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Last Words Linger

Last words linger. Have you ever judged the health or a relationship by the words or actions of the last encounter? At various points in my life, I have. Sometimes that was with a warm glow of pleasure and other times with a deep sadness or hurt. Breaking out of that mindset is critical for the health of the relationship and individual health. Yes, it is human nature; however it can also be destructive in the greater span of emotional health.

Just as those last words, actions or thoughts linger in a relationship, they also linger in presentations. Being a leader requires leadership speaking skills. Over and over in feedback surveys it has been repeated that people remember the first words and the last words they hear in a presentation. How can you use that response to your advantage?

Patricia Fripp, first female president of the National Speakers Association and recipient of the coveted Certified Professional Speaker designation, designed an effective speech structure. Her speech structure opens with a powerful, attention getting, opening and closes with an impactful story which encompasses all of the main points of the speech.

Note! Patricia does NOT end with questions and answers. Far too frequently inexperienced speakers conclude with Q & A. All it takes is a rouge, off the wall question at the end of the question time period and the audience walks away with the wrong final words in their head. If you choose to have a question time frame, Patricia suggests that you slot that segment after your final point and before your powerful story conclusion.

At the beginning of my public speaking, I learned this lesson through making the mistake. One member of the audience chose to make a humorous comment which was totally off topic and left me standing there wondering how to respond. After a few uncomfortable moments for myself and the audience, the organization President thanked me and resumed control of the meeting. The last words which lingered were certainly not the “walk away” message originally intended.

With determination to discover leadership speaking skills, it was time to seek help. At that point the research began about how to handle that awkward situation. Research revealed Patricia Fripp at and Both of these are excellent resources. From that point forward, Patricia Fripp and World Champions Edge have been frequent resources for me.

One of the marks of wisdom is locating resources for expanding knowledge and thus a coach. None of us started out knowing all of the answers nor do we have time to discover all of them on our own. Resources led me to hiring a coach and thus expanding my knowledge and experience through not only my own personal efforts but also all of the experience, knowledge and resources of the coach.

The last words to linger from this article are:
1. Make the last words your audience hears be your powerful message.
2. Never end with questions and answers.
3. Research and find answers.
4. Research will lead you to the ideal coach for you. Hire a coach.
5. Enjoy the rewards of powerful presentations and the ideal last words to linger with your audience.

Being the most effective leader and speaker requires leadership speaking skills. Coaching has become such an integral part of my growth as a public speaker that my own requests to coach others have expanded on a weekly basis. What a positive situation. My coaches learn and pass information on to me and I learn and pass information on to my students. After all, that has been the foundation of all education throughout history. Find and hire a coach. Let me help you grow as a speaker.

Join me at or Hire Elaine Love as your coach and as the keynote or workshop speaker for your next event. Whether you are seeking to grow as a speaker to improve your employment situation, gain more expertise as a public speaker or be more effective persuading your kids, hiring a coach will assist you. Take control of the last words which linger.

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