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Health Care is Expensive

gold2If you think health care is expensive now, just wait until you see what it costs when it’s free!
— P.J. O’Rourke, The Liberty Manifesto (1993).


I am all for helping those who truly are genuinely making a serious effort to earn a living and provide for their families.  Good people who are struggling right now.  Everyone needs access to quality health care.


Insurance is not free to all.  Someone has to pay for the coverage


Question one is “who pays for the coverage?”  Someone has to pay for the coverage?  Doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, medical device companies and pharmaceutical companies are all businesses.  No business operates in the red for very long.  Employees are not paid unless the company is making money with which to pay them.


Unlike the Federal government, we cannot print money.  We must earn it.  Someone has to pay for the insurance coverage.  Either we pay the coverage from the money we earn or the employer pays.  Unless the employer is earning more profit with which to pay the additional expense, they must cut expenses.  Free insurance is not free.  Someone has to pay for the insurance coverage.


What can we do?


As one individual alone, we cannot solve the health insurance dilemma.  The question is what can each one of us do?


We can take some responsibility for our own health. 


Instead of gobbling down a big Mac and fries, eat a salad, an apple or fresh baby carrots.


Substitute at least one glass of pure water instead of a can of soda.


Instead of sitting in front of the TV, take a walk.


Healthy Choices


You get the idea, make a few healthy choices.  You do not have to give up all of the foods, beverages and activities you enjoy all at once.  Start gradually by substituting one healthy choice for a current unhealthy choice.   Better health means less need for health insurance coverage.  Will it eliminate all need for health insurance coverage?  No, but it will help.


As a bonus, you will feel better in the interim.


More Healthy Choices


The household cleaners, soaps, lotions and other products which touch your skin absorb into the blood stream. Chemicals enter our blood stream through inhalation (breathing), skin contact, digestive system (eating or drinking) and injection.  All of this we can control.


Select healthy non-toxic household products.  50% of diseases are traced directly to the toxins in the air and in the products which touch our skin.  A few healthy choices could make a tremendous difference to the people you care about.


Will making a few healthy choices solve the health care dilemma or eliminate the need for health insurance coverage?  No.  Every healthy choice will help you feel better.

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