself on course.  Once in a while an event may veer you slightly off course and you need to realign yourself with your ultimate goal.


One of the best ways to keep yourself on track is to ask yourself, “Will this decision or this action take me closer to my goal or farther from the goal?”  The more you hold true to your focus, the more you stay on path to your goal.


Have a dream and create a success plan to make that dream become a reality.  This can only be accomplished when you take full responsibility for every aspect of your life.  The rewards are worth the effort.


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Blame and Guilt

Blame and guilt can rob you of your happiness if you allow it.

Your thoughts create or remove emotional blocks

Your thoughts create or remove emotional blocks


How many victim-mentality people have you known in your life?  They say the negative events in their life are someone else’s fault.  Somehow they are always the victim but never the cause.

What happens in their life is never their fault.


If they are always the victim, then it stands to reason that they have no power or control over their life.  I don’t know about you, but I refuse to be standing on the sidelines helplessly watching my life unfold before me.  Controlling every event of life is unrealistic, but expecting to control some decisions and events is certainly possible.




If we are not helpless, we must assume some measure of responsibility.  Personally the role of a victim is totally unappealing to me.  In order to avoid that uncomfortable position, it means accepting a role which may be even more uncomfortable.  We are responsible for everything which happens to us.  This can be both an uncomfortable position and a powerful position at the same times.  It means that we are totally responsible for the good and the bad in our life.


In my book, Emotional Ice Water, the cover tag line is “It’s not what they say or do.  It’s what YOU think, feel and do.”  For my life, that means that what happens in my life is directly related to what I think, feel and do.  I am responsible for my life.


This is an empowering and a daunting feeling.  Once you take full responsibility for the events in life, you know you are in control.  Does it mean that nothing bad will ever happen again?  Yes and no.  Events will happen which were not your original desire, but does that necessarily mean that they are bad?  No.


Recently while driving on the interstate I encountered my first flash flood.  Pumping the brakes did not help.  Moving the steering wheel did not yield any control.  As I watched the car moving closer and closer to the concrete abutment, I was truly unable to stop or swerve.  This was not a desirable situation or one that I had wanted to occur.  Was it bad?  It could have been a disaster.  Fortunately, as I neared the concrete, the car slowed and came to a rest before crashing into the concrete.  Shaking, I maneuvered the car back on to the interstate and proceeded to an exit.


Still shaking I called a friend who answered the phone and calmed me enough that I was able to get out of the car and step on stage to give my speech.


How was I responsible for that situation?  Upon reflection, my thoughts were fearful that I would be late to step on stage.  My own thoughts were fearful and the incident with the car produced similar fearful thoughts.


My thoughts created more like thoughts.  Speaking with my friend produced reassurance which generated more reassurance.  Like thoughts create like thoughts and events.  The situation with the car was not anyone else’s fault.  It was a one car situation.  It was not a matter of blame or guilt, but one of responsibility.


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Effective Communication

How effective is your communication?

Powerful presentations achieve results

Powerful presentations achieve results


We all communicate every day through our spoken word, written word, body language, and now even our clipped and abbreviated text messages.


Types of Communication


The messages can be as simple as conveying information such as “On my way” when you are notifying someone about your arrival time.  Short, informative messages work well in a text format and can be answered discreetly when a voice communication would be awkward.  Texting during a meeting is not ideal, but answering a phone call during a meeting would be even more obvious and disruptive.  Caution: be certain the number selected is a cell phone rather than a landline which does not accept text messages.


More elaborate discussions which require some questions and answers would be more efficient in a telephone call.  Long email chains with multiple individuals can become complicated and confusing because of the response timing of the reply; handling these discussions through a conference call allows everyone to hear the information at the same time and participate in a timely manner without un-necessary duplication or clarification.  The difficulty is arranging a mutually convenient time for the discussion.


Selection of a mutually convenient time to meet could be handled through an email.  Include a list of potential times and ask each person to check all of the times they would be able to participate.  Only send the list to one person to avoid excess emails involved with a “reply all” situation.  One person receives the list, selects the mutually agreeable time and notifies all participants of the time, day, telephone number and access code if necessary.  Caution: be aware of different time zones.


Long, complicated messages which may require extensive thought, analysis, and review are preferable in writing.  Lists of names, email addresses or telephone numbers must be in writing; one accidentally misunderstood letter or number could seriously hamper communication.




Presentations are communications of a slightly different nature.  Presentations range from your initial one-liner when someone asks you what you do for a living to a full keynote speech.  A conversation about your business may seem casual and yet reflect seriously on your business future.  When your conversation is clear, concise and convincing it can inspire the other person to do business with you personally or to refer someone else to you.  It is a known fact that everyone is connected to everyone else with six degrees of separation.  You never know who they may know who is seeking your services.  Your casual conversation could lead to a major contract.


Frequently leads groups provide the opportunity for five or ten minute business presentations.  These can be your opportunity to expand the information in more detail.  Open with a fun, attention-generating line.  Tell customer success stories to make your point about your product or service.  End with a memorable walk-away message.


A keynote speech varies in style and length based on the purpose of the speech, time of day, and the audience.


There are also numerous opportunities for various forms of communication in your social life or service organizations.

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You Control Your Results

Your thoughts create or remove emotional blocks

Your thoughts create or remove emotional blocks

How many times have you felt that your life was spinning out of control? Is the economy to blame?  Is it the fault of your parents and the way you were raised?  Is it the school you did or did not attend?  Is it your age, gender or ethnicity?


No, it is none of these.  The truth is a good news/bad news scenario.

Good news – You control your present and your future.

Bad news – You have been controlling your past and your current circumstances.


Your Thoughts Start a Chain Reaction


“Wait, you say, I didn’t choose to be broke or sad.”  Not intentionally, but you did create your circumstances.


Chapter 13 of Think and Grow Rich stated “Dr. Alexander Graham Bell, and Dr. Elmer R. Gates, observed that every human brain is both a broadcasting and a receiving station for the vibration of thought.”


“Through the medium of the ether, in a fashion similar to that employed by the radio broadcasting principle, every human brain is capable of picking up vibrations of thought which are being released by other brains.”


Have you ever walked in to a job interview with negative thoughts in your mind?  When you approach the situation with a negative thought, the circumstances prove you correct.  Exactly the same principle works for the person who says ‘I can’t lose weight.  I’ve tried everything.”  “I can’t stop drinking, gambling, or using drugs.  I can’t help myself.”  When that is the mindset, they transmit a vibration of weakness; circumstances and events prove them correct.


Good News


If you have been transmitting a vibration of “I can’t,” your results prove that you can’t.  If you change that vibration to “I can” your motivation, determination and confidence combine to prove that you can.  Your thoughts start the process and your actions follow through according to the direction of your thoughts.  If you want to succeed, create a positive success plan.  Create a success plan based on “I can.”


It is not the latest and greatest new diet or even a magic new 12 step program.  The difference is the success plan created in your mind.  When you change your thoughts from “I can’t” to “I can” the world conspires to help your “I can” thought become reality.  Focusing your thoughts on “I can’t” is a negative plan.  Think negative and you receive negatives.


Does it mean that suddenly everything is easy and effortless?  No.  You still have old well-established negative thought patterns.  The good news is that once you shift your thoughts and beliefs to the positive instead of the negative you have increased your probability of positive results.  In order to receive positive results create a positive success plan and focus on success.




Form an image in your mind of how you will look and feel when you are successful.  See yourself as you will be when your success plan is achieved.  Experience the feeling of success.  See the people you care about congratulating you.  Savor the pure joy of your success.  Recapture those successful thoughts and feelings several times a day for as long as possible each time.  Gradually your negative thoughts will be replaced with successful thoughts.  Success will be a reality.


You are responsible for your circumstances.  Create positive thoughts and experience positive results.


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You Are in Control

How many times have you been hurt by the words or actions of another person?  If you are

Your thoughts create or remove emotional blocks

Your thoughts create or remove emotional blocks

like most people who have been around other people for a few years, you have been hurt.  Whether the other person intended to hurt you or even knew that you had been hurt is not the issue.  The fact is that your feelings were hurt.


Time to Heal


It takes time to heal from any wound – physical, emotional or imaginary.  How long it takes is actually within your control.  You may not be able to control what was said or done, but you can control how you respond to it.


“It’s not about what they say or do.  It’s what you think, feel and do.”  You cannot control the words or actions of others.  You can control your thoughts, feelings and actions.


How long it takes you to heal is up to you.  The sooner you forgive the other person, the shorter your time to heal.  You do not forgive for their sake.  You forgive for your sake.  You forgive them in order to heal and move forward with your life.  The longer you hold the pain as a fresh hurt, the longer it will take you to heal?


React with Guilt and Self-Pity and Extend the Pain


An acquaintance just wrote me a very long email.  He expressed his pain and his guilt for being at work in another country during his mother’s sudden illness.  He did not make it back to his home country in time to see her alive.  My heart breaks for him.  He was very close to his mother and it is a tragedy that he did not have the opportunity to say goodbye to her.


Unfortunately, blaming himself for being at work, feeling guilty for being at work, and immersing himself in the guilt and pain does not change anything.  He openly speaks about holding on to a prior pain for ten years now.  He has a pattern of holding on to pain rather than healing and moving forward with life.


Act with Dignity and Heal Faster


A friend of mine was in line to be President of an organization.  One of the self-appointed controllers of the organization decided to put someone else in the role.  Some unkind and unjustified rumors were spread and he was asked to step down.  He acquiesced with eloquence and style.  Even though what was said about him was untrue, he chose to present himself with dignity.


Regardless of the words and actions of others, he chose to speak and act in the manner of a gentleman and a leader.  Did the unkind actions of others hurt him?  Yes.  Could he have responded differently?  Yes, he could have defended himself.  He could have lashed out at those who hurt him.  He could have refused to step down.  I admire the attitude and action he chose.


Demonstrate Healthy Behavior


Kevin Trudeau was once asked how to help someone who was depressed or drinking or some other deep problem.  He replied, “Work on yourself.”  The best thing you can do for others is to demonstrate a healthy attitude and healthy actions in your own life.


It’s not about what they say or do.  It’s about what YOU think, feel and do.


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Until you are clear about your message, how can you possibly expect your listener to be clear?

Think with passion

Focus on clarity


Every networking event is an opportunity to expand your network, connect with potential referral partners and promote your business.




Networking is more than business presentations.


Every day, every event and every conversation is an opportunity to make an impression.  You may be in a casual conversation with a friend or with a new acquaintance.  The way you conduct yourself in conversation, appearance and attitude speaks volumes about you as an individual and as a business person.  Even if you never mention your business, people remember you and they associate you with your business.


Networking is also an opportunity to make connections.  You never know when someone you know also knows someone who needs your services.  Six degrees of separation is the theory that everyone is connected with everyone else.  Connections are a chain.  It takes a maximum of six steps to connect any individual with another individual.  Every networking contact has the potential to know someone you wish to meet or know who does know the person you wish to know.


Why are these connections so important?  How does a connection relate to clarity?




Unless your connection knows what you do and how what you do can solve problems for others, how can they refer you?  Until you are so clear about the benefit you offer and the problem you solve, others cannot be clear about what you do.


People do not remember paragraphs.  They remember short, catchy, curiosity generating statements.  One of my coaching clients has Whitmore Pest Control.  Her line is “I eliminate what is bugging you.”  Six short words which give her benefit and her business in a fun line.


Another coaching client has an insurance agency.  We changed her opening line to “I take the ‘what if’ out of your insurance.”  Notice the benefit and the business.


“I help you Attract and Engage your ideal client.”  In each case the tag line is clear, catchy and easy to remember.  It is also less than 10 words.  People can remember 10 words; they do not remember paragraphs.


When you condense your benefit and your business into 10 words or less, you have clarity.  When you have clarity, your listener can have clarity.


How clear is your introduction?


When you are ready to condense your introduction to be catchy, clear and curiosity generating, let’s talk. Until you are clear enough about the benefit you offer and the problem you solve to condense your message to 10 words or less, you are not clear.  If you are not clear, your listener will not be clear,


Networking time is only valuable to you in the short term and the long term if you are making a positive impression.  When a positive impression is combined with a memorable and repeatable opening line, you have a winning combination.


Are you seeking more success in your life and career?  Inquire about hiring Elaine Love as a business and communications professional – business coach, presentations coach/trainer and content writer.  Go to or


Do you believe the best about people or assume the worst?

Your thoughts create or remove emotional blocks

Your thoughts create or remove emotional blocks


When someone says unkind words to you or about you, what do you do?  In the book The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity, Catherine Ponder recommends shooting them in the back with love.  In some situations, that may not necessarily be our first thought.  It is after all human to take at least a few seconds to think through the situation from various angles before making a final decision on the appropriate action.


Various other sources, including the book The Power of the Subconscious Mind remind us that whatever vibration we put out in to the universe comes back to us.  If we are thinking derogatory thoughts about someone else or speaking negative words about them, we are generating negativity which will come back to us.  Whatever feelings we put out will come back to us.


Karma is defined as the principle of causality where intent and actions of an individual influence the future of that individual.  In simple terms – speak evil and you will experience evil yourself.  This thought goes back to the old adage – What goes around comes around.


With this in mind, we may want to think twice and then twice again before we speak, think or feel negative thoughts to another person.


This does not mean to become a doormat for someone to abuse you.  There are lines which must be drawn.  Abusive behavior is not excusable or to be condoned.




When I encountered this situation recently, I chose to remove myself from the abuser.  They are welcome to say or do as they please; I can’t control what someone else does or says.  I can control what I do or say.  In my book Emotional Ice Water I remind people that it is not about what others say or do.  It is about what we think, feel and do.


If you cannot completely remove yourself from the negative behavior of another, you can at least reduce the amount of time you spend with that person.


In the book The Secret there is a story of a man in a negative work environment.  The man chose to maintain his positive attitude regardless of the situation.  Shortly after he was transferred to another department, two of the Negative Nellie behavior types quit and he was once again surrounded with positive minded co-workers.  The universe conspires to give us situations which match our vibration.


Vibrate positive thoughts and circumstances and the environment will change to surround us with positive people.


When you encounter situations or circumstances where negative things are being said to you or about you consider maintaining your positive attitude and believing the best.  The more you radiate positive vibrations, the more likely it will be that positives come back to you.


Assume the best, believe the best, radiate positive vibrations and receive positives in return.


Assume the worst, believe the worst, speak the worst, act negatively and receive negatives.


Easy choice from where I stand.  How about you?


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