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Carol A. HarrisProfessional Member NSA


District 26 Public Relations Officer

Aurora, Colorado, April 23, 2012 (for immediate release)

Toastmasters District 26 Member Rises to the Top

District 26 congratulates Elaine Love, Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) who has achieved the status of Professional member of the National Speakers Association.
“Thanks to Toastmasters training, my speaking has progressed from total beginner to professional status in the National Speakers Association in three years. Toastmasters speaking and leadership training propelled me to two Distinguished Toastmaster awards in 42 months as well as an expanding trophy collection. The essence of effective communication is connection at its best. “
As District 26 Metro Division Governor 2011-2012, Elaine serves six areas where she has set a high bar for leadership and cooperation. Her team of area governors is inspired by Elaine’s example of personal performance and eagerly lends their support to one another.

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Toastmasters International is a nonprofit educational organization that teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of clubs. Founded in October 1924, the organization currently has more than 270,000 members in 13,000 clubs in 116 countries. Each week, Toastmasters helps more than a quarter million people of every ethnicity, education and profession build their competence in communication so they can gain the confidence to lead others. For information about local Toastmasters clubs, please visit

The National Speakers Association is the premier organization for professional speakers offering resources and meetings to build a successful speaking career. Members must meet a specific set of criteria to be eligible. Read more at



What is more motivating to you?

Do you relate to Mary Kay Ash, “There are two things people want more than sex and money… recognition and praise.”

Or do you relate to Bob Nelson, “People may take a job for more money, but they often leave it for more recognition.”

William James phrased it “What every genuine philosopher (every genuine man, in fact) craves most is praise – although the philosophers generally call it ‘recognition’!”

All three are extolling the importance of recognition.

The book, Emotional Ice Water speaks of emotional blocks encountered in life. Amazingly, many blocks can avoid being created in the first place simply by recognizing people and appreciating their efforts. How many emotional blocks: anger, guilt, lack of deservability, or low self confidence were created or justified because someone did not feel appreciated.

Think of a small child who brings you a bug. Now if you are like me, you don’t like bugs. To this small child at this moment in time, catching that bug was a major achievement. Yes, I know you were probably very busily working on an important project and admiring a bug was the last thing on your priority list. Could you consider taking 30 seconds to a minute to praise the child for catching the bug?

Take this same scenario in to the workplace and in to your volunteer organizations. Employees come to work because they are getting paid. It is handy to have money to pay the mortgage, food and even gas to drive to work.

Check out this link of appreciation Marcia, Amber, Ann, Shari and Tyler have all worked together as a team. They are all volunteers. Note the caption under the picture: ‘The Metro ‘Team Awesome’ sets a high bar for leadership, cooperation, and fun to serve the clubs, areas, division, and the district. This is the goal we all shoot for. I am so very proud of the area governors in Metro. They are all always willing to step up to help and support each other. “
-Elaine Love DTM, Metro Division Governor 2011-2012

Think how you can reward your family, co-workers or fellow volunteers. You will be amazed and thrilled at the boost in attitude and the enhanced sense of pride and cooperation. Just a tiny token of appreciation goes a long way.

Darren Hardy, Publisher of Success Magazine, started an appreciation journal one Thanksgiving. Every day he wrote something he appreciated about his wife. At the end of a full year he had filled an entire journal. He wrapped it and gave it to his wife as a present. She cried tears of joy and told him, “This is the best present I have ever received.”

Appreciation (Recognition) is the best prevention of Emotional Ice Water. When we concentrate on good thoughts and good feelings for each other, we eliminate any room for negativity.

Where can you find an opportunity to appreciate someone?

For more positive solutions to living a productive, profitable and peaceful life, opt in to or hire Elaine Love to speak or train at your next event. Emotional Ice Water exists, but there are solutions and there are preventions.

The Other Vitamin C

Connections=Quallity RelationshipsDon Sullivan, visionary, conception thinker and one of the most respected entrepreneurial coaches in the world is a guest on the March 2012 Success magazine cd. Don advocates the magic R factor as the major ingredient in entrepreneurial success. Want to know what the R factor is? The R factor is Relationship.

Relationship with your customers, prospects, co-workers and your social circle has a direct bearing on your success. (Hopefully your family is a major part of your social life. Don’t think I forgot about family.) The quality of your relationships demonstrates the trust you project toward others and the trust you generate from them.

Do an experiment. Ask a customer or prospect to share what accomplishments they would like to have achieved three years from now. What accomplishments would you consider the most significant in your life? What goals would you need to reach to consider your next three years a success? If they answer you honestly, it means they trust you. People do not share personal heart-felt goals with someone they do not trust.

If they do not answer you, they do not trust you – certainly not enough to truly share.

The R factor, Relationship factor, is the connection factor. Without a trusting relationship, you do not have connection. No trust means no real connection.

Dr. Ned Hallowell, renown expert on how to survive and thrive in our ultra competitive and ultra fast attention deficit society, is also featured on the March 2012 Success magazine cd. Dr. Hallowell speaks of Connection as the other vitamin C.

We all know the value of vitamin c in our nutrition but how aware are you of the high value of the other vitamin c in our lives? Connection is as critical to our emotional lives and vitamin c is to our bodies.

Think about it. Would you vote for a candidate you did not trust? Well maybe in this day of negative politics that is not a good example. Would you go into a business partnership or marriage with someone you did not trust? Not very likely. .Would you buy a car or an insurance policy from someone if you believed they were lying to you about the facts, features or benefits? I certainly would not. Trust is a factor in every transaction.

Trust – Relationship – Connection are all inter-related.

The book Emotional Ice Water relates to removing our emotional blocks in order to create a quality life. A quality life is highly unlikely without quality relationships, quality connections and trust.

The other vitamin C is Connection. It is highly possible and even probable that connection may be more essential to a quality life than vitamin c is for our body.

What is the quality of your relationships, your connections and your life? If it does not measure up to your desires, you have the power to change it. Visit and Emotional Ice Water. Examine and improve your connections, your relationships and your quality of life. You deserve peace of mind.


To Achieve More, Connect More

Connections are Key

Do you know yourself? Really know yourself? Sounds like a strange question, perhaps.

If you have ever taken the Myers Briggs or the DISC profile, you are familiar with psychological types – behavioral types – personality types. This information is extremely helpful as it guides you to know how to present your information in the manner which your listener finds most appealing to them.

For a more extensive description and adaptation of your specific message to each, contact me or attend one of my workshops.

Task People





A Driver is task oriented, results driven and a rapid decision maker.

An Expressive is people oriented, recognition driven and also a fast thinker.

An Analytical is task oriented, accuracy driven and a more cautious decision maker.

An Amiable is people oriented, security driven (they want to be liked) and requires a longer time frame to get to know people.

Granted this is a brief, 30,000 foot level description but it provides the general idea. If you were presenting a potential home for purchase to a driver, you would give them the facts, the status potential of the location and move at a more rapid pace.

Presenting that exact house to an expressive, you would emphasize the social opportunities. An expressive is more interested in the people aspect. You would also move along quickly as they are rapid decision makers.

The analytical would want all of the statistics – demographics, statistics about the property including every possible number fact. Don’t rush them, they like to research every detail and know all of your sources for your information. They will ask numerous questions to be certain they have all of the facts to make a good decision.

The amiable will want to know that the neighbors are friendly and that it will be a good environment for their family. They may even want to meet the neighbors in advance to get to know the community.

Currently I am reading Carol Tuttle’s book It’s Just My Nature about the 4 energy types. It follows a similar pattern in that it describes the 4 different personality types as it relates to their internal and external energy patterns.

Once again, a 30,000 foot view:

Type 1 is light hearted, upbeat, non-structured and spontaneous.

Type 2 is more connected, relaxed, subtle and steady.

Type 3 is active, dynamic, swift and confident.

Type 4 is Constant, structured, reflective and precise.

Carol goes into great detail about the various tendencies and even physical appearances of each energy type.

As a presentation trainer, my focus is how to present to each energy type in the manner they prefer to receive the information,

A type 1 personality would want to keep the information light, fast moving and fun. Tedious details would leave them bored and distracted very quickly.

A type 2 would prefer to receive their information very similar to the manner in which you would present to an amiable. Making connections would be very important. If you rush them, they will retreat. Mentally they will join the witness protection plan and disappear.

Type 3 is similar to the expressive/intuitive style. They enjoy center stage and are quite willing, even eager, to step into new social situations. Showing them a house miles from the nearest neighbor would be as undesirable as forcing them to work in a cubicle with no windows and no other people in the area.

Type 4 is similar to the analytical in that they want structure and detailed, verified facts. They are deep thinkers who want to know what, why, where and how.

Whether your terminology is behavior, personality, psychological or energy, the common denominator is that people are individuals. They each have a preferred method of receiving and transmitting information. If you want to be the most effective in your communication, it is important to recognize the various individual preferences. Once you become aware of the different styles, you can start crafting your message in the manner they wish to receive it. Once you communicate in their preferred style, you begin to make connections.

The key to effective communication is connecting with people. Connection is at least one step above communication. Improve your connection and you improve your results.

Hire Elaine Love to speak or train at your next event. More connections equal more sales and more happy customers. Can you really afford NOT to connect? and click on the “contact” tab.

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