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Effective Success Plan

Success plan for energy

Energy Checklist for Success Plan

Success requires energy. What is your energy plan? What is your success plan? Is time dragging? Are you watching the hands on the clock moving in s-l-o-w m-o-t-i-o-n? Chances are you are probably not working an effective success plan. Do you have the energy to succeed?

When was the last time you completely lost track of time? What words come to mind to describe the emotion you experience when your energy is high and you forget all about time? Focused, enthused, driven, excited, empowered, engrossed and “in the zone” are the descriptive words commonly stated. Athletes such as alpine ski racers frequently envision every bump, twist and turn of the course before the gun ever sounds to commence the run. Writers and painters have also been known to work “in flow.” When you are “in flow” your concentration and energy are high.

When you are not flowing, there are various potential causes. The four major areas affecting our energy are physical activity, nutrition, sleep and mindset.

A very successful network marketer once told me, “Elaine, network marketing can make you fat.” With a petite five foot one inch frame, every pound shows. Daily exercise constitutes mental and physical stress reduction for me, not to mention dress size maintenance. In the June 2011 edition of Success magazine, fitness experts Tony Schwartz and Joel Harper detailed how sitting for 3 or more hours per day slows the metabolism. The metabolic rate slows so much that even an hour of exercise per day will not offset the sedentary hours. That lack of activity can be expansive. Back in the 50s and 60s, before many of you were born, we called it “typewriter spread.” Today it is television, computers and video games; however the net result remains the same. Sit for long periods of time without counterbalancing with exercise and your frame will spread.

Walk, jog, stretch, lift weights or even go to the gym. Walk, does not mean a trip to the cookie jar or a stroll to the refrigerator for a sugary soda. Work at the telephone or computer for 90 minutes and then do something active for at least 15 minutes.

Nutrition is critical. Raw carrots, salads, fresh fruit and raw almonds are all preferable to brownies, cheesecake and potato chips. No, you do not have to give up all of your favorite foods. You are either conscious of what goes into your face or you will be conscious of an expanding pant size. What goes into your mouth will have an effect on your waistline and your energy. Imagine filling your automobile with soda pop instead of gasoline and see how long the engine will run. Poor nutrition into your body will diminish your energy.

“Sleep is highly over rated.” This quote was told to me by an extremely successful young man who bragged that he slept less than 3 hours per night. It actually worked for him for a few years until his body collapsed. Brain Rules by Dr. John Medinal declares that your body will be 30% less efficient at burning calories when it is sleep deprived. During my days owning and operating Candy Mountain Bakery, I attempted to work from 11 pm to 5, 6 or 7 pm 7 days a week. That came to a screeching halt when I could no longer keep my eyes open to drive home. It has been stated that less than 3 percent of the population truly functions very long or very well on 6 hours of sleep per night. Some authorities even recommend a 20 minute power nap in the afternoon.

The fourth factor which is frequently overlooked is your mindset, your attitude. An interest deficit can drag your energy down as fast as lack of sleep, poor nutrition or lack of exercise. When the project does not match your talents, expertise or interest, motivation will probably be missing. Placing a social butterfly in a cubicle and telling them to work with detailed accounting projects would be a disaster. When the degree of enthusiasm or mindset toward a project is lacking, the interest deficit can be a total drag. Your attitude influences your energy and your productivity. When your attitude is not in sync with your project, your performance will not be optimal.

The next time you have the yawns, the desire to check your email or do anything other than concentrate on the task at hand, do an energy check. A quick mental check of your recent physical activity, nutrition, sleep and mindset will reveal the issue to be solved.

To achieve your maximum success, energy is essential. Include all four energy areas in your success plan. Some tasks can be delegated to free you for your most productive activities; physical exercise, nutrition and sleep are strictly your responsibility. Your mindset is paramount to achieving your goals. How are you doing on your energy check?

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Leadership Speaking

Is your comfort zone the same as your profit zone? Probably not.

What if you stretched yourself and at least poked a long fingernail outside of your comfort zone? Even better, why not actually take a flying leap to test the air outside of the comfort zone? No, I’m not suggesting jumping out of an airplane without a parachute or deep sea diving without Scuba gear. Nothing life threatening. You are not being asked to dive into a shark tank without a cage.

What if you tested a new marketing method? What if you changed your presentation style? Develop your leadership speaking style to a new level. What if you tested a new way of connecting with current or prospective clients? Maybe do something as minor as sending a text to a younger client instead of always emailing?

Instead of the standard blah, blah, blah, play “what if.” What if you change up your style of delivering a presentation? Many of us fall into a pattern of delivering the same style of presentation. Even though it is a different presentation, it has a familiar pattern. Doug’s pattern is a story. When I first started keynote speeches, mine were a bit too lecture oriented. What is your pattern? Leadership means leading from the front and developing new leadership speaking ideas.

What if you changed up your style a bit? Mary Anne Chase sings a few bars of lyrics. Someone else may recite poetry or do something dramatic. What if you tested out a different style of presenting to a larger audience? Who knows, you might even use it to speak to small groups as well.

One of the major enemies of presentations is sameness – same tone, same pitch, same rate, or same vocal level. Craig Valentine, 1999 world champion of public speaking, said if you are always dynamic, you are no longer dynamic. Change up the vocal variety with softer moments. Change up the body movements. Resist calling these moves “gestures;” movements should flow naturally not be a forced gesture. Break up longer presentations with dialogue, stories, quotations, statistics or emotional changes.

What if you tested new styles of delivering your presentations? Stretch yourself out of your comfort zone. You might find that you like adding variety.

It is said that people remember the extremely impressive commercials and the really bad ones. Perhaps the same can be said for keynote presentations. It is doubtful that you choose to be remembered for a really bad presentation. Chose a unique leadership speaking style.

Sales managers, prospective clients and even you receive presentations daily. Sometimes we receive so many that we hang up on telemarketers. Have you ever hung up on a recorded call? So have I. So many of them sound alike. They use the same format and even some of the same lines. Remember that speaking enemy, sameness?

If you choose to stand out from the crowd in a positive way, consider playing “what if” and changing your style a bit from the standard script style presentation.

Consider a fun opening. Consider walking in with a gift. No, I’m not talking about the standard pre-printed pen or notepad. How would your customer like a free Starbucks gift card or other gift card with your business card permanently affixed to the front of the card? Ask me how to do that.

Think creatively and tip toe, step or leap out of your comfort zone. Test new ways to present information in ways which will keep it fresh and new not only for yourself but also for your client. Be remembered for an outstanding presentation.

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Exciting Keynote Presentations

You are in the audience at the annual banquet. The excitement in the room parallels the Academy awards. For your career, this event is equivalent to the top industry award. You lean forward in anticipation. The emcee steps up to the podium as his voice reverberates in your ears. The moment has arrived. “The winner of the Business Person of the Year award for 2011 is . . .” You are now regretting teaching the emcee the power of the “pause” before a major point. “The winner is . . .” To your extreme ecstasy, you hear your own name.

How would you feel if your clients and prospective clients were sitting on the edge of their seats and listening intently to your every word? How would your results change if your presentations created positive expectations?

Unfortunately most keynote presentations fall in the range of “blah blah blah.” Have you ever attended a high pressure sales pitch? Perhaps you have attended something which resembled the lectures of my college economics professor. In order to stay awake, the class performed mathematics exercises and compared notes during or after class. “Jim, how many times did you record that he straightened his glasses, stroked his chin, adjusted his tie and paced across the front of the room?” “Oh, you are right Jenny; I missed recording the paper shuffles.” “Just for the variety of it, I also did an “’um’, ‘ah’ and ‘so’ count, reported Elaine.”

Have you ever given a “yawn” keynote presentation? How would you like to learn the techniques to avoid ever giving one of those disasters again?

Like it or not, people are forming opinions of you from the moment you first step into their line of sight. You are judged; yes I know that judged is a harsh but true word, on your attire, your carriage, your facial expression and your manner. Do you project relaxed confidence or nervous apprehension? Are you well groomed and dressed appropriately for the occasion?

When speaking on stage, it is best to avoid dangly jangly jewelry. Those of you old enough to remember Mr. T might remember his jewelry; suggest that you not duplicate that appearance. Splashy bright colors and patterns catch the attention and divert the focus from your message. Annoying repeated mannerisms such as my college professor also detract attention away from the message. Tasteful but more conservative attire causes fewer distractions.

Smile, relax and greet attendees in a genuine friendly manner. Keynote presentations are more about connecting with the audience than communicating with them. Connections are formed by caring about them as individuals rather than talking to or at them.

Create an attention captivating opening. Use a shocking statistic, a quotation (be certain to cite the author), a dialogue, a story, or a “you” focused question. Two examples of “you” focused questions are given in paragraph two above. “How would you feel if . . .?” Or “How do you feel during a dull presentation?”

Capturing the audience’s attention immediately and involving them in the keynote presentation from the opening sets an encouraging tone. A powerful opening entices them to pay attention to what you have to say next.

Break up the keynote presentation with sections of dialogue, stories and humor. Changing the pace, tone and style is far more enjoyable for the audience than solid lecture, also known as monologue.

When you have fun and enjoy interacting with the audience it gives them permission to mirror you and have fun as well.

Stay tuned for more tips and techniques on creating keynote presentations which encourage audience members to seek your next speaking engagement and purchase your products.

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