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Energy Barriers

How will your life change if you have more energy? Where would you invest your additional productive time? Would you achieve more with your career? Spend more quality time with those you love? Maybe you would even put yourself on your priority list and do something for yourself, just for fun.

If you are like me, you probably have a l-o-n-g list of “I will do this just as soon as I have time.” Volunteering in the community, spending more quality time (focused hours rather than time when part of my mind drifts in and out with “I need to remember to do . . .”) and creating more materials to assist others are all activities which vie for the time available. If we truly desire to do these activities, why don’t we? The common excuse/reason becomes “not enough hours in the day or not enough energy.” Is it really not enough hours or is it the energy to invest in doing additional activities? Do other items seem to rank higher on your priority list? Sometimes the urgent and important seem to bump the important but less immediately urgent off the list entirely. By the end of the day, eight hours or sixteen hours depends on your individual schedule, exhaustion sets in and you sit down with a sigh of “I’ll do it tomorrow.”

Did you over-schedule the time required, become distracted, or simply run out of energy before you ran out of tasks to do? With more energy, you could accomplish more.

Energy comes from three main sources: nutrition, sleep and mindset. The items and quantity which enters our mouth influences our energy. Sugar, kiddy cocaine, sends our blood sugar rocketing to the top of the scale and then crashing down to the sub-basement level with alarming speed. Overeating slows down every body function; all of your energy becomes focused on digesting the massive meal. With the depletion of energy comes the overwhelming urge to close your eyes in a nap. Starchy foods tend to react much the same as sugar only on a more roller coaster curve than sharp peaks. Too little food or too little nutritious food and the body does not have the fuel to produce energy. What you do or do not eat has a significant impact on your energy.

The second influence on energy is sleep. Optimum sleep time varies with age and quality of the sleeping hours. Even though the basal sleep need varies with each person, the need to consistently receive sufficient sleep is necessary for all individuals. Sleep deprivation can lead to serious health consequences.

In a recent article it stated: “short sleep duration is linked with:
• Increased risk of motor vehicle accidents
• Increase in body mass index – a greater likelihood of obesity due to an increased appetite caused by sleep deprivation
• Increased risk of diabetes and heart problems
• Increased risk for psychiatric conditions including depression and substance abuse
• Decreased ability to pay attention, react to signals or remember new information.
According to researchers Michael H. Bonnet and Donna L. Arand, “There is strong evidence that sufficient shortening or disturbance of the sleep process compromises mood, performance and alertness and can result in injury or death. In this light, the most common-sense ‘do no injury’ medical advice would be to avoid sleep deprivation.”
Nutrition and sleep both impact your energy level; however, the number one energy drain according to the One Percent Club is negative thinking. Your mindset maintains the most significant influence on your energy level. Negative thoughts can drain your energy faster than Superman can fly through the air. (If you are a Superman aficionado, you know he is reputed to be faster than a speeding bullet.)
Mahatma Gandhi, Indian political and spiritual leader (1869 – 1948) said, “Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny.”
You can chose to hold a positive or a negative thought but not both at the same time. Positive thoughts escalate into successful and happy lives. Negative thoughts drag your mood down, deplete your energy and throw a wet blanket over your life. Even worse, negativity throws an icy wet blanket over everyone around you.
Emotional Ice Water is a solution focused book detailing immediately implementable steps you can take to restore the peace within your soul. Numerous causes of negativity are explained along with potential solutions for each situation.
You maintain a high degree of control over your nutrition and sleep; however, your mind is totally within your control. Removing emotional barriers and enhancing positive thoughts will lift your emotional spirits and boost your energy.
What will you do when your mind is totally on a positive track and your emotional and physical energy is restored to peak levels?
Join me at Hire Elaine Love as your coach and as the keynote or workshop leader for your next event. Whether you are seeking to improve your personal energy, your employment situation, or be more effective in other aspects of your life, contact me and allow me to assist you. How will your life improve with more energy and enthusiasm?

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