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Depth of Vision

Plant a forest with a single acorn.  Kevin Trudeau introduced me to the idea of gazing at an acorn and

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seeing a forest.  This vision was echoed on the back cover of the December 2013 Rotarian magazine.  Seeing a forest or houses and buildings all over the world from the wood by gazing at a single acorn is true depth of vision.  Create your success plan with depth of vision.


What is your vision for your future?  How expansive is your vision?  Have you created your success plan?  No?  Now is the time; step in to your potential.


Bill Gates


Bill Gates looked at a single pc in his garage and saw the giant computer empire of Microsoft.


Thomas Edison


Edison was the greatest inventor in history. He looked at a candle and saw the world illuminated with incandescent light bulbs.


Aristotle Onassis


He looked at ships parked in harbors all over the world.  Ships which were considered so out of demand that they were virtually given away; he saw a giant shipping empire.


With depth of vision these men and many others saw potential where others did not and took action.  That depth of vision and action created world-renowned wealth.


What is the acorn in your success plan?


Susan Wagers Johnson and Elaine Love look at other heartbroken women, just as we were at one point, and see the empowerment of women all over the world breaking through the barriers which have constrained them into the warm sunshine of their potential.


Are you ready to shatter the frozen walls of your current circumstances and step into your power?   Success is only a decision away.  The potential is already inside you.


2 Boats and a Helicopter



There is the story of a preacher at the time of the floods in Louisiana.  As the preacher stood on the steps of the church a boat came by to rescue him.  Preacher declined saying, “God will take care of me.”  The water continued to rise and another boat came by to save him, “Preacher the water is continuing to rise.  Come on, let’s get out of here.”  “No, God will take care of me.  Go save others.”  The boat departed.


As the waters continued to rise, the preacher was on the roof of the church.  A helicopter hovered over the church; the pilot called down, “Preacher grab the rope and come with us.  The water is still rising.  You could die out here.”  “No, thanks, God will take care of me.”


The waters rose and the preacher drowned.  Shaking himself and complaining to Saint Peter the preacher demanded to know why God did not take care of him.  Saint Peter replied, “God did take care of you.  We sent you 2 boats and a helicopter.”


It is your job to recognize the boats and the helicopter which are coming to rescue you; climb aboard.


Watch for the impending launch.  Choose the small boat, the cruise ship or the helicopter.


We will assist you in identifying your acorn and expanding it into the forest of your dreams.  You have the potential to achieve your dreams.  We are here to help you break through your barriers and step into your potential.


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Your Thoughts are Your Key to Success

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.  It is the thinking that makes it so.”  Henry Ford


Do you want more profit in 2014?  If you are like me, the answer is “yes.”  If we are not focused on making a profit in our business, we do not have a business; we have an expensive, time-consuming hobby.




How do we increase our profit?  Profit increases by providing excellent value to our customers.  As the Geico commercial states, we all know that fact.   Do you know that you possess a critical control of your profit?  The focal point of your success plan must always be your positive thoughts.  Your thinking determines more of your success than you may have given it credit.


When I started Mountain Castles Property Management, fellow Steamboat business owners and even friends and family told me that a property management company specializing in single family homes would never succeed.  Call it naïve, foolish or stubborn; I believed Mountain Castles would succeed.


What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”  Napoleon Hill


Mountain Castles did succeed.  Every time doubts would creep in to my thought pattern I immediately refocused my thoughts on what was going right and the ultimate goal.  The unwavering success plan was positive thoughts of success based on “How can I?”


Business success and profit are the initial focus of most successful business people.  At some point, we realize that it is not all about the money and success.  The most important factor is the person we become in the process.  Positive thoughts and a mindset of constant self-improvement result in more success in every aspect of our lives.


When something seemingly negative happens, transform the thought immediately into “What good can come from this?”  Almost by magic, something good does come for it.


You get what you think about most of the time. When you focus on good thoughts and believe good will result, it does.  When you focus on what you don’t want or lack of what you want, you will receive lack and what you don’t want.  You choose.


Success Plan Key                                                                                                                                                              

Your thoughts create or remove emotional blocks

Your thoughts create or remove emotional blocks


One critical key noted in Napoleon Hill’s statement and echoed more subtly in Henry Ford’s statement is the belief.  Ask any of the richest and most successful people in the world their secret success plan and you will hear that they were laser focused on a goal and totally believed that they could and would achieve it.


Highly successful people have a different thought pattern than unsuccessful people.  Highly successful people focus on what they want and feel good about achieving their success plan.  Unsuccessful people focus on what they don’t want; unconsciously they are focusing on the fear of not achieving or the lack of what they truly want.


Whatever you really, really, really want and believe you will receive, you will get.  Whatever you really, really, really don’t want and think about repeatedly, you will also get.  As stated on the cover of Emotional Ice Water, “It’s what YOU think, feel and do.”


History Proves the Thought Success Plan


Andrew Carnegie was the richest man in the world when he commissioned Napoleon Hill to dedicate twenty years of his life to discovering the secrets of success.  The result of that project was the books, The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons and Think and Grow Rich.  Note the title is Think and grow rich, not work hard and grow rich, be lucky and grow rich or even be a genius and grow rich.  It is the thinking which makes it so.


If your goal is to increase your profit in 2014, the place to start is within your own thinking.  When you focus on positive thoughts of what you truly want and believe you can achieve, you create a powerful vibration which draws the success to you.  Remember the book The Secret which was all the rage a few years ago?  It also emphasized this powerful success plan.  You control your present and your future with your focus on positive thoughts and belief in positive results.

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Create Your Future

The responsibility for all of the events in our life is ours.  “Ouch, you say.  How can that be possible?  I did not ask to be laid off from my job.”



True, you may not have specifically asked for seemingly bad events to appear in your life.  You were broadcasting a vibration which brought certain events into your life.  In the case of being laid off from your job, were you thinking about wanting more money, wanting more responsibility or wanting a better position at work?  If so, do a subtle mindset shift and consider the possibility that eliminating your current job has given you the opportunity to find what you really do want to do.  Perhaps eliminating this job opened the potential for receiving a higher paying job or a job with even more responsibility.


Attitude of Gratitude


By looking at situations and events in your life with an attitude of “What good can come from this?” you open yourself to good events flowing into your life.  If you whine, complain and moan about “poor me” you are opening yourself to more situations and events where you feel like whining, complaining and moaning.  You will always receive more of whatever you give your time, energy and focus.


By looking for the good in every situation, you are sending out a vibration of good and drawing more good to you.




This is the season of Thanksgiving.  Sending out a vibration of being grateful is 100% positive.  Nothing bad can possibly come from generating a vibration of gratitude.  An attitude of gratitude is 100% positive.  Every person has something for which to be grateful.  Being healthy, having food to eat, and a roof over our heads is a start toward gratitude.  The love of a friend, child, parent or spouse is a cause for gratitude.  Sunshine, beautiful landscapes and a spectacular sunrise or sunset are all beautiful creations we can all enjoy.  There is something we can each be grateful for if we look for the good.


“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more.  If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”  Oprah Winfrey


Thoughts Generate Vibrations


Our thoughts generate vibrations and those vibrations return to us in similar situations and events.  If we are thinking good thoughts, we vibrate good and bring more good to ourselves.  If we vibrate anger, blame, or guilt, we draw more negative situations and events to ourselves which make us feel more anger, blame and guilt.


By the same token, if we are constantly thinking about lack, we bring more situations and events to ourselves which make us feel more lack.  Constantly saying, “I don’t have enough money” puts out a vibration to the universe saying “Not enough money.”  The universe thus sends us more situations and events where we do not have enough money.  By changing the vibration to “I’m grateful for the money I do have” the universe can send us even more money to be grateful for having.


Your thoughts and vibrations create the situations and events which give you even more opportunity for those same feelings.  Pay attention to your feelings and strive to feel good, think good thoughts and be grateful for what you have.


Always focus on the positive.  Focus on what you want.  Focus on feeling good.  It works.


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Your Thinking Creates Your Success

Commit to making 2013 end on a positive trend

Commit to making 2013 end on a positive trend

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.  It is the thinking that makes it so” said Henry Ford.


Ponder that thought for a moment.  What we think, feel and believe forms the basis for everything we do or prevent ourselves from attempting.  Remember the first time you straddled a bicycle?  Were you a bit nervous, excited and encouraged?  If you thought that you would not be able to ride the bike, you had a much more difficult time learning to ride.  If you thought that you could ride, you persisted with a knowing that success was close at hand.  Because your thoughts were positive, the learning process was easier.  “It is the thinking that makes (success) so” much easier and faster.


Success or Failure


Why would you choose to handicap yourself by thinking that you would fail?  Do you remember reading the children’s book about the Little Engine that Could?  The engine kept repeating to itself “I think I can” “I think I can” “I think I can” until the little engine did reach the top.  This book was written to encourage children to believe in themselves.  What if a baby believed that he or she could never walk?  They stand, wobble, fall, get up and repeat the process until they are walking.  Call it innocence, naivety, or determination; if you think you can, the result is success.  All successful ventures start their success plan with a belief in the ultimate result.


Success Plan


Ask most successful entrepreneurs about their success formula and you will note a recurring theme.  Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, offers the following advice on creating success.


  1. Vision – See clearly in detail what you intend to create before it exists.


  1. Timing – Know when the time is right to develop a new idea.


  1. Action – Take immediate and massive action.


Thomas Edison could see the need for light bulbs even though short-sighted colleagues insisted that man was destined to light their rooms with candles.  Henry Ford saw the potential of automobiles while others laughed at his “horseless carriage.” Aristotle Onassis saw the potential of international shipping while popular opinion said that the shipping industry was dead.


Walt Disney saw every detail of Disney World and “a perfect city with dependable public transportation, a soaring civic center covered by an all-weather dome, and model factories concealed in green belts that were readily accessible to workers housed in idyllic suburban subdivisions nearby” before any groundbreaking.  Walt had the vision; his success plan was comprehensive.  He purchased acres of land in Florida and took action to bring his dream into reality.




Kevin Trudeau tells a story of an acorn.  When you look at an acorn, what do you see?  If you say “food for squirrels,” you flunk the test.  Kevin’s first response was. “I see a tree.”  His mentor said, “I see a forest.”  Kevin then replied, “I get it.  I see houses and buildings all over the world from the wood.”  The vision is not seeing what is in front of you, but the potential of what can be created from this seed of an idea.




Think ahead to the possibilities.  In 1994 there was a buzz in the air about email and internet.  Mountain Castles Property Management company in Steamboat Springs embraced this idea and was the first company to create the ability to make reservations for lodging on the internet.  Mountain Castles won “International Innovator of the Year” for that idea and the successful implementation of the idea.  Imagine where I would be today if I had continued with that idea in a larger scope to create a massive reservation system.  The idea was right, the timing was right; the long range vision and grasp of the potential was missing.  The action was immediate, but not massive.  I stopped my idea with the tree instead of seeing houses all over the world.




Immediate and massive action to implement the vision is essential.  My success plan for Mountain Castles was too limited in long range potential and implemented on too small a scale.


Bill Gates took immediate and massive action.  His success is legendary.


Success Plan


Develop a vision which sees the wood all over the world rather than a tree or even food for squirrels.  Be aware of trends and potential to anticipate the needs and wants of future generations; short-term timing and long-range timing determine the viability of the vision.  When all of the factors align, take immediate and massive action.


The future is at your fingertips.  If you think you can, you can.  Your success plan can become a reality.  Utilize the keys to success of vision, timing and action.  Believe in yourself, think you can and make it a reality.


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Seek Wisdom

“A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”  We were all created with a brain.  The belief exists that humans

Push past emotional blocks

Push past emotional blocks

only use about ten percent of their potential brainpower.  What can you accomplish with ten times the intellect and wisdom?  How can you attain the remaining ninety percent of brainpower?


Studies exist that 42% of people who graduate from college never read another book.  80% of families did not purchase or read a book last year.  These statistics are shocking and depressing.  You have a choice, you can choose not to participate in those statistics.


Leaders are Readers


Ben Franklin, Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson were known for their expansive libraries.  In the Entrepreneur article “The Habits of the World’s Smartest People” it was stated unequivocally that all of the individuals with genius IQ scores were avid readers.


Andy Anderson, author of The Travelers Gift, The Noticer and The Noticer Returns, professes the need to think beyond what we know.  How can we expand our knowledge base?  Seek wisdom.


Great leaders are always readers.  Throughout history the secret societies of the wealthy and well-connected have all encouraged their members to be avid readers.


Governments who focused on controlling the masses burned books and devalued education; they preferred to keep their subjects illiterate.  Even the early Catholic Church prevented the Bible from being printed and accessible to the people.


Books are knowledge.  Books are a source of wisdom.  Leaders are readers.


You can go anywhere and achieve any feat you choose in your imagination; reading fuels the intellect and the imagination.


Books give you access to the wisdom of the masters from generations past.  I would add to that book list:


Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles (prior to 1923)

The Power of the Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy 1963

The Richest Man in Babylon by George Clason 1926

Any book by Andy Andrews, Jim Rohn, John Maxwell or Napoleon Hill


If you want a light-hearted grin with a powerful message, read Rhinoceros Success, Advanced Rhinocerology, or Rhinocerotic Relativity by Scott Alexander


Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein or Steve Jobs can become your mentor through their wisdom recorded in books.


Leaders are readers.


Read industry white papers, articles, blogs, and periodicals to seek wisdom about your chosen industry.  Discover the innovations of other industries which could be applied to your industry.


Seek wisdom through reading.


Establish a routine of a few pages a day or even ten minutes a day.  You will be amazed what you can accomplish. Wisdom without application has diminished its value.  Learn and take action.


Seek wisdom.  Leaders are readers.  Leaders take action.


What can you accomplish with even a small measure of added wisdom?


For more information on positive mindset and success in your life and your business, stay tuned to  Also inquire about hiring Elaine Love for your next sales training, executive meeting or personal growth presentation coaching.  Create positives in your life.  Go to

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