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Self Made Millionaire

What is in your business tool kit? No, I’m not encouraging you to become a carpenter or a plumber. What tools do you currently possess and use in your business tool kit? Yes, the key words in the prior sentence are “possess” “and” “use.” You can’t use the tools if you do not possess them and there is very little value in possessing the tools if you do not use them.

How many of you have ever attended a conference? Sometimes we even paid a significant amount of money to attend the conference. We paid attention and even took notes. Fess up – how many of you have a stack of notebooks with notes from various conferences? How many of you have never opened those notebooks since the conference and consequently have never read those notes? There are various statistics out there saying over 80% of the people never read the notes after they left a conference. Granted it is difficult to obtain accurate statistics since many who did not read their notes either did not want to admit it or did not read the email asking for feedback.

My point? Attending the conference, taking notes and possessing the tools of success are of minimal value unless you USE the information. Without taking action on those ideas, they are one more thing to dust.

As a business development coach and mentor, I see many individuals who profess the goal of becoming a self made millionaire. Unfortunately, a far smaller percentage develops a success plan and takes the focused action to follow through to victory.

Good intentions are an excellent beginning; however, they are only a beginning.

In 1985 when I first conceived the idea of a property management company specializing in single family homes, the discouraging remarks, the emotional ice water, flowed freely. The goal became more powerful than the discouragement. Mt. Castles was born due to the focused action following the formation of the idea. Without the action, that idea would have died. That beautiful fledgling idea would have been one more item in the stack of conference notebooks; never seeing the light of day or the massive success it became. What was the most productive and profitable, the idea or the action? Without the idea, the action would not have been implemented. Without the implementation, the idea would not have generated any results. Remember the question of which came first, the chicken or the egg? In this case, the idea absolutely came first.

Your success plan begins with an idea and comes to fruition with focused action. Your business tool kit contains knowledge. Until you implement that knowledge with focused action, it is of virtually no value. How many ideas do you have stacked away in those dusty notebooks? You probably have a fortune waiting for you at your fingertips. Your idea may be crying out to you for action right now.

Jim Rohn, noted business philosopher, reminds us,”Lack of money is not the problem. The problem is lack of an idea to create money.” I agree. Lets take it one step further and consider that you may already have the idea; you must take focused action to bring that idea to life. As a business development coach, I implore you to revisit your flashes of genius ideas. We can work together to assist you in taking your idea to the development of a success plan. Implement the success plan and start realizing your dream of becoming a self made millionaire.

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Positive Mental Attitude

Stop clutching at straws - develop a positive mental Attitude“Life begets life. Energy becomes energy.” Sarah Bernhardt

Life is an attitude. Choose to have a good one. Attitude is always important but even more so right now. When the economy is going south, sometimes a positive mental attitude is one more challenge. Establishing and maintaining a positive mindset may not feel easy when the word on the street feels like Chicken Little “The sky is falling.”

Despite all of the media doom and glom and the talking heads predicting economic calamity, the one thing you can absolutely control is your positive mental attitude. Others can expound upon their opinions but they can not force you to think and feel negative vibrations. You are in total control of your thoughts and feelings.

How do you have a positive attitude when you feel like your life is crumbling all around you? A positive mental attitude is your only choice if you plan on having your life improve. You will always receive more of whatever you give your time, energy and focus. If you desire a better life, focus on things you really choose to create.

We all face difficult situations in our life. It’s not what happens to us but how we decide to deal with a situation which counts. In As a Man Thinketh by James Allen, he states “Circumstances do not define a man, they reveal him.” What are your circumstances revealing in your life?

Life has dealt me some extremely challenging situations. The way I not only survived but thrived, was by not giving life any choice except a positive outcome.

Put a smile on your face and a glow in your spirit. Your thoughts become your words – your words become your actions. Actions determine your results. Maintaining a positive mental attitude comes from the inside out. It all starts with a decision. Make a decision to focus on positive thoughts, words and actions. Follow through with conscious action all day every day.

As you examine the tools in your mental toolbox, you attitude is totally within your control. Emotional ice water will flow into your life. Whether the negativity flows from friends, co-workers or relatives (sometimes the worst emotional ice water comes from our relatives) or even worse, from ourselves, it will occur. Guaranteed! Someone or something will happen to throw a bucket of emotional ice water on your life. You can control a degree of that by limiting the time you spend with the negative people in your life.

You have 100% control of how you choose to react to the icy blasts. No, I did not say it was easy but your mental and emotional health requires you to take control of your thoughts, feelings and positive mental attitude.

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Engage the Page

Engage the page. Whether you are writing an article, a web page or a love letter, be totally present and engaged. Your objective in writing the first sentence is to inspire your reader to at least read the second sentence.

You have less than 90 seconds to capture the attention of a reader to your web page. No, I’m not advocating flashing text, wild colors and provocative pictures. The mere thought of those will cause me to race to the back button. I would never even open the page. No need for the delete button; I would not even consider opening the site.

What would inspire you to click on the site? Yes, an ad which appeals to your interests would be one factor. If you are searching for a great home based business, you would type words into the search bar which indicated the type of business which matched your interests and talents. If you were interested in health, you might type the word “nutrition” or “eating healthy foods.” If you were seeking the perfect home based business, you might type “making money working from home” or “work from home business ideas.” If you were seeking financial freedom, you might type in the words “wealth accelerator” or “vertical research advisory” or even ”self made millionaire.”

When the ads appeared on your screen, you would see the top 10 choices matching those keywords on page one. You would pick an ad whose words resonated with you and click on that link. When the image on your screen shifted to the page in questions, you expect the message on the page to match the words in the ad. In the early days of the internet, that was not always the case. Thanks to the strict guidelines of Google, the ad message is much more likely to match the web page message now than it did five or six years ago.

Your colors, banner headline and opening sentences must be appealing and consistent with the ad or your viewer will be gone faster than you can say “internet scam.” Today’s internet surfers are very savvy. Since there is a plethora of information and sites available, they will not hesitate more than a millisecond at a bad site.

What makes a good site besides the page message matching the ad message? Learn which colors match your product and personality. Refer to the article “Psychology of Colors” for more in-depth color analysis. Your banner headline should be captivating but not so large as to take up too much space. The most valuable internet real estate is what appears on the screen when the page first opens. That area is termed “above the fold.” It is the information shown without requiring the viewer to scroll down on the page. Be certain it is appealing enough that the viewer desires to remain on the page. Adding a short video helps.

Darren LaCroix, 2001 Toastmasters World Champion Speaker, recommends less than 90 second videos. Most videos, including mine before I read this information, were closer to 4 minutes. Now I have work to do to re-record all of my web page videos.

Content is king; however, presentation is queen. Ask any man and you will probably hear, “If mama isn’t happy, no one is happy.” Make the presentation at least as important as the content. If the presentation is not attractive, they will never stay to read the content.

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Entrepreneurial Dreams

The path from entrepreneurial dream to success is only partially paved. Just as a solid structure begins with a substantial foundation, a solid business begins with a sturdy foundation. You would not consider building a million dollar home directly on the sand of a beach. Why do people start businesses with a wing and a prayer – no foundation or success plan? Granted you can analyze a situation to death. There is a compromise between being blinded with dollar signs and plunging headlong into a new venture with no research and analyzing for months or years.

An entrepreneurial dream must me accompanied by an entrepreneurial mindset. What do I mean by an entrepreneurial mindset? Know that the path to success is only partially paved. You will have stretches of rocky roads, hills, obstacles and even construction delays. You will have gaps in the road where you are uncertain which direction to turn. You will have cracks in the foundation which require mending before proceeding. An entrepreneur may not exactly anticipate these with jubilant excitement, but the entrepreneurial mindset knows they will occur. The road will not always be smooth sailing at the speed of the autobahn or autostrade.

One of the obstacles, guaranteed, will be emotional ice water. Everyone loves to give advice; much of that advice comes from folks who have not done what you are doing and yet they know all of the answers about what you should do. The very idea of being an entrepreneur guarantees that you will face discouraging remarks. This discouragement, emotional ice water, may come from friends, co-workers or even your relatives. Part of being the entrepreneur means you will be making the decisions. You may be deciding because of them or in spite of their remarks but you will be make decisions. Final responsibility for decisions rests on your shoulders.

When I owned Mountain Castles Property Management in Steamboat, all of the bad news and uncomfortable decisions landed on the threshold to my office. One day I asked the staff, “Why don’t I ever get to hear the good news?” “Oh, good news is easy for us to handle, we don’t need to bother you with that.” Hmmm. They did have a point, but I would have enjoyed hearing some of the accolades as well as the “Oh, no” issues. Ah, once again that is part of the entrepreneurial mindset; accept the fact that you will hear more challenges than praise.

As long as you are prepared mentally with the entrepreneurial mindset to persevere through whatever happens and you have a well constructed foundation in the form of a success plan, you are well on your way to success. The next step is implement the success plan with focused action and continue moving forward. Success will be on the threshold of your office.

The thrill of success is worth every minute of the challenges to your entrepreneurial mindset. Be prepared to repair the cracks in your success plan just as you repair cracks in a foundation. It is all part of the success journey. Enjoy the ride.

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Characteristics of Entrepreneur

Is your business a ghost or a reality? So many people start a business with dollar signs in their eyes but no plan to make their success a reality. They attend calls, think positive thoughts and maybe even dream of success. Sometimes they even attend live events and take notes. All of this sounds as if they are on the right track. Right? Yes, all of these moves are excellent IF they are followed with action.

Hate to break it to you, but dreaming is just that, dreaming. Nothing really propels the profit except focused action. The entrepreneurial mindset accepts reality. A successful, profitable, business requires focused time, effort and money. Ok, I know that you do not want to hear the “m” word or the “w” word, but every successful person will confirm the facts. Whether you are choosing to excel in arts, sports or business, you will exert focused time, effort and money.

I heard a professional golfer once say, “Stop buying new clubs and start taking lessons and practicing.” Hmmm. We are back to focused time and effort. Money? Professional lessons are not free; however, they are time well spent. Taking lessons without practicing is exactly the same as attending calls and live events without reading the notes and acting on the information.

Robert Ringer’s book is titled “Action!: Nothing Happens Until Something Moves.” This theme is echoed by David W. Langford in his blog titled, “Nothing happens without an action plan.” I agree with both; design an action plan and implement the plan.

You have heard about the 3 birds sitting on the split rail fence. One decided to fly away. How many are left on the fence? 3. Deciding is great; deciding is the first step. Nothing happens until you get off the fence and take action.

An entrepreneurial mindset is exactly the same as a success mindset. We know that success requires action. Sitting on the fence wishing, dreaming, and whistling into the wind may pass the time but they won’t pass your bank account from the red to the black. (Red in accounting terms means you do not have enough money to cover your bills.)

Dreaming, even deciding, without backing it with action is as elusive as trying to take hold of a ghost. Your fingers pass right through the ghost just like the money passes right through your hands with nothing to show as positive tangible results.

Whether you are daydreaming, chasing a ghost or sitting on the fence, your results are the same. Successful people start with an entrepreneurial mindset, a success mindset, decide on the goal, devise a success plan to achieve it and implement the plan. Success requires all of these steps. Focused time, effort and action yield success.

Where are you right now in your success journey? If you are not where you desire to be, check in with your mindset. Are you exhibiting the characteristics of entrepreneur behavior or dreamer behavior? Decide, form a success plan and take focused action.

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Visionary Leadership

Trends Research

World Class Timely, Accurate Information

Whether you believe the media, the government, your financial planner or the dog catcher about the state of the economy, the most important factor to you is still your own bank balance. No matter what the taking heads say on the news or what the politicians pontificate about, if you are shaking down the couch to get change to buy groceries, this is a tough economy.

The difference between wealthy people like Bill Gates and the homeless person living under a bridge really comes down to a few different decisions and a few different skills. No kidding, it really is that simple. You are closer than you think. The key difference between the wealthy and the financially depleted becomes information. Having timely accurate information coupled with the knowledge of exactly how to implement that information makes a world of difference in the results. For results which make you bank balance smile, you need a wealth builders blueprint. Step one in your financial blueprint is the best information.

Receiving your information from true visionary leadership solves major problems. Information without a conflict of interest is critical; true visionary leaders present the facts, not the spin. Be aware of the credibility of your information source. Would you take business advice from Bill Gates? Yes. Would you base your financial future on the information from a person living out of their car or a person selling investments out of the back of their car? No, you are too smart for that.

Timely, accurate information from a credible source makes all the difference. Yes, in order to achieve fabulous results, you need all 3 elements. By the time information filters down from the top of Wall Street and flows through the media to John Q. Public, it is not only old but it is no longer accurate. Do you remember playing a game of “telephone whisper” as a child? One person starts out with a detailed story and whispers it to the person next to them. The story continues around the room to several people. Each time the story is transferred it accidentally changes. By the time the story reaches the end of the line of five to fifteen people, it bears no resemblance to the original story. This same process occurs between Wall Street, the media and the public. Whether the story changes are intentional, as in the case of “spin doctors,” or accidental, the end result is that the story changes.

How can you possibly make wise decisions with old and inaccurate information? In addition to this timing and accuracy issue, is the knowledge of how to best utilize the information.

Now before you start crying into your latte, there is good news.

Gerald Celente of Trends Research fame has agreed to make regular broadcasts of information designed to keep you on the edge of your seats. He will be providing timely, accurate information to a select group of individuals. The good new is that you can be one of those individuals. Google the name Gerald Celente and you will discover a plethora of endorsements and accolades about Gerald Celente’s prior predictions and uncanny accuracy. Gerald Celente personifies visionary leadership.

The first key to a wealth builders blueprint is tapping into timely accurate information. Receiving knowledge from credible visionary leadership provides the instruction on how to implement the new knowledge.

Hire Elaine Love to speak to your group. Your wealth builders blueprint requires tapping into the minds of knowledgeable and credible individuals who speak your language and bring you timely, accurate information. Contact Elaine Love at or Click the Crash Proof Prosperity link.

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