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Attracting Business

Are you attracting business to you or chasing it away? Sound like a strange question? Of course no one I know intentionally chases business away, but intentionally or unintentionally, it happens.

Have you ever attended a networking event where someone stood up and gave their name, company name and immediately launched into a long list of the exact functions of their company? In fact, that scenario is more common than unusual.

What is unusual is to hear someone express the benefits of working with them or working with their company. What appeals to you more? Do you want to hear a long list of features or the specific benefits to you?

Having trouble distinguishing between features and benefits? Features would be similar to hearing a long list of chemicals and/or other ingredients in a face cream. Mentally you probably tune out on ingredient 5. Benefits would be explaining that using this cream will reduce your fine lines and make your skin look 20 years younger within 2 weeks. Which would you rather hear a long list of ingredients or know exactly what the product is promising to do for you? If you are like me, all you want to know is that it is all natural ingredients and it will make your skin look 20 years younger within 2 weeks.

When you tell someone about your business are you giving them features or benefits?

We are all in social settings every day where we meet new people “Nice to meet you, what do you do for a living?” How do you respond to that question? If your response does not inspire someone to say “How do you do that?” or “Tell me more,” both you and your audience are losing value.

Relate your message to sending a text message. B U T. Before You Talk, think about the Benefit you offer, why do business with You and who is your Target audience.

When you focus your entire message on providing the benefit your target audience wants to receive, you will attract them to you. You will become far more desirable to be their business connection.

Focus on the benefit to your listener and you will attract business to you.

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