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Tension – Good or Bad?

Give your words impact and power

Give your words impact and power

The secret to success in any venture is truly related to tension.  I hear your brains protesting “I’m trying to get away from tension.”  Tension is stress and who wants more stress?  You don’t want stress and neither do I.  Stress is that context is bad.


Are you ready for a subtle mindset shift?  A small dash of tension actually indicates a passion for the subject.  It indicates that you truly care about the outcome.  A small amount of tension is the energy you wish to release in transferring your passion and energy to the audience.  Though stress, which has a totally negative energy and negative connotation, is bad; tension in a small measure can be good.  Tension when used properly can enhance your message and draw your audience to you.




Wayne Dyer, noted speaker, prolific author and purveyor of wisdom, said, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”  Change your view of tension as bad and decide instead to use it as a factor, a force, for good.  A subtle mindset shift can change your perspective of tension from negative to positive.


What is your intention when you speak?  No, it does not make any difference if you are speaking to one, ten or thousands.  What is your intention in speaking to them?  When you are speaking to your kids, your employees, or a business prospect, you may want to convince them to do or not do something.  Your words could be a simple greeting and conversation to deepen the connection you have with them; you have an intention for the conversation.


What do you want your listener to think, feel or do after the conversation?  That desired outcome is your intention.


They also have an intention for the conversation.  The degree of tension, urgency, and importance defines how important the outcome is to you and to your listener.  If it is extremely important to you, your intention is strong and your tension will be higher.  If the outcome is unimportant to the listener, their only intention may be to end the conversation and move on to other topics or other people.  The listener’s tension is directly opposed to your intention.




How much attention you give to the preparation and delivery of your message is indicative of how important the message is to you.


You always receive more of whatever you give your time, energy and focus.  “What you think about, you bring about.”  This theme in various words has permeated the law of attraction and numerous motivational and inspirational programs.


Why is this important?  First is the intention; what do you choose to create in your life?  Next, that intention must receive attention.  Focus your thoughts, feelings and actions on the achievement of that intention.  Give focused attention to your intention.


Write it out on paper with blue ink.  Why not use the computer?  Statistics are starting to reveal that the motion of writing by hand triggers a powerful vibration in the brain.  This gives more intensity to your intention.  Handwriting provides more attention to the specific goal than typing it into a computer.  Why blue ink?  This is less scientific.  Blue is the color of trust.

Giving attention to your goal means:

Decide exactly the outcome you desire

Form a plan of action steps from where you are now to the completion of your goal

Put that plan into action

Monitor the progress

Readjust as necessary

Accomplish the goal.


Form the intention and give proper attention to the desired outcome.




When you have a clear intention and apply the proper attention, you will relieve any negative tension.  The only tension remaining will be the proper tension required to add energy and passion to the achievement of the goal.


A subtle mindset shift changes tension from a negative to a positive force.


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